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Renewed Hope for Operation Strix! by RosettaXfantasy
Renewed Hope for Operation Strix!by Yato~sama
Anya is encouraged by Loid and the school to have a tutor or study partner, in order to help improve her grades, thus raise her chances of becoming an imperial scholar f...
𝙎𝙥𝙮𝙓𝙁𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙮 𝙁𝙖𝙣 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙘𝙨! by yorforgerreal
𝙎𝙥𝙮𝙓𝙁𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙮 𝙁𝙖𝙣 𝘾𝙤𝙢...by yorforgerreal
These are some fan made manga/comics of SpyXFamily, translated to english. I do not own ANY of the artwork displayed. Proper credits are given before you read the comic!
Naturally Pretty • Damianya Time Skip by Iacrya
Naturally Pretty • Damianya Time S...by Iacrya
Set 10 years into the future. Damian Desmond still finds Anya Forger a (lovable- NO!) problematic existence ever since that 'trashing' punch. But one day, he discovers w...
Damianya- The Untold Story by UnicoSparkleBaby
Damianya- The Untold Storyby TanishkaKS
Anya's quirky and soft personality is attractive, and Damian's cool but shy personality is to die for. We all love Anya and Damian. But do they love each other? Unlock...
The Peanut(butter) To My Jelly || Damianya fanfic (ON HAITUS) by WolfieIsSquishy
The Peanut(butter) To My Jelly ||...by Lily
I'm bringing Damianya (Damian x Anya) fanart to life! they have grown up! Loid and Yor fell in love with each other and go on missions because they told each other! that...
After the dance (DamiAnya, SPY x FAMILY fanfic) by xrinarou
After the dance (DamiAnya, SPY x F...by rin
A short book that happens after the latest chapter of SPY x FAMILY (96) I present you the ways I think Anya and Damian think of each other and their own enigmatic action...
💖Damianya💚 One-shots (Damian X Anya) by Melmelonhmm
💖Damianya💚 One-shots (Damian X A...by Melmelon
Just a bunch of Damianya stories I come up with randomly. Although there might be small additions of Loidyor in the future, pretty small amount, just so you know. A lot...
jealous? by XY_Reads
jealous?by 欣颖 || XY
this is a damianya story :) also no NSFW here, just some kissing scenes! ❤️enjoy!
Didn't Think It Would Come To This [SLOW UPDATES] by alexisndubreuilgmail
Didn't Think It Would Come To This...by Lexie
Years ago, Loid Forger infiltrated Desmond's plan to start a war. But because of this, Damian hates little Anya Forger now more than ever. I mean, who wouldn't hate the...
Damian x Anya Oneshots by ianafrzn
Damian x Anya Oneshotsby iana.frzn
A collection of Anya and Damian (Damianya) oneshots. Characters from the anime, 'Spy x Family'. Feel free to request in the comments <3 Cover is not mine - credit to...
Damianya Side Stories • Spy x Family Fanfic by Iacrya
Damianya Side Stories • Spy x Fami...by Iacrya
A series of short stories about Damianya (Damian Desmond, Anya Forger) mostly following Spy x Family S1 part 1 of the anime events. Mostly fluff with a few angst coz why...
The Desmonds [Damianya]  by NamelessHarmony
The Desmonds [Damianya] by NamelessHarmony
This is actually not my first 😀. I have another one, it's title is 'Two Face [A Damianya Story]'. Anyway back to this one. This a future Au. I have been loving the idea...
The fight for Anya heart by 01dominico
The fight for Anya heartby 01dominico
Anya (now an imperial scholar) has been given a side mission by Loid. This side mission forces Anya to make friends with 7 new people. 3 Girls, 4 Guys. And they are a li...
Rivals x Lovers ᥫ᭡ | Damianya (Spy x Family) by colenthree
Rivals x Lovers ᥫ᭡ | Damianya (Spy...by Michi
A fanfiction about Anya Forger x Damian Desmond based 10 years after the Spy x Family manga/anime. Anya starts to feel hopeless about becoming an imperial scholar. She k...
Front Row Seat || Damianya || ✔️ by DropTheBasil
Front Row Seat || Damianya || ✔️by DropTheBasil
Every special moment in Damian's life is spent with one eye on the lookout for his father. Surprisingly, Anya is there at every one of his events with similar intention...
Eden's Prestige Prom Night |A Damianya Story| by buttercup_clouds
Eden's Prestige Prom Night |A Dami...by butterbeer :)
Anya tries to figure out how to help her Papa -- Loid Forger, or Twilight as others know him -- get closer to the particularly stale Donovan Desmond after gaining eight...
Spy x Family Stories (Majority will probably be Damianya) by The_Otaku_Empress
Spy x Family Stories (Majority wil...by The_Otaku_Empress
Been a while so I'm bad at descriptions..... What the title says. And I won't be taking requests, sorry.
• The Desmonds,  second Generation • by Aestheticboba88
• The Desmonds, second Generation...by M@dHatt3r<3
Operation Strix is over and there is no more conflicts between the countries... so far. Now Damian and Anya have children named Elias and Maria
The Prettiest Girl by UpasanaDas566
The Prettiest Girlby Upasana Das
Heyy Guys welcome to another story of mine, well recently ive been really busy with my half yearly exams...so thats why i was not able to post any stories to you..i apol...