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A New Malfoy by KaiBuzz02
A New Malfoyby Kai Busuttil
After being saved from the Dursley's as a toddler, Harry James Potter was taken in by a new family. A family he truly deserved. He was finally able to have two parents w...
Dark by cosmos178
Darkby Alysha
Don't read please. Thank you. Chaos and war had befallen the Wizarding World and there was little to no hope of saving it when Harry found himself back as a meek 11-year...
Harry Potter and His Twin Sister (Being Rewritten) by froggiedaggers
Harry Potter and His Twin Sister (...by Rebecca
Rebecca Lily Potter, and her older twin brother Harrison James Potter are both betrayed by those that they thought were their closest friends, and eventually end up bein...
Golden Girl Gone "Bad" (fem!Harry Potter) by tom-riddles-horcrux
Golden Girl Gone "Bad" (fem!Harry...by riddlejr
Emmelia Potter was supposed to be Gryffendor's Golden Girl. That's how Dumbeldore had planned it all out. The Dursleys would, no doubt, treat her horribly. She'd come to...
Queen Of Snakes by PinkLilyFlower19
Queen Of Snakesby Peaches
Maeve Alarica Potter was orphaned at merely 15 months old by a dark wizard who sought to end her. She was placed with her muggle family that despised anything abnormal a...
He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey Harry Potter - Time Travel AU by shutiitt_real
He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey H...by An Idiot (No Longer An Insomn...
Currently being re-written with 4 chapters published. There is nothing left in the future. Muggles kill all magical whether they be wizards or creatures. Hogwarts has fa...
Bow Down ( Tomarry) by khanyisilethato
Bow Down ( Tomarry)by khanyisile
They are kind , They are caring , They are joyful , but never take them for granted . They will kill you without a thought if they smell betrayal . The Princess is man...
The Dark Prince by LoveMyRomance
The Dark Princeby LoveMyRomance
Harry Potter is ignored and abandoned because his brother is the "Chosen One". Instead of fading into oblivion, he is rescued by none other than Lord Voldemort...
Death's Son (Originally done by Little.Miss.Xanda) by CearraRH
Death's Son (Originally done by Li...by CearraRH
After the Wizarding War, everything was good and calm, until it wasn't. The muggles found out and destroyed the entire planet. Follow Harry Potter as he goes back in tim...
Shattered Images by darkkslytherin
Shattered Imagesby darkkslytherin
Death Eaters instead of Voldemort come to Godric's Hallow that fateful night. The Potters make a choice that will change the fate of the wizarding world, but will it be...
Hadrien James Riddle by Salems_last_Witch
Hadrien James Riddleby Draven
After a pretty bad Beating Harry ends up in Gringotts, to change his magical Guardian. To his Schock, he finds out that he is not Who he thought he was and Dumbledore...
Not All Sinners Wear Masks      || DMHP        by BloodyBooMimi
Not All Sinners Wear Masks ||...by Mimi
"Siri, where are we going?" Harry asked as they trudged through the marshy beach. "Somewhere. Somewhere important." One very eye-opening trip to Azk...
The Road Not Taken | Harry Potter by thatfan_girlluv
The Road Not Taken | Harry Potterby thatfan_girlluv
Had he not been so blinded by his own greatness, maybe he would have seen the mistake he was making. Maybe if he had looked into the boy's eyes and seen the unnatural an...
I'm Done Pretending by Bo4kenzi
I'm Done Pretendingby I Wish For Death
What if Harry Potter wasn't who we thought he was? What if he wasn't a Potter? And if he wasn't just The-Boy-Who-Lived? Follow Harry turn dark with his true family and t...
Son of a Lord by JudeT56
Son of a Lordby JudeT56
"I will take the very one that was meant to destroy me, who was prophesized to be my doom. I will take him and make him loyal to me and me only. " Harry Potter...
-{Helping Potter}- by asher_e69420
-{Helping Potter}-by Archer<3
(Slow updates due to my plumetting mental health.) (Temporary HIATUS) Harry Potter realizes that all of his 'friends' are using him. When they find out that he knows, th...
Harry potter : Darkness from the inside by 7h1nk3r
Harry potter : Darkness from the i...by 7h1nk3r Blackliquid
This takes place when Harry was still in Hogwarts and before the death of Dumbledore. Harry has long been keeping his true emotions hidden. Concealed by guilt and only t...
Legacy by Zylla1War
Legacyby Zoe
The Legacies are a group who lurk in the corners and nooks of Diagon and Knockturn Alley. What happens when they are captured and turn out to be the missing children of...
The hidden side of the Wizarding World by EvelynLightwoud
The hidden side of the Wizarding W...by EvelynLightwoud
When Evelyn Lightwood-Black returns after ten years being stuck in Canada, she's in for a surprise. It seems that the wizarding world really screwed up in taking care of...
Prophecies by riddhi_06_
Propheciesby starrynight
Artemis Lily Potter the eldest child of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Potter was only five when she lost her parents, was pushed into an abusive household and had to b...