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Raven meets the Avengers by dontbeamoron
Raven meets the Avengersby dontbeamoron
(DCAMU) Raven wakes up in a different dimension. The Avengers'. Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel or DC
Damirae: Story After Apokolips. by CalixDelMundo
Damirae: Story After Apokolips.by AnonymousDemon
What happened if Barry didn't make another Flashpoint. How will the Justice League deal with their broken world. Damian and Raven just got together. Now they have to pla...
Damian and Raven - One Shots by luna_nightshade1
Damian and Raven - One Shotsby luna_nightshade1
A collection of short stories about DC's characters Damian and Raven. *I don't own these characters* This is just a fun way for me to share my writing and obsess over m...
a vister from the future (young justice fan fic(Complete) by TheSamonShiper
a vister from the future (young ju...by Max
(warning: charicturs may act diffrent, wally is alive, spritfire never happened, timcon is a thing, traught and jaycass is mentioned through out story, and jaycass and d...
Demon Twins by Firemuziclover
Demon Twinsby Venomous Bitch
Marinette and Damian are twins. Marinette is older than him by 15 minutes though. They grew up together and always had each others backs. Marinette was trained harder th...
Damirae The demon and the assassin. by Damirae2020
Damirae The demon and the assassin.by Damirae2020
Robin and raven have always felt alone like no one understands their pain. They soon discover that they understand each other and their friendship grows stronger, will t...
Angels and Demons by AngYunShen
Angels and Demonsby Ang Yun Shen
The story is staged after Justice League: Dark Apokolips War. What would happen after the Flash changes the past? Would Damirae still happen? What new threat lies ahead...
DamiRae Week: 2020 by eak8753
DamiRae Week: 2020by Broken Heart Club
DamiRae 2020 is finally here :) May 10: Handcuffed/Bounded together OR Crossdressing/Costumes May 11: Royalty/Aristocracy/Feudal AU May 12: Celebratory kiss OR First/La...
Solangelo joins Young Justice by justkiddingmostly
Solangelo joins Young Justiceby Ew No
When Nico gets captured by the Justice League, he's forced to join the new Young Justice team. His doctor isn't far behind. And what happens when a surprise guest decide...
DISCONTINUED!!! What if the Teen Titans switched powers? -Damirae by RachelHargreeves101
DISCONTINUED!!! What if the Teen T...by Rachel.H
What would happen if the titans switched powers? Raven is interrupted while casting a spell causing her to mess up and make the others switch their powers.How will the...
The promise (DamiRae) by BlueGeli
The promise (DamiRae)by BlueGeli
This is a short story about how Raven and Damian would meet again at another timeline.
Bird Song{DamiRae FanFiction} by KitteLeTrash
Bird Song{DamiRae FanFiction}by KitteLeTrash
When big changes are made to the team, what happens to two birds?
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Demons (Damirae) by Bats_1213
Demons (Damirae)by Bats
*Set after The Judas Contract* Life has gone back to some semblance of normalcy for the titans after the whole Tara-Deathstroke-Brotherblood incident. They have welcomed...
Why the World Needs Damirae (Damian x Raven) by GZILLADC
Why the World Needs Damirae (Damia...by Matrix Was Here
I decided to write this explaining why this ship between the characters of Damian Wayne/Robin and Rachel Roth/Raven needs to happen. This is the only time I've ever trul...
Damian Wayne Oneshots by Cupcakehg8
Damian Wayne Oneshotsby Hayat Goolam Mohamed
What the title says. Just a bunch of Oneshots of the youngest batboy. Enjoy! 👋It will also include the other batboys, but mainly Damian Wayne. Requests are open and mor...
Damirae one-shots by Damiraefan2020
Damirae one-shotsby Damiraefan
Damirae oneshots with hints of SuperMartian, Chalant, Wonderbat and Spitfire and many more! Requests are welcome
Teen Titans one- shorts by BorislavaBorisova9
Teen Titans one- shortsby Borislava Borisova
This is one-shorts where are in the teen titans i got some ideas from the dc movies.Enjoy! p.s. they are From jl vs tt
Damirae stories by shivuari
Damirae storiesby shivu
a girl who falls in love with a stubborn boy. and other stories. ( teen titans and high school AU) (❗Hey! This is me after I finished this story. A lot of people didn't...
Damian Wayne X Raven [EDITING] [NOT EDITED] by moonluvr7
Damian Wayne X Raven [EDITING] [NO...by ☽ 𝓼𝓪𝓲𝓵𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓻
edit, disclaimer: ok, this fan-fiction is filled with grammatical errors and terrible sentence structure, so be ready to face my disgusting english. i may or may not pla...
Bake Until Marriage by xaphrin
Bake Until Marriageby Xaphrin
Damian Wayne doesn't believe in love, so he doesn't think twice when his father suggests a marriage to a business associate's daughter. It makes practical sense to him...