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A Scarred Omega [Female Alpha, Male Omega] (ChatGPT Translated) by UnePetiteFleurNoire
A Scarred Omega [Female Alpha, UnePetiteFleurNoire
On my way home from work, I picked up a heavily injured omega. When I saw him, he was curled up on the ground, dirty and disheveled, looking extremely miserable. As I ap...
The Devil's Story (John Wick MR Insert) by dunc1201
The Devil's Story (John Wick MR Zarc1201
The Baba Yaga the Boogeyman the most feared of all the Assasins but what if there was someone he took under his wing during his time before Helen? Here is the story of Y...
Fall Of The Eldest - Percy Jackson  by hydrofury
Fall Of The Eldest - Percy Jackson by hydrofury
{ after Blood of Olympus, Jason is still alive, Leo might be in this story, IDk how this will go, SOLANGEO OFFICIAL!!!} So this is my first PJO fanfiction, so please do...
I Deserve This Dont I? by SpookyRowena
I Deserve This Dont I?by Rowenaaaa
Harry is in Azkaban, he "murdered" his family supposedly.
Strong Inferior Minds by SheDemonAndrea
Strong Inferior Mindsby SheDemonAndrea
When a death-penetrating disease spreads through the United States killing almost the whole population of children and teenagers, it leaves the survivors with unusual ab...
Empire of Ophire  by youknoweliseeee
Empire of Ophire by youknoweliseeee
Dahlia is an orphan in the city of Ophire. When Dahlia was 15 she was taken in to be the leaders personal guard. But that all changes when she finds out corrupt things a...
Order of Unity (A Xiaother Story) by cajosabowrites
Order of Unity (A Xiaother Story)by cajosabowrites
Xiao meets Aether in an unsuspected way, Aether must sleep in his bed with him when all of the rooms are full. The twins and Dainslief departed for Liyue for what was or...
Union Hogwarts! by WAMred
Union Hogwarts!by William_Meaux
Y/N Riddle, son of Tom Riddle, suffer because of Union corruption and Dumbledore manipulation. Now he seek revenge and a new world where Union is no more.
the king of pancreas: izuku. by thelegendarylight
the king of pancreas: legendarylight
izuku was abused and neglected by ass might bitchko and slutmi and class 1a, except shoto and katsuki, as the ua staff tries to help him but ass might ask the hero commi...
Chelleous Legacy by halmoon
Chelleous Legacyby Shynia Halmoon
After her father's funeral, Cina found herself alone with her cold emotionally distant mother's new family once they left the luxurious life of the city to live in a gri...
Y/n The Fist by MrSkywalker69
Y/n The Fistby The Kufi One
Not everything can be beaten with one punch so why not multiple punches? I do not own One Piece or One Punch Man
Innocent by theoneandonly9240
Innocentby theoneandonly9240
Isabelle is 13 years old when she is sent to jail for the murder of a senator she never met. After serving four years out of a twenty year sentence, someone confesses to...
Loyalties (an Among Us fanfic) by Luithe77th
Loyalties (an Among Us fanfic)by Luithe77th
When Red boarded the magnificent Skeld with eleven other crewmates, she was never expecting to get caught up in an outright murder mystery. Isolated in the far reaches o...
Eio by MorningMaize
Eioby Mr. Jones
The First Book in the Eio Series and the First Book in the Wormwood Saga In 2032, a cosmic event caused a star to crash into America and send a wave of auroras all over...
The president's son by AjitePhilip
The president's sonby Ireoluwa
Zoe never taught her life could have any more meaning with the burden of two quarreling parents on her neck, she never really had time for her self until she meets Remi...
The People's Alpha ✔ by golfballshifter
The People's Alpha ✔by E. Paule
Living in a world filled with wannabe tinpot dictators (aka Alphas), pack members who disagree with his every move, and dispossessed rogues, Alpha Jim of the Shadow Bluf...
Tommyinnits Guide to destroying the hero tower  by priderose7
Tommyinnits Guide to destroying priderose7
Tommy has a bone to pick with the heroes, and he intends to reveal the heroes for who they truly are But when he sees a villain fight he saves a certain villain who Has...
(On Hold) Fallen Dreams by ion_lol
(On Hold) Fallen Dreamsby ion
"I think the worst part is... that we both know we can't fix each other... but we're trying anyway, because "Screw it." Right?" Emma Kinsey's otherwi...
Parallel Lines Shouldn't Meet by AlastorTheOdditie
Parallel Lines Shouldn't Meetby Alastor Oddity
In Arbore, vigilantism is illegal unless you're a part of the Hero's Society. Aspen, hates the H.S more than he hates being sung happy birthday too. so instead of joinin...
Survival Instincts - Witherlore werewolf Academy series by Alyn_Ciatri
Survival Instincts - Witherlore Alyn_Ciatri
Freedom, peace and happiness are many of the things which are sometime taken for granted, but here, in the Kingdom of Tryia, where everything is constantly changing and...