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Soundwave Superior, Everyone Inferior by Anime0CC0Manga
Soundwave Superior, Everyone Anime0CC0Manga
A human, (or cyborg), version of Soundwaves and his adventures.
Skyfall (M! reader x K/DA) by isaakthewolf
Skyfall (M! reader x K/DA)by Isaak Michaelson
Meet (Y/n) (L/n) AKA Baba Yaga/ The fucking Boogeyman. And he will do anything that his comes cross his mission list even if it means to babysit a K-pop group.
The Daddy Dare ✔️ [DARK EROTICA] by Hoefinity
The Daddy Dare ✔️ [DARK EROTICA]by 🦋MARIA🦋
Illyana James isn't torn between two men, debating which one deserves her heart. She's trapped in an intricately woven web, where their clashing personalities threaten t...
.Military Grade Cyber Weapon (Lucy X FOC). by CrystalTheNeko
.Military Grade Cyber Weapon ( Chris Wolfblood
Night City is an autonomous city located on the border between North and South California, on the Pacific coast of North America. It is considered a modern multicultural...
Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Lucy x male reader) by MagnusWrites
Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Lucy x MagnusWrites
This book might not be as long as my Rebecca one but hopefully it is still as good. This will be set after the events of the anime. Once again I will release two chapter...
Project TFS: Bioshark by RingoRoadagain101
Project TFS: Biosharkby RingoRoadagain101
Following the success of Henki's original Project TFS, Ringo decides to milk it (with Henki's approval of course). This story branches out from the main one, but still k...
Dead Man Walking Vol. 1 by JesseVendetta
Dead Man Walking Vol. 1by Jesse Vendetta
(ORIGINAL STORY) (Based in an alternate universe of the LLU - Lemons Literary Universe) Somewhere in another universe, where things go very differently, yet also the sam...
in a City where Cybernetics dominate the streets, one single warrior fights to end Arasaka once and for all and free not only Night City from Arasaka's tyranny, but the...
The M3GAN Files by spqrz0
The M3GAN Filesby spqrz
Cady's adventures with M3GAN continue! Serious but fun. • How does M3GAN come back? • Who can teach M3GAN to be a better robot? • Is there any way to save M3GAN's victi...
Azur Lane(anime) x cybernetically enhanced male reader by GASTLY42957
Azur Lane(anime) x Rhogar
A man genetically engineered and trained from birth to kill. Experimented on to increase deadliness. Escaped his prison years ago, but can never become fully human. Tryi...
Rise of the Crimson Falcon by Plaguedontexist
Rise of the Crimson Falconby Yxung Plague
As the world is preparing for another World War, one country has been building up its military might for a large-scale invasion of a country thousands of miles away. Vla...
B.E.C.K.Y.: Am I A Superhero? by ravenhawk008
B.E.C.K.Y.: Am I A Superhero?by ravenhawk008
If Venom and Ironman had a baby, his name would be B.E.C.K.Y. Alex Winger was a man living a normal life as a teacher in British Columbia, Canada. Then, he encountered s...
Revenged (a Henry Stickmin fanfiction) by ThunderWolf201408
Revenged (a Henry Stickmin Thunder Wolf
This is my modified version of revenged ending from the Henry Stickmin collection where Henry doesn't die (well sorta he gets brought back to life). Read the story to le...
Techno by Hero-N
Technoby Your Average Writer
When an accident aboard a technologically-advanced space station leaves her with mysterious powers, Ellie Jobs must find a way to manage her new-found abilities. Everyon...
Cyberpunk 2077: Your Flesh And Metal? [Story idea Adoption] by Donuocat
Cyberpunk 2077: Your Flesh And Donutcat
Cyberpunk 2077 & Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners (Not human or cybernetics) Male Reader/Elden X Rebecca Ever wonder what would happen if an fantasy character entered into a w...
Heat Wacky Adventures (Filler missions) by just-Pump
Heat Wacky Adventures (Filler just-Pump
These stories are what Heat (my OC) goes on in between main story missions (in main story which y'all can read in order to understand)
The Revelers (Serial 1) by AsheJunius
The Revelers (Serial 1)by Ashe Junius
Ari Kagura and the Neon City Valkyries reach the WarGames finals and finally face off against their bitter rivals, the Brick City Sirens. However, when the match reaches...
I got reincarnated as a machine!!!! (PILOT) by Melk-man
I got reincarnated as a Melk
Touya Shimura our main protag is a weeb and a big fan of the game called punishing gray raven but something happened you got shot in the head by a robber in local grocer...