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Naruto la rencarnación de Akira ,Yu y Makoto by ghyguh
Naruto la rencarnación de Akira , María Iscar
Naruto will have all of the definitive personas of all the arcanas of the three games. Minato and Kushina will be alive and Naruto will have one brother and one sister t...
Crimson Null by no1nowa
Crimson Nullby drink aqua
A romantic story about Copen Kamizono and Null. What will happen if Lola finds out? Prepare yourself for the next Gunvolt and Joule (copyright Quill)! This love story wi...
Starry Seas by SNALEVALE
Starry Seasby Enoch is best dad
Gunvolt deserves more love so here we are! A one shot book!!!