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Creepypasta X YouTuber! Reader! by GorephicGarfield
Creepypasta X YouTuber! Reader!by ʜɪ sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ
You are a famous YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers, Your known for Comedic skits, Singing, animations and Gaming, little did you know, The pastas also enjoy your...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by maratucci
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby froggy!
Just some scenarios with the spooky boys. Reader can be any gender. Requests are welcome. All characters in this story (including the reader) are 18 or older. I do not o...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by TheNightPhantom
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby A Humor Enthusiast
Read at your own risk! Contains: One deranged killer who wears pink boxers. One little blonde elf.. Midget... Thing. One extremely Dark and handsome Link. One monochr...
creepypasta lemons by Ricanrebel1987
creepypasta lemonsby Ricanrebel1987
Hey guys any request on the lemons. Just name any creepypastas' and I'm up for it. But one thing i should let you know i don't do female creepypastas' like for example j...
Ben Drowned x reader ♡︎stupid girl♡︎ by littleproxygirl
Ben Drowned x reader ♡︎stupid baby
♡︎👁♡︎👁♡︎ "what the hell was that about?" i just stared at him silently, playing with my hands. "...Well?" i shrugged at him, "i don't know...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Graceblues45
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby ﹃𝚂𝚞𝚗𝚏𝚕𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚛﹄
Just your everyday average creepypasta boyfriend scenarios! I'm taking these off my Quotev account and posting them here on Wattpad now, so if the "update" cha...
Creepypasta Boyfriend  Senarios  by Killer_Diva666
Creepypasta Boyfriend Senarios by Kade Knight
Title says it all! Have a relationship with your favorite creepypastas character!!!
"SHE CAN MOVE FAST, OR TAKE IT SLOW, ITS UP TO HER CAPTAIN OF THE BOAT." // // Boyfriend Scenarios with your favorite creepypasta boys. Also, a fem! reader!! I...
Creepypasta Scenarios And Oneshots by helpasoul
Creepypasta Scenarios And Oneshotsby Redwillow36
MANY of your favorite Creepypasta characters as your boyfriend or girlfriend in scenarios. Will be a bit slow. List is in chapter 1 of how each chapter is broken up. Pic...
My love ticcs for you (ticci Toby x reader lemon) by twitchyliz
My love ticcs for you (ticci twitchyliz
Your being abused by your father. You have no friends and are being bullied. One night your father tried killing you Toby your life long crush saves you. He takes you to...
×creepypasta boyfriend scenarios× by victoria302
×creepypasta boyfriend scenarios×by victoria302
Slenderman Splenderman Smexy Jeff the killer BEN DROWNED Suicide Mouse Sonic .EXE The Rake Zalgo Smile dog Grinny cat
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenerios  by KayilahDeleon
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenerios by Kayilah Deleon
This is my first time writing so I'll have to get used to it, anyways enjoy 😁 I will be continuing so you can comment if you would want me to continue or not, just no n...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Male Reader) by thesleepymonster
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ( Zero Cipher
So, I'm bored and saw more of these female scenarios than male. Might as well give it a try. Basically, for male readers but anyone can read it. Enjoy gentlemen or anyon...
You're not leaving... L.J x Reader by lucifer0419
You're not leaving... L.J x Readerby Lilith
"Don't worry sexy... Nothing is going to hurt you tonight..." L.J whispered, licking the rim of your ear before biting down on it roughly. His black jaggedly c...
creepypasta one shots by BandsLight
creepypasta one shotsby BandsLight
So this is one-shots of creepypasta so enjoy! Requests are open! Examples- Jeff, BEN, EJ, Hoodie etc.
[L¤ve Triangle¤] Proxies x reader  by _brbcreep_
[L¤ve Triangle¤] Proxies x reader by Im Creepypasta Fan
You meet a tall man in the woods, helps you and soon you were going to be a proxy but you had 3 teammates. Toby , hoodie and masky. They liked you every since you fir...
the reaper by deadxxxgirl
the reaperby <3
you're the grim reaper, who is adopted by Slender. will you slowly fall for EJ or will it end badly? what lead for you to be where you are? and how will it end? please e...
Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios (I'm In Love With A Demon)  by The_hooded_one12
Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios ( The_hooded_one12
creepypasta boyfriend scenarios...... also u can find this story on my quotev account
Obsessed ( Jeff the Killer x Reader ) by officialemotrashcan
Obsessed ( Jeff the Killer x Mae
||Description|| You, a senior in high school, are prepared to blow this town and begin your life in LA--but a particular killer ruins your plans. ||Trigger warnings|| Th...