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Fixing Mistakes (Baby Niall) by Connorperry42
Fixing Mistakes (Baby Niall)by Connorperry42
Niall was having a hard time so the boys made him their baby however the stress from touring gets to them and they forget what they've done. Now that things are cooling...
Adopted by adoptedfic
Adoptedby adoptedfic
The successful age - play story, Adopted by harrywearsaflowercrown, originally posted on, is now available to read on wattpad!
3 Boys To Fill Our Life (Lilo family) by ZDsmiles
3 Boys To Fill Our Life (Lilo ZDsmiles
Liam Tomlinson and Louis Tomlinson are a happily married couple, settling into life together. However, they both feel that something or someone is missing from their lif...
My Baby Omega hybrid[ON HOLD] by Zayn_Javaad_Malik
My Baby Omega hybrid[ON HOLD]by Zayn Malik
Liam an alpha , was a successful business man , not really making time for himself. One day on his way home he saw a baby hybrid being humiliated and abused in front of...
The Wish by 1DMultiFandoms80s
The Wishby 1DMultiFandoms80s
A certain wish makes a huge impact. Niall Horan just wanted the band to get back together..This is not what he meant.
We'll always love you by ilovvveharrystyles
We'll always love youby Hello
Harry Styles is a 14 year old boy that has no one to care for him. He's lonely and just wants to be loved. Liam Payne is a famous singer, he's married to Zayn Malik. Th...
Payne-Malik Adventures [1D Kidfic] by 1Dfamilystuff
Payne-Malik Adventures [1D Kidfic]by 1Dfamilystuff
Ziam family AU, in which Zayn and Liam decide to start their own little family. Louis: 6 Harry: 4 Niall: 2
Story Of My Life by -NewRules-
Story Of My Lifeby -NewRules-
Niall Horan has it all. At fourteen years of age he's part of the biggest boyband in the world, has four amazing brothers who he looks up to and a million girls at his f...
One Direction Kidnapped Me?! [COMPLETED] by lovelukeforeverpls
One Direction Kidnapped Me?! [ luke hemmings bby
Hi directioners!This is my first story and I hope you guys like it. It is about a girl named Alexandria and one direction kidnaps her! To find out more, read the story...
Yin-Yang~Ziam by bananaziam
Yin-Yang~Ziamby bananaziam
where Zayn likes skirts and Liam likes tattoos. all.rights.reserved.
Twins by aassddffgghhjjklll
Twinsby aassddffgghhjjklll
KIDFIC Zayn and Liam are a married couple. They met in high school aged 17, Zayn was an artsy emo while Liam was captain of the basketball team and king of the jocks. Th...
Promise You'll Stay || Ziam || by gulfjeons
Promise You'll Stay || Ziam ||by ファティマ
[COMPLETED] Published: January 2016 This is a story about Liam and Zayn; How they live; how they laugh; how they regret; how they miss opportunities; how they tackle l...
Life Of Liana | L.P. by MichelleTmhps
Life Of Liana | Michelle Tmhps
' Darling , you could hide from me but I will always find you. remember this world is too small for me to catch you. I can't wait to hold you in my arms and make you min...
little haz  by wildflowersatnight
little haz by wildflowersatnight
the one where harry is a little and louis is his daddy. louis owns his own record label and spends most days playing with harry. and the one where niall is a little, a...
Baby Niall Horan (Ageplay)   by multifandoms23
Baby Niall Horan (Ageplay) by multifandoms23
Niall is suddenly stressed from touring and being in a band, the boys notice, so they come up with a plan to help Niall out. (Yes, Zayn will be in this) Updates every Tu...
so good by hotlinemily
so goodby emily grace ♡
the one where liam is a sugar daddy and zayn is his sugar baby
Three and counting by larryslittlelemons
Three and countingby larryslittlelemons
Zayn and Liam are the dads of three mischievous kids and their live can be quite stressful sometimes ,but what else could you suspect when you're three and counting?
harry centric age regression one shots  by harryisababyx
harry centric age regression one lexi🧸🤎
what the title says🍼💕 happy to take recommendations💕
Bumps // L P by AlienGrrl
Bumps // L Pby All My Own Stunts
I loved her. And for that reason I avoided her. It was just one night. That's what I told myself. One night with my best friends sister, then I would back off forever...