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After Wearing The Book, I Married A Disabled Tyrant (MTL) [COMPLETED] by Asseylum5
After Wearing The Book, I AsseyLum5
*WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar* Original Title : 穿书后我嫁给了残疾暴君 Author : 沐沐良辰 (Mu Muliangchen) Status : Completed (117 cha...
I got a new wife after crossing over GL MTL by a54m1ismysoulm4t3
I got a new wife after crossing a5am1s4tois4hottie
穿越后我多了一个老婆 Author:橘色一点虹 As a senior otaku, Luo Yan's daily life at home is to...
The Female Cultivator of Hehuan Sect Never Admit Defeat (MTL) [COMPLETED] by Asseylum5
The Female Cultivator of Hehuan AsseyLum5
*WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar* Original Title : 合欢宗的女修绝不认输[穿书] Author : 总攻大人 (Offensive Adults) Status : Completed (96...
Crossing the Line by The3dreamers
Crossing the Lineby Amber Boyd
Tessa has a secret--one that draws the unwanted attention of a hidden world beyond our own. When an innocent game turns deadly, she's guilt-ridden, determined to set thi...
A lifetime of memories by DawnHamilton6
A lifetime of memoriesby Dawn Hamilton
A life well lived, as we share a journey of love and laughter.
Crossing over. by SxphieJxne
Crossing Sxphie Jane 🌹
A virus has suddenly hit home, we're on the verge of an apocalypse... Is this the end of the world?
More then a Hundred by Lailo0u
More then a Hundredby Lailo0u
More Then A Hundred Of Lives, But the Same Soul
attraversiamo by readreadreadnow
attraversiamoby readreadreadnow
addendums on the versions of me I've left on the other side
My Little Shadow by HeatherCHolmes
My Little Shadowby Heather C. Holmes
"Why would I want to cross over? It is so much fun here!" Sarah had a little shadow, someone who followed her around the house just to spend time with her. As...
Last Five Days by JosephMQuinn
Last Five Daysby Joseph M. Quinn
A man was given another job for the next five days. He needs to babysit a five year old boy named Barry, who calls him Mr. Black. His parents have a lot of things in the...
Crashing Spirit by sassyblondetiger
Crashing Spiritby sassyblondetiger
A true story about a romantic encounter with a man that dies tragically in a crash. My life is turned upside down when I realize he hasn't crossed over. As a woman tha...
Alternative by MichelleQuinton
Alternativeby Michelle Quinton
The mirror in the hallway was just that right? A mirror, nothing more. So why did she feel like she was being watched?
The Island among the Stars by SleepyNightKids
The Island among the Starsby Tay, Hoodie, and Ads
Many things happened all at once. Something major and new occured.... It was nothing major such as having the moon blown up nor the start of the zombie apocalypse... It...
The Unexpected Visitor by LisaM9284
The Unexpected Visitorby LisaM9284
Ashleigh has had a terrible morning and a worse headache. When she wakes from a nightmare, someone is in her house. What does the man in the pin-striped suit want from h...
Crossing Over by DarthPadre
Crossing Overby Darth Padre
Poems having to do with the passing of loved ones.
Ghost Whisperer by dezi12728
Ghost Whispererby dezi12728
what if Melinda wants another kid after Aiden but she ends up having the same problems getting pregnant? what if a ghost comes along and changes everything Melinda ever...
Love's Goodbye by HeartFelt2Words
Love's Goodbyeby Candance Sherman
Poetry of a Sadness of a Lost love and broken heart of silence.
Walking To Damascus by georgeinlalaland
Walking To Damascusby Joe Lofgreen
The powerful true story of an ordinary man that buys a haunted house as an investment and comes face to face with the supernatural world he has spent decades denying and...