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The Challenge Dirty 30- JOHNNY BANANAS by Briana_Lilly
The Challenge Dirty 30- JOHNNY BAN...by Briana_Lilly
Kyler King is coming back on the challenge as a VET, The previous season she was a rookie and won with CT Will she be able to keep her title as the Challenge Champ? oc...
Red vs Blue: Remembrance by Fireslash97
Red vs Blue: Remembranceby H3LL-SL4Y3R
After having defeated the Meta, the Reds and Blues return to Valhalla, only to be brought back in action by Slade's long lost and presumed dead love, Agent Carolina. Sla...
Red vs Blue recreation male oc by Garydeansonic
Red vs Blue recreation male ocby Garydeansonic
Tucker and Ava are in trouble. Caboose is acting weird and working on his project it is up to Sarge Alex and Caboose to save Tucker and Ava. Also they need to find an ar...
Red vs Blue Season 7: Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 7: Male Ocby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 7, As the Reds and Blues get comfortable in their new bases. They reunite with old friends, while also meeting some new ones. The OC Leo is Owned by Me. Red v...
Red vs blue (female OC) by maddiebear17
Red vs blue (female OC)by maddiebear17
Church is gone, for good this time and project freelancer has been defeated. The reds and blues have new bases in Valhalla. Caboose and Shawn are doing a mysterious proj...
Lost and found (red vs blue x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Lost and found (red vs blue x chil...by Reaper-fire
Before there was red vs blue, there was project freelancer Y/n is a small child, his parents were some of the top foundering and funding members of freelancer, they wer...
Emtney IG Book by Scream_Queen_MIW
Emtney IG Bookby Brittney Motionless
Wild Crazy Times filled with Drama and Fun times
Love is not a joke [School AU!PJ X Reader] by Dew_Tautropfen
Love is not a joke [School AU!PJ X...by ČāňđýŠțřāw
[FINISHED!] ~~Sunlight here :3~~ You are girl,a Paper Jam fangirl. you want his heart but for have it you gonna have some mistakes on your way. Fresh gonna try to have h...
Freelancers Play Truth or Dare (Red vs Blue) by SharrowNightWing
Freelancers Play Truth or Dare (Re...by Sharrow N
The Freelancers decide to play a fun game of truth or dare when they have a day off. What will happen? Will there be some romance between agents? Will Texas beat the shi...
Lilith Rose Taylor ~A T.J. Lavin/The Challenge story~ by artfreakcassie
Lilith Rose Taylor ~A T.J. Lavin/T...by artfreakcassie
The Challenge A T.J. LAVIN STORY Lilith rose taylor A new co-host with T.J., shes a pro skater and model, and production is seeing how the co-host thing is gonna work o...
the next babe ruth by vivieliserodriguez
the next babe ruthby Vivi Elise Rodriguez
bella has wannted to be the first girl on the yankees team since was liitle. shes been playing baseball since she was 4. when bella is put on a team playing the yankees...
Idiot (Ct!pj x ania/undertale peasant) (DISCONTINUED) by LuloTheSkeleton
Idiot (Ct!pj x ania/undertale peas...by Shafiyah or Lulo
okay,this is one of my otp's and i said, "hey,why dont i make a story of this?" and i said to myself "sure" and here i am making a story of one of my...
Agent California: Micheal J. Caboose by MidNightProduction
Agent California: Micheal J. Caboo...by Midnight
Agent California was the 26th agent to enter Project Freelancer. California was a very intelligent and amazing fighter. California was one of the best agents out of the...
Tal vez. by Lily_de_Wakabayashi
Tal vez.by Lily de Wakabayashi
Pequeño 'drabble' romántico, en donde Jun Misugi confiesa sus sentimientos por Yayoi en el día más feliz de su vida. Fic escrito en el año 2004, sin modificaciones actua...
Invitados Especiales by Elieth_Schneider
Invitados Especialesby Elieth Schneider
Genzo Wakabayashi, Karl Heinz Schneider y Gino Hernández tendrán una velada en el Día de Muertos que muy seguramente recordarán por siempre. Décimo séptima historia de...
PERDÓN by Jumiko_Chan
PERDÓNby Jumiko_Chan
EL peor error que pudo haber cometido Misugi Jun,el haber golpeado a Yayoi por haberse preocupado por el, el príncipe del campo deberá pedir perdón a aquella muchacha qu...
An Idiot and 2 Freelancers and a medic time travels to Project freelancer  by Toucan2574
An Idiot and 2 Freelancers and a m...by Toucan
Well the title says it all And I don't own any of this Red vs blue is owned by rooster teeth