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The Originals: Always and Forever by faithfish01
The Originals: Always and Foreverby faithfish01
I've been held captive by witches of the French Quarter for four months. For four months, I've been missing yet no one has found me yet. Even more unsettling-I'm pregn...
Original Sin • The Originals by Fandomgeeks1718
Original Sin • The Originalsby Dark_Angels
Cordelia Claudia Mikaelson the twin sister of Klaus Mikaelson "the beloved twin" by all, has been running from her twin most of her immortal life. Not only run...
The Vampire Diaries: The Broken To Be Lost by faithfish01
The Vampire Diaries: The Broken faithfish01
I'm in Mystic Falls and it has never been for a better reason. I've won Damon's heart and now, we're closer than we've ever been. But now, darkness is coming. Klaus M...
The Vampire Diaries: The Dead Rise by faithfish01
The Vampire Diaries: The Dead Riseby faithfish01
It's been two months since I left Mystic Falls. I've spent two months with Klaus, my ancestor and captor, helping him find a werewolf pack for one purpose- so that he c...
The Vampire Diaries: Concrete Decisions by faithfish01
The Vampire Diaries: Concrete faithfish01
I was Turned in 1687. I was 19 and I was taken from my life. I had been created for one purpose- to keep one doppelgänger alive. However, my maker neglected to tell me...