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FOOL FOR YOU by rainbowsinmind
"One of the hardest things to deal with is being secretly inlove with your bestfriend." A Frandeesal ft. Uniphant and Lamy Fanfiction
Into You  by Potatoseby_
Into You by Dynasty
I love you but you can't love me back.
Breaking The Rules by itsmicity
Breaking The Rulesby aish
"You'll be punished for breaking the rules,"
A ROAD TRIP OF US | YZACOLE   by frisianprays
A ROAD TRIP OF US | YZACOLE by frisian_fries
"Love is about you and me but sometimes it's not destiny" Handa na ba kayo kiligin? Masaktan? Mainis? At ma bored? expect kaconyohan and slow UD
Revenges And Games by Meke_48
Revenges And Gamesby meke💅
Basahin nyo na lang kwushjwksi !!16+!!
Hope We Can Be Together by mackeerights
Hope We Can Be Togetherby mackee
I don't know what to write here but let's just say na this is a product of my playful mind haha. The story will just revolve around the life of Abby and Sela. They're b...
She Changed Me || SeBy by Deiyn_L
She Changed Me || SeByby D E I Y N
What if you fall in love with a play girl. Is she willing to change for you? (A SeBy story) Date started: August 20, 2021 Date ended: May 21, 2022
Unexpected love by JewelNics48
Unexpected loveby JewelNics48
What if a bully fell in love? A bully fell in love with her enemy. End Game BreiSil or LaBrei?
MNL48 ONESHOTS by beigybabylizzy
MNL48 ONESHOTSby Trashy-Authornim
A collection of my MNL48 Oneshots that I made within 2 years of being a fan now I will expose them because they're rotting in my archives. SheLice, SeBy, PikaBabe, UniPh...
𝑶𝑵𝑬 𝑴𝑶𝑹𝑬 𝑪𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑪𝑬 ✓ (𝘜 hwang bils
She lost a childhood friend, and they vowed to visit at the park whenever they wanted for whatever many days she didn't show up. The girl who lost his buddy's name is Ga...
If you ship MNL48 Sela ang Abby you must read this!!😻
Superior Ship (Seby) by Mnl48ships
Superior Ship (Seby)by Mnl48ships
Mnl48 I-School ay isang all girls school. Kung saan magtatransfer si Abby who know nothing about Sela. Paano kaya magkakakilala at magiging close ang dalawa? #Seby Let's...
My bestfriend who became my lover(Seby) by MNL_SUPPORTER
My bestfriend who became my lover( Xy Skribikin
Should i say what i feel about her or should i hide this forever....
MNL48 Yzacole Oneshots by aidein_15
MNL48 Yzacole Oneshotsby Aiden
pakibasa nalang poo ⚠️⚠️ just for fun lang po✌️✌️
MNL Shipverse by Rei_Ryuu
MNL Shipverseby Rei_Ryuu
Sometimes, love is not easy, and loving someone is a decision. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the prod...
Rainbow Series: RED (GiaPhant) by eminel_48
Rainbow Series: RED (GiaPhant)by SelaTin Shipper
Love isn't always sunshine and rainbows, most of the time it's like rain and thunder. "I do", words that I was dreading to hear in to our wedding day. Now here...