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Into You  by Potatoseby_
Into You by Dynasty
I love you but you can't love me back.
She Changed Me || SeBy by Deiyn_L
She Changed Me || SeByby D E I Y N
What if you fall in love with a play girl. Is she willing to change for you? (A SeBy story) Date started: August 20, 2021 Date ended: May 21, 2022
SHE'S INTO HER (UNIPHANT) by Amyfinity_writes09
SHE'S INTO HER (UNIPHANT)by Amy_finitywrites
Gabrielle Skribikin also known as the most bully person in St. Walter University meet the transferee Ella Amat who is the only Child of the President of the America.
Blue Neighborhood by ranshiself
Blue Neighborhoodby ʀᴀɴsHi
Never knew loving could hurt this good.
CLASS 12-01 by chaengcubror
CLASS 12-01by Son Chaeyoung<33
Frandeesal, Uniphant, Seby, Labrei, Shelice, Colaney, Cocotyang, Becka, Pikababe and many more.
MNL48 ONESHOTS by beigybabylizzy
MNL48 ONESHOTSby Trashy-Authornim
A collection of my MNL48 Oneshots that I made within 2 years of being a fan now I will expose them because they're rotting in my archives. SheLice, SeBy, PikaBabe, UniPh...
Stuck With You  [SEBY] by seven_trinidad
Stuck With You [SEBY]by Seven Guia Trinidad
A SeBy fanfiction. ⚠️ Makalat
The Girl Nextdoor : Learn From The Torture (MNL48) by SuperiorChiro
The Girl Nextdoor : Learn From C H I R O
there's a new girl that move to town,that whole school's been talking bout'
Tila Tala by sukinandas
Tila Talaby 👽
Sino ba naman ako para piliin mo?
Falling For My Best Friend  by WilsonTrinidad
Falling For My Best Friend by Coleen
2 Best Friends Falling Inlove // CoCes
MNL48 Yzacole Oneshots by aidein_15
MNL48 Yzacole Oneshotsby Aiden
pakibasa nalang poo ⚠️⚠️ just for fun lang po✌️✌️
My bestfriend who became my lover(Seby) by MNL_SUPPORTER
My bestfriend who became my lover( Xy Skribikin
Should i say what i feel about her or should i hide this forever....
Abby's Book Of Ships And A Submarine(Main) by Pressuredme
Abby's Book Of Ships And A Maki Little
So I have finally embraced the fact that despite PikaBabe being may KamiOship, Abby is the person I like writing about the most 😅 So basically this is a book of ships t...
The Cruise ship (UniCoco) by kamioshiko
The Cruise ship (UniCoco)by kamioshiko
guys paki basa nalang, kung ayaw nyo edi don't
A ROAD TRIP OF US | YZACOLE   by frisianprays
A ROAD TRIP OF US | YZACOLE by frisian_fries
"Love is about you and me but sometimes it's not destiny" Handa na ba kayo kiligin? Masaktan? Mainis? At ma bored? expect kaconyohan and slow UD
MY WISH UPON THE STARS (SEBY) by Amyfinity_writes09
MY WISH UPON THE STARS (SEBY)by Amy_finitywrites
SeBy Sci-Fi Story :)) The worst feeling isn't being lonely , it's being forgotten by someone you've never forget.