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Being in the wrong place at the wrong time was all it took for Adelasia's whole life to turn upside down. After being captured by the heathens raiding her city and taken...
Unordinary | The Old and New Cripple by Crasalty
Unordinary | The Old and New
John x Seraphina After being expelled from New Bostin High School, John comes to his new school, Wellston High. But his wish to live in his own house is rejected by the...
Game Of Thrones Imagines/Oneshots by The_Cat_Whisperer01
Game Of Thrones Imagines/Oneshotsby stealing your hoodie
*REQUESTS OPEN* I do Smut/Fluff/Angst and about anything in between. I will do any character you request! But I will tend to lean towards my own personal favorites. Thes...
Reach For My Heart by Kizzy_Dev
Reach For My Heartby OK
"Life has a way of playing with you," "Especially me. Life has never been fair to me. From the day I was born till now, my life has always been a bundle o...
My King by MysticForestWriter
My Kingby Møth
It's been almost a year and a half since John's old friend Ash had moved to america for her fathers job, she left at the wrong time as a week latter John was betrayed by...
NIGHTMARE - unOrdinary by annalycheee
NIGHTMARE - unOrdinaryby anna
Nothing's changed. The hierarchy, intact. Seraphina still trusts him. He's still a "cripple". But for how long exactly? John wakes up from the worst nightmare...
PREPPY(BWWM)(on hold) by ihatethisyo
PREPPY(BWWM)(on hold)by softie .
✨ Alright.I admit that the idea of going to a previously all boy school,predominantly white, sounded good.Until I realized they only accepted one girl.A black girl.Me.No...
Under the Mask - An Unordinary Fanfiction by Red_Vermouth
Under the Mask - An Unordinary Vermouth
In episode 129, it isn't Elaine and Arlo who reach the kidnapped Seraphina first. Instead, it is John and Cecile! What will happen when Sera finds out that it is John un...
Daddy Elon Musk Fanfiction  by BiggestNigga
Daddy Elon Musk Fanfiction by Young Musk
Our hero meets with the billionaire on a beautiful summer evening and they go on a date. Eventually they have an intense homosexual relationship and our hero becomes cri...
A King & His Queen (Reader X Arlo) by OtakuDragon97
A King & His Queen (Reader X Arlo)by Nitori Demagon
Power was the norm within this society. Those who were weak were beaten and stomped on like insects, while the strong thrived and were regarded as gods.. But they were i...
READ THE DIFFERENT SHADES OF WHITE AND THE DARKER SHADES OF WHITE BEFORE READING THIS BOOK. With so much at loss and so much hopelessness, Khadijah and Shehzad find the...
unOrdinary: Satan 666 by Ken144789
unOrdinary: Satan 666by Few
well, you know the story of unOrdinary with Achnologia power? yes, I gain inspiration from that. Disclaimer- I own nothing
Sometimes humans can hunts gods too. by TeaDrag
Sometimes humans can hunts gods TeaDrag
For has long has he can remember, Sato has been a cripple. All he has ever had was his sister. One day he and his class meet god. God gave them the chance to achieve g...
Within the Shadows (an unOrdinary fanfic) by OliviaTaco
Within the Shadows (an viavoxxertaco21
This world is set in the unOrdinary universe but things are a little- dark, dare I say. What happens in the shadows rarely come to light and some people mysteriously st...
Twisted Healer - UnOrdinary (John x Elaine) by Cipher_301
Twisted Healer - UnOrdinary ( CiphΞr
(Don't blame me lmfao, but I thought this would be a lowkey hilarious idea. I've always thought that if Elaine could change her views on lower tiers, she'd be an amazing...
To Tame a Wolf: A Little Red Riding Hood Fanfic *ON HOLD* by RobynAster
To Tame a Wolf: A Little Red RobynAster
(This is not a story about werewolves.) Mute and orphaned, Cerise Wonslin lives her life under the hood of her red cloak. So much so, that people have stopped calling he...
jarlo (unordinary john x arlo) by cloudmax82
jarlo (unordinary john x arlo)by ave
what happens when a cripple crushes hard on the king? what happens when the king catches feelings? what happens to all their friendships? read to find out:) ALL CHARACT...
My Mind And Other Dark Places by Raythewriterforever
My Mind And Other Dark Placesby Ray Tag
My life and how twisted my mind can be.
Off Script by _SweetLie_
Off Scriptby Reiiku
Legally selling your mind, body, and talent would offer you up as a personal puppet to the hands of the government. Since the world had gone to despair, the world suffer...