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I DATED AN ANTI FAN (LABREI) by Amyfinity_writes09
I DATED AN ANTI FAN (LABREI)by Amy_finitywrites
Brei being a number one basher of Lara Mae who was a member of Winkle Pop , A very popular girl group in japan together with Ella , Gabb ,Coleen , Sela And Abby.
FOOL FOR YOU by rainbowsinmind
"One of the hardest things to deal with is being secretly inlove with your bestfriend." A Frandeesal ft. Uniphant and Lamy Fanfiction
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Meet Again | UniCoco [EDITING] by Lux_sejin
Meet Again | UniCoco [EDITING]by Gabrielle
| Gabb has an aunt named gabby ruedes skribikin Gabb looks exactly like her aunt But died due that she was shot by Her own father, because he doesn't like her loving ot...
Sacrifice | UniCoco [EDITING] by Lux_sejin
Sacrifice | UniCoco [EDITING]by Gabrielle
| Gabb has been courting coleen for a long time but Coleen likes josh a lot, Even before Josh starts to court her, Gabb is there for her always doing everything she want...
𝑶𝑵𝑬 𝑴𝑶𝑹𝑬 𝑪𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑪𝑬 ✓ (𝘜 hwang bils
She lost a childhood friend, and they vowed to visit at the park whenever they wanted for whatever many days she didn't show up. The girl who lost his buddy's name is Ga...
Unexpected love by JewelNics48
Unexpected loveby JewelNics48
What if a bully fell in love? A bully fell in love with her enemy. End Game BreiSil or LaBrei?
IMMORTALS | UniCoco [Discontinued] by Lux_sejin
IMMORTALS | UniCoco [Discontinued]by Gabrielle
| Coleen is the daughter of the owner of TIU (Trinidad Immortals University) And is the second richest in the Philippines and there are vampires all their relatives are...
The Cruise ship (UniCoco) by kamioshiko
The Cruise ship (UniCoco)by kamioshiko
guys paki basa nalang, kung ayaw nyo edi don't
You Are The One (CoLaney Story) by leader_jhoannaaa
You Are The One (CoLaney Story)by yannie_secret
Hello readers!👽Basahin nyo na lang po hehe enjoy reading!❤ Ps~On Going,Please gaiz wait nyo every update ko kahit minsan matagal salamat!💗 • •~•Your sunflower J!🌻 ...
What if?  (Frandeesal & Jaymy & Kaydee)  by HaEaun
What if? (Frandeesal & Jaymy & Ha Eaun
Who will it be? by Katsudon15
Who will it be?by
In this world full of unexpected happenings, something you have will be gone in a blink of an eye
[ MNL48 against the world...? ] by zhulimakesmegoferal
[ MNL48 against the world...? ]by @animecoochie on twt
It was an ordinary day for this young group of idols, vocal lessons, dance practice, personality development - repeat. Suddenly everything changed, the girls are left de...
I know it's you by JeVanoy48
I know it's youby JeVanoy fortieyt
Ang tanging makakapaghiwalay lang ng tunay na pagmamahalan ay ang walang hanggan
Double Maker Become Lover ( Cocotyang / Frandeesal )  by FREENBECKY-FANS
Double Maker Become Lover ( Author GABBOBI
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CLASS 12-01 by chaengcubror
CLASS 12-01by Son Chaeyoung<33
Frandeesal, Uniphant, Seby, Labrei, Shelice, Colaney, Cocotyang, Becka, Pikababe and many more.
A World Where I Was Yours by Katsudon15
A World Where I Was Yoursby
Ex and crushes .. Will you gamble with your ex once again? Or will you take the risk for someone you can't have? What if its against your work rules? Are you willing to...
MNL48 SHIP by isaakong
Mga one shot na story to sa lahat ng ship
Hello, Love by frncsth
Hello, Loveby :D
after a long time, we find each other again...