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Force marriage with her by Cupcakeslyyy
Force marriage with herby Rebby's
A 20 years old girl called Rebecca Patricia Armstrong who hates force marriage the most,was forced to marry the so known cold hearted girl who is Freen Sarocha Chakimha...
Force Marriage With Her S3 by Cupcakeslyyy
Force Marriage With Her S3by Rebby's
What will happen if Freen accidentally met mini her because of one incident? Will she notice that the toddler is her daughter? What will happen if Freen and Becky meet a...
When The Time Stops [FreenBecky]  by cynsfoot
When The Time Stops [FreenBecky] by mj
Wherein Freen, The class president and the first year's representative, has no time for love. Will this rookie theater club actress change those? "Becky huh...&quo...
The Day We Kissed (Freen & Becky) by Ninaaismyname
The Day We Kissed (Freen & Becky)by miraclelox
Patricia Rebecca Armstrong is an excellent lawyer. She is fearless and dedicated. She knows that by following her passion, her life could be in danger.
Force Marriage With Her S4 by Cupcakeslyyy
Force Marriage With Her S4by Rebby's
Not matter what happened to us, let's be together forever and ever - Freen Sarocha Chankimha
The Way Back To You [FreenBecky] by freenbecksunshine
The Way Back To You [FreenBecky]by freenbecksunshine
"Time passes by as we drift, but strings seems to find ways for me to go back to you." Freen, a rich CEO had to face her ex-bestfriend in college Becky, who ha...
Fall in love with Freen by Cupcakeslyyy
Fall in love with Freenby Rebby's
The story of a seventeen-year-old girl who ran away from her aunty's family. She is Armstrong's only heir and her aunty's family wants to take all the property Armstrong...
A FreenBecky story where in Freen is betrayed by her Ex - Girlfriend and own brother then met her UNEXPECTED Trigger warning⚠️🔞 Girl P*n*s Matured content Read at your...
Eat me... Daddy! 18+ by Never_endingdream
Eat me... Daddy! 18+by -Jaanvi-
Heyyy! Janvi is back! lol So.... This is just a one shot.... about some smut I'd in mind.... Hope you enjoy!!!
My Girl (FreenBecky Au) by AliahShimi
My Girl (FreenBecky Au)by Unknown Author
Rebecca Patricia Armstrong a book worm Freen Sarocha Chankimha a famous soccer player in school
I fell inlove with the school's heartthrob  by ardenpan
I fell inlove with the school's SHEESH
hope you enjoy this story and please support (not forcing)
Will they won't they | FREENBECK | by Meimeidaga
Will they won't they | FREENBECK |by Rie
Will they won't they that's how you'll describe freenbeck's relationship Are they infatuated because they're partners in work or do they really want to be partners in re...
Force Marriage With Her S2 by Cupcakeslyyy
Force Marriage With Her S2by Rebby's
"You still have a special place in my heart, you will always be there" - Freen
Behind the Scenes  by srch_rmstrng
Behind the Scenes by pau
What happens when all the cameras are gone? Is it really all just fan service? FreenBeck fanfic
If we're meant to be by srch_rmstrng
If we're meant to beby pau
After getting her grandma's approval on her relationship with Mon, Sam rushes to catch her before going to England. "Would you still have chosen me even if you were...
"Mon!" "Khun Sam it's been awhile" "Sino siya?" "Oh how rude of me, my name is Isaac and I'm Mon's fiance ============================...
TIMES TWO by archive2797
TIMES TWOby archive2797
One for me , one for my sister . Smells like a double trouble .
𝙼𝙸𝚂𝚂 𝙿𝚁𝙴𝚂𝙸𝙳𝙴𝙽𝚃 by Jstc_Chncllr
Archana Louisse Young - President of the Student Council. She is trusted by the Reed family to regulate Lauxshire University's policy. She is known for her coldness and...
GAP: Our Happy Ever After by crimsonwitch08
GAP: Our Happy Ever Afterby Critch08
Sam and Mon's family life. No drama this time, their pre-marital life is full of it already. P.S. - GAP the Series in not mine nor the characters. Just making an AU abou...
Kiss Me When You're Sober (FREENBECKY) by ryrosei
Kiss Me When You're Sober ( rym
"I like the feeling of having a crush on someone... but going beyond that feeling is a no." - Riley [TAGLISH]