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FOOL FOR YOU by rainbowsinmind
"One of the hardest things to deal with is being secretly inlove with your bestfriend." A Frandeesal ft. Uniphant and Lamy Fanfiction
Until I Fall Inlove Again || FranDeeSal by Deiyn_L
Until I Fall Inlove Again || D E I Y N
I met you in a bad situation. You changed me until I fall inlove with you "Wipe her tears when I'm gone"-Frances "Nag pahinga na ang pahinga ko"-Jayd...
Once More (Frandeesal) by xximbluu_
Once More (Frandeesal)by xximbluu_
Hiii guys :)) first time ko gumawa ng long story, sana magustuhan niyo🥺 Reminder: This story is just a fan fiction only.
IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS  by Amyfinity_writes09
IT ALL STARTED WITH A KISS by Hirumi_akiru ✍️
How can I let go the person that i love the most 💔 -IASWAK AMY Im lost and I don't know what is the way back to you 💔 - IASWAK COLEEN I will do everything to make you...
"Let's Try" (LAMY) by KALAT_48
"Let's Try" (LAMY)by KALAT_48
Mamahalin mo ba ako hanggang kamatayan? kaya mo ba akong mahalin kahit ako'y wala ng buhay? -Laney
A ROAD TRIP OF US | YZACOLE   by frisianprays
A ROAD TRIP OF US | YZACOLE by frisian_fries
"Love is about you and me but sometimes it's not destiny" Handa na ba kayo kiligin? Masaktan? Mainis? At ma bored? expect kaconyohan and slow UD
Falling For My Best Friend  by WilsonTrinidad
Falling For My Best Friend by Coleen
2 Best Friends Falling Inlove // CoCes
Unexpected Love by Mnl48ships
Unexpected Loveby Mnl48ships
A DaryllxLaney Fan Fiction
Kalopsia  by bubmopagodna48
Kalopsia by shyntll
Kalopsia English- As a combination of the Greek roots "kallos", meaning beauty, and "opsis", meaning sight (or "opos", meaning eyes), in E...
Lovers Before (Coces & Jaymy) by frannisse_queen
Lovers Before (Coces & Jaymy)by Franisse_queen
"The act of caring and giving to someone else. Having someone's best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life. To truly love is a very selfless act."