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One-click Cultivation System by NovelDragon_Eizen
One-click Cultivation Systemby ND_Eizen
"Ding!" The first function is activated. Initiate auto-conditioning. The training speed is equivalent to that of a super monster! " "Ding!" &quo...
✓ After wearing it as cannon fodder in the farming text by prince05026
✓ After wearing it as cannon Seokmin
Author: Broken Branches Category:Tanmei Fan Fiction As Lin Xingci opened his eyes, he found that he had penetrated into the farming text and became the best cannon fodd...
✓ Happy Farm System by prince05026
✓ Happy Farm Systemby Seokmin
Author: Autumn Fans Category:Tanmei Fan Fiction When Shan Yu's brain hole opened wider and wider, a cold mechanical voice came: "An unfamiliar life form has been de...
The Farmer's Daughter is the Favorite of the Family by witchy8181
The Farmer's Daughter is the witchy8181
Genre: Space, Doting, Farming, Time travel, Healing Synopsis: Xu Linyue from the 21st century crossing over with the heavenly space soul penetration to a 5 year old farm...
Secret Door Of The Austin's Family (BL)(ver.2) by LAmerica06
Secret Door Of The Austin's LAmerica
All his life, Xavier thought that he is the only son of the family and his mother was dead. When he pricked his finger and his blood was smeared, the door leading to not...
Tom Nook x Reader - AC:NH Fanfiction by that_one_writer_268
Tom Nook x Reader - AC:NH that_one_writer
I was looking for a good Tom Nook x Reader, but I was disappointed to come up with only a few good stories. I would like to join them in trying to make a good Tom Nook x...
The Able Sisters by ad_meliora
The Able Sistersby Maeve
[Animal Crossing Fanfiction] Daughters of tailors, three sisters--Label, Sable, and Mabel--live in the quiet town of Animal Village. When a tragic accident leaves them o...
[Animal Crossing | New Beginnings] Tom Nook X Reader by gorgonzolachz
[Animal Crossing | New Beginnings] gorgonzola cheese wheel
Taking place in the new, Animal Crossing New Horizons game, (Y/N) joins her friend and others to a new island to start a new life, she also opens a new beginning to her...
Crossroads (Book Two) by Arzoelyn
Crossroads (Book Two)by Arzoelyn
CROSSROADS: The Crossing Trilogy Book II One decision can change everything. The truth of Aurora's identity brings her to a perilous crossroads that will jeopardize the...
ACNH Oneshots(Discontinued)(Lgbtq+) by Animal_Crosser
ACNH Oneshots(Discontinued)(Lgbtq+)by Jacob Furber
This will be a story about my favorite game, Animal Crossing! Feel free to suggest a ship or Xreader story that you'd like, and I'll do my best to get back to you! Mor...
(MTL) I have one tail [the end of the world] by Lulled_By_Death
(MTL) I have one tail [the end Slumber
Author: Xi Daqin PLEASE READ -hello the chapters of this story are mixed(chapters sequence)and im sorry for spoiling your reading Story link:
Animal Crossing Headcanons! by Countryboyyyily
Animal Crossing Headcanons!by Hi! My name is (what?) My nam...
Headcanons for Animal Crossing characters...
~ tom nook x reader  ~ by fuck_asss
~ tom nook x reader ~by olive
tom nook i do not own anything everything belongs to nintendo
The Good Old Days: An Animal Crossing Fan Fiction by Exziron
The Good Old Days: An Animal Exziron
The backstory of some of the most popular characters of the Animal Crossing series. When Tom Nook receives a letter from an old friend, he realizes his dreams are well...
Crossing Lines {NaNoWriMo 2017} by militarymoment
Crossing Lines {NaNoWriMo 2017}by militarymoment
"I wanted you to marry me then, and I still want you to marry me now." "Stephen, I-I can't marry you. You know that." He took a step forward closing...
Final Nesstination - A Super Smash Bros. Saga by Killager
Final Nesstination - A Super Cheeky Mayor
In the Super Smash Bros. tournament, the fate of each video game franchise lies in the might of its mentor’s moveset. And the punniness of their tagline, of course. Desp...
I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards 2011) by CoffeeDrinkingNerd
I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards CoffeeDrinkingNerd
Imara Fox has a dark past. If she can't control her necromancy, she will have a dark future a head of her. Turning to Hogwarts for protection, she meets people, whom she...
Hope is the Thing  With Feathers by ad_meliora
Hope is the Thing With Feathersby Maeve
[Animal Crossing Fanfiction] Since he was chick, Blathers has had a knack for curiosity and exploring the unknown. With a particular interest in fossils, Blathers seeks...
The Mayor is Tired by DigitalMidnight
The Mayor is Tiredby Midnight
Animal Crossing New Leaf. The Mayor has been exhausting themselves and a few of the townsfolk notice. No ships, don't ask for lemons, Don't sign up for AP Physics it kil...
"Two Worlds One Heart" by ellieeee645
"Two Worlds One Heart"by ellieeee
"Meet Jess and Will, two young adults who meet through an unexpected encounter in the game Animal Crossing. As their friendship grows, they discover a special bond...