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Days and nights of divorcing the villain by ksjreverie
Days and nights of divorcing the ksjreverie
Title: 和反派离婚的日日夜夜 author: 雪默 Source: Chen Mu entered the system and became the wife of various villains. After successfully divorci...
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Endless Beauty  by Tanishaakter7
Endless Beauty by Kookies taetae
Taehyungs sister run away from her wedding and Taehyung has to marry the man his sister about to marry and pretend like a girl well the man is no other than jeon jungko...
Crossroads (Book Two) by Arzoelyn
Crossroads (Book Two)by Arzoelyn
CROSSROADS: The Crossing Trilogy Book II One decision can change everything. The truth of Aurora's identity brings her to a perilous crossroads that will jeopardize the...
Plane Justice (位面大法官) by LiannQ
Plane Justice (位面大法官)by LiannQ
Title(s): Plane Justice; 位面大法官 Author: Shaoxing Eleven (耽美同人) Status: 74 Chapters (Completed) Summary: Jia Mian is an ordinary school student and he participated in the...
Tom Nook x Reader - AC:NH Fanfiction by that_one_writer_268
Tom Nook x Reader - AC:NH that_one_writer
I was looking for a good Tom Nook x Reader, but I was disappointed to come up with only a few good stories. I would like to join them in trying to make a good Tom Nook x...
Tom Nook X Reader Lemon by Ellsmoonlight_
Tom Nook X Reader Lemonby Elizabeth Schafer
This will be very detailed and is a one story so no one shots and there will be more than one lemon chapter
The trial of Alyssa Miller (Teen Thriller) by jo_fab
The trial of Alyssa Miller (Teen joan
A small town erupted in panic when seven human remains were found under a bridge. Science proved they died 30 years ago. So why was a sixteen-year-old girl accused of th...
[Animal Crossing | New Beginnings] Tom Nook X Reader by gorgonzolachz
[Animal Crossing | New Beginnings] gorgonzola cheese wheel
Taking place in the new, Animal Crossing New Horizons game, (Y/N) joins her friend and others to a new island to start a new life, she also opens a new beginning to her...
Recycle System Upgrades Instantly by NovelDragon_Eizen
Recycle System Upgrades Instantlyby ND_Eizen
From then on, there would always be legends about him on the road to becoming stronger! Su Ba, the invincible fighting master of the previous life, accidentally crossed...
Secret Door Of The Austin's Family (BL)(ver.2) by LAmerica06
Secret Door Of The Austin's LAmerica
All his life, Xavier thought that he is the only son of the family and his mother was dead. When he pricked his finger and his blood was smeared, the door leading to not...
The Farm girl has a field by jelucyvador06
The Farm girl has a fieldby Cricketylucy
WARNING! (1) not my story credits to the authors (2) machine translated (3) the link in the story below
~ tom nook x reader  ~ by fuck_asss
~ tom nook x reader ~by olive
tom nook i do not own anything everything belongs to nintendo
One-click Cultivation System by NovelDragon_Eizen
One-click Cultivation Systemby ND_Eizen
"Ding!" The first function is activated. Initiate auto-conditioning. The training speed is equivalent to that of a super monster! " "Ding!" &quo...
ACNH Oneshots(Discontinued)(Lgbtq+) by Animal_Crosser
ACNH Oneshots(Discontinued)(Lgbtq+)by Jacob Furber
This will be a story about my favorite game, Animal Crossing! Feel free to suggest a ship or Xreader story that you'd like, and I'll do my best to get back to you! Mor...
Super Smash - Sudden Death by GenreGh0st
Super Smash - Sudden Deathby Zero
It is a day of celebration at the Smash Mansion! The anniversary of one's arrival to the brawl is a joyous occasion. However, when someone is murdered and twenty others...
Super Dragon Slaughtering System by NovelDragon_Eizen
Super Dragon Slaughtering Systemby ND_Eizen
In the mainland of the dragon, humans can also cultivate. But even if human beings are stronge, they will still be suppressed by the dragons. The true ruler of the mainl...
Everything wrong with animal crossing new leaf  by Raptor1011
Everything wrong with animal Raptor1011
Tons and tons of things about animal crossing new leaf could be better! I'm gonna find out everything wrong with this game and put it in a book!
Rhapsody Of The Dragon by NovelDragon_
Rhapsody Of The Dragonby Novel Dragon
*In this magical fantasy world, the dragon were admired and feared by their elegant magic skills and graceful posture. But who would know as the Morden man when he had r...
~How to become an Animal Crossing addict~ (FINISHED) by ndragurlluwu
~How to become an Animal 𝓐𝓵𝓮𝔁𝓪
These are the steps on how to become addicted to a wholesome game about fishing and catching bugs! Some points I wrote down are total jokes. So don't take this book too...