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MY DEAR AMANDA S1 (JAYMY) by Amyfinity_writes09
MY DEAR AMANDA S1 (JAYMY)by Amy_finitywrites
Kaya kayang putulin ni jaydee ang sumpa sa apat na henerasyon , na bunga ng pagkamatay ng mga minamahal ng unang anak , unang apo , unang apo sa tuhod at unang apo sa ta...
Until Your Last Breath (FRANDEESAL) by bdth_xv
Until Your Last Breath (FRANDEESAL)by >>
what if the person you love the most suddenly disappears, the person you consider the world, will you still fight? or will you give up? well I? I'll fight even more beca...
30 DAYS WITH YOU (FRANDEESAL) by Amyfinity_writes09
30 DAYS WITH YOU (FRANDEESAL)by Amy_finitywrites
Frances has a terminal illness and she wanted to spend her remaining days with the person that she really loves the most and it is jaydee.
Sacrifice | UniCoco [EDITING] by Lux_sejin
Sacrifice | UniCoco [EDITING]by Gabrielle
| Gabb has been courting coleen for a long time but Coleen likes josh a lot, Even before Josh starts to court her, Gabb is there for her always doing everything she want...
IMMORTALS | UniCoco [Discontinued] by Lux_sejin
IMMORTALS | UniCoco [Discontinued]by Gabrielle
| Coleen is the daughter of the owner of TIU (Trinidad Immortals University) And is the second richest in the Philippines and there are vampires all their relatives are...
She Changed Me || SeBy by Deiyn_L
She Changed Me || SeByby D E I Y N
What if you fall in love with a play girl. Is she willing to change for you? (A SeBy story) Date started: August 20, 2021 Date ended: May 21, 2022
Love Change Me by MNL48_STORY
Love Change Meby Axie
What will happened if you fall inlove with the person you really hate the most? And what will happened if you find someone who will love you for the resf of your life bu...
You Always Have Me (take 2) by strangeralz_
You Always Have Me (take 2)by strangeralz_
sorry for my wrong grammars and error
Unang Sayaw by gnvrfth
Unang Sayawby cj
Jaydee and Frances are both surviving on their illnesses, both have no will to live. Will they let their sickness kill them or they will be each others reason to live?
CLASS 12-01 by chaengcubror
CLASS 12-01by Son Chaeyoung<33
Frandeesal, Uniphant, Seby, Labrei, Shelice, Colaney, Cocotyang, Becka, Pikababe and many more.
The Dream by Sweety_MNL
The Dreamby Sweety_MNL
Is all of this just a dream? Or will i trully accomplish my dream with her....
MNL48 SHIP by isaakong
Mga one shot na story to sa lahat ng ship
Lovers Before (Coces & Jaymy) by frannisse_queen
Lovers Before (Coces & Jaymy)by Franisse_queen
"The act of caring and giving to someone else. Having someone's best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life. To truly love is a very selfless act."
It was just a dream by Llyssa88
It was just a dreamby Lytta|Lyssa
have you ever dreamed and then when you wake up you still remember it? dreams do come true, Imaginations can happen ©️alright reserved
Frandeesal || One shots by Deiyn_L
Frandeesal || One shotsby D E I Y N
First time ko gumawa ng one shots so wag kang demanding. Just my imagination, no hard feelings hope you enjoy!!!
"Let's Try" (LAMY) by KALAT_48
"Let's Try" (LAMY)by KALAT_48
Mamahalin mo ba ako hanggang kamatayan? kaya mo ba akong mahalin kahit ako'y wala ng buhay? -Laney
Meet me again at Haven Bar by potato_aly
Meet me again at Haven Barby alytootsiee
The Haven Bar made up our story but it can also destroy our relationship?