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Bewitching Rebecca Patricia Armstrong  by Petalpage
Bewitching Rebecca Patricia Petalpage
"Is she mine?" Freen asked with shaky hands watching the little kid playing on the playground. Her hair cascade on her shoulders, her eyes were brown, Freen's...
My Badass Girl by Cloudslywery
My Badass Girlby Stvrlightt
She was rude, arrogant, aggressive, ruthless and dominating mafia, a frightening woman. The whole world was under her feet. Nobody had ever dared to disobey her expect o...
Stuck with YOU || BECKFREEN/FREENBECK STORY by angelss_srcha
Stuck with YOU || BECKFREEN/ Aso ni Sarocha
Sarocha Chankimha, only daughter of Francis Chankimha. The Father who seemed to be abusive? While Rebecca Patricia Armstrong had a perfect life, being so "Princ...
You're My Everything  by Thank_you_Too
You're My Everything by Blue_Rose
Can a person be totally changed after meeting someone. This is the story about, what is life, what is love, what is happiness. Please read to know the story.
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P)  by call_me_daddy___
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P) by call_me_daddy___
Fantasizing about Freen and Becky? Here's one best shots for you. 😜🤤💦 If you are too sensitive, you are not welcome to read my fantasies. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK‼️ I ho...
Guide me to the Moon - Project #1 (Freen and Becky re-imagined stories) by kaat_haaa
Guide me to the Moon - Project KATHA
If I would write a series/plot for Freen and Becky new project/s this would be it! This is a stand alone short story that is part of the Project Series. Project #1 tack...
The Love Pill by neerfB
The Love Pillby neerfB
What if you had a pill that could change attraction into love? Female spy, Freen, has no qualms using the love pill to get information from her targets. But this time, i...
Swords & Secrets || BeckFreen [Completed] by vivaciousgeek
Swords & Secrets || BeckFreen [ deshu
Freen, a cunning rogue always stirring trouble, finds herself face-to-face with Rebecca, the kingdom's most renowned knight. Intimidated by Rebecca's exceptional skills...
The Day We Kissed (Freen & Becky) by Ninaaismyname
The Day We Kissed (Freen & Becky)by miraclelox
Patricia Rebecca Armstrong is an excellent lawyer. She is fearless and dedicated. She knows that by following her passion, her life could be in danger.
Between Secrets and Lies (FreenBecky) ON-HOLD by elycia_clexa_
Between Secrets and Lies ( Elycia
Book 1 (English version) The Stubborn kid Becky (Monique) meet The Troublemaker Freen (Samantha) Copyright © 2023 Elycia_Clexa_ All rights reserved. No part of this publ...
Married to Miss Temperamental  by Petalpage
Married to Miss Temperamental by Petalpage
" Sometimes, the saddest endings are the ones we never saw coming." - Becky
My girlfriend is a cat  by __kristyy__
My girlfriend is a cat by 🔺nyt monster🔻
FreenBecky AU Co- author/ Cc: @twinklinghoneybee
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Twinkle (Never Lose Those Magical Moments 🤍) by kavinJhonson
Twinkle (Never Lose Those kavin Jhonson
Freen is an actor who is fallen in love with an ordinary women Becky . Remaining !!! Read the book to know about the story 🫣😉
White Butterfly  || Eng Ver. Freenbecky GxG by Author_lagibosan
White Butterfly || Eng Ver. Author_lagibosan
Saint is someone who loves Rebecca in silence, knowing that he has no chance, he gives Freen a chance to live by donating his heart, but with a few conditions. One of th...
GAP: Our Happy Ever After by crimsonwitch08
GAP: Our Happy Ever Afterby zeezee0814
Sam and Mon's family life. No drama this time, their pre-marital life is full of it already. P.S. - GAP the Series in not mine nor the characters. Just making an AU abou...
Entry of ex gf after marriage(Freenbecky) by meherkhan99
Entry of ex gf after marriage( Other's story99
This is a story where Freen ex-gf comes back into his life to ruin his happily married life with Becky. But can the previous gf of Freen destroy their married life? Let...
FREENBECKY: Worlds Apart by taeyeon__jjang
FREENBECKY: Worlds Apartby Taeyeon Jjang
What will happen when two different people from such different worlds cross paths? When a very talented, artistic, and pretty nerd meets a beautiful, rich, and popular p...
Business Inlove by AJLFICTIONIST
Business Inloveby Amie laceda
An Office romance between the CEO and the secretary
FreenBecky | One Shots by ZyiWrites
FreenBecky | One Shotsby Zyi Writes
This may contain matured contents so if you're sensitive you can skip some parts!! Anyway, enjoy~
One Night Stand With My CEO, Sam S2 by Cloudslywery
One Night Stand With My CEO, Sam S2by Stvrlightt
Continuation of the story One Night Stand With My CEO, Sam. What will happen to Mon when she is engaged to an abusive man? Being forced to marry that man was not her wis...