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The Naughty Encounter | COMPLETED by gaethingz
The Naughty Encounter | COMPLETEDby Janine
TAGLISH ProfxStudent A FreenBeck fanfic story. ⚠️Warning⚠️ This story is a girl-to-girl love story. So if you're too sensitive with this kind of genre, go away. This st...
Sinking Deep (GL) by Thyloniahx
Sinking Deep (GL)by 「 ઇଓ 」
GL-Sapphic Diclaimer: This story is written in Taglish. Rhea Blee Isfaela, an art professor at Silvestre University, is known for her sophistication and high standards...
salungat ang takbo nang storya sa pamagat so enjoy COMPLETED
My Badass Mysterious Transferee by LeahCacho
My Badass Mysterious Transfereeby alexienedria
Victoria Oriene Dela fuente - a transfer student in Levinson Smith University and a mysterious one she don't care to anyone except to her friends and family. but what if...
Agape Love by fruityycat
Agape Loveby Ms. L
In this story we will uncover the real identity of Zeffiniah. Zeffiniah a nursing student and a scholar who fell in love to her professor. Their love story is forbidden...
Selcouth by shiruackk
Selcouthby Kie Alonzo
Some people falling with a person they don't know, person they don't know whome they falling Inlove, and some people falling Inlove with their professor unexpectedly
The Teaching Assistant [bxb] by MishMishYouIsFine
The Teaching Assistant [bxb]by MishMishYouIsFine
Aidan is a computer science major who struggles with anxiety and David is a teaching assistant that is not making Aiden's time at MIT any easier.
Never Thought by JustMe_R_
Never Thoughtby JustMe_R_
I am not a fvcking gay. I don't like dumb people. But I Never thought... that I would fall in love with my dumb lesbian student. "I LOVE YOU! YOU DUMB FREANKIN' ID...
The Mystery of Illusion by uandiverse
The Mystery of Illusionby You and I's Verse
In the realm of love and passion, reality often blurs. As infatuation morphs into obsession, and longing into delusion, witness the captivating dance between devotion an...
Five Pillars of Love by ImMysteriousPanda
Five Pillars of Loveby panpan
(SOON) When fate is not with us, we're not meant for each other, that's sad because for me she's my soulmate... But looking at her happy with someone else, it made my wo...
La Quarinah Academia  by ruru_dplx
La Quarinah Academia by ruru_dplx
A story about a young woman whose inlove with troubles. Sabinah a rebel daughter of well-known and wealthy man Governor Sandro Mavis. Sabinah was a rebellious lady who b...
I'm In between, Professor by Jaiagsnv_U
I'm In between, Professorby Jaiagsnv_U
pareho ko kayong mahal ngunit isa lamang ang nararapat saakin.
Cinema by hotchsprincess
Cinemaby hotchsprincess
All Rylie wants to do is stay in the back of class and hope her professors don't notice her. When Mr. Jesse Matthews becomes her cinema professor, everything changes.
Bed Of Roses • La Fuentes University [ Completed ] by ishcka_maiden
Bed Of Roses • La Fuentes choco_cereal
Date Started : October 2022 Date of Editing : April 27, 2023 Date Ended : August 3, 2023
My Ex is My Professor  by Chokcey
My Ex is My Professor by Chokcey
What if bumalik ang greatest love mo, ano ang gagawin mo? Pero nakatali ka na sa iba at mahal na mahal mo ito? Ngunit habang tumatagal na realize mo na mahal mo pa ang g...
His Aureate Love Irradiate My Saxe World by rueeruee
His Aureate Love Irradiate My yoru_25thnight
Right around the battle of the war against the Jahad's army to save his master Jinsung, they received a request from the workshop asking Bam and his team for a favor and...
Things Left Unsaid - SLOW UPDATE/S by dilawnabuwan_
Things Left Unsaid - SLOW UPDATE/Sby LUNA
"A gorgeous unravelling of the mess of married life"
Please Me Ma'am Ava by Aylavmayselp
Please Me Ma'am Avaby Bakla_
basta gxg to basahin nyo nalang
Love In Chaos by achlys_214
Love In Chaosby ella
"Second chances are not for everyone, specially, not for you."
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