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WFPDH Shorts by xEternalEclipse
WFPDH Shortsby Madi
Short Stories I made for @-_Shinsou_Hito_- 's, We Fight in a Pool of Darkness & Hope
Beautiful quotes in different languages  by Filippo_Matteo_Akon
Beautiful quotes in different lang...by >Ak0n<
I write some quotes in different languages. If you have an idea, write me :D (I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I try to speak Portuguese and I know something) For e...
Memes about languages by Filippo_Matteo_Akon
Memes about languagesby >Ak0n<
What's the funny about the languages? It's that are so many and so different, so, the diversity renders them funny, no? Welcome in this book, have fun! :D
Kings, Queens and Vagabonds by gee-halfs
Kings, Queens and Vagabondsby gee-halfs
"You are a bastard, born to a Heathen's seed. You are nothing." "I am a woman," she replied simply. "I am everything and more."
Crown and Football ✅  by JessicaMorel0
Crown and Football ✅ by Jess M.
HIGHEST RANK #214 in TEEN FICTION (04/07/18) Alexandria Michaels is the Crown Princess of Denmark. When her father decides to give her one last moment of freedom he send...
The Danish Slaughterhouse...but in reverse by hanihyunsu
The Danish Slaughterhouse...but in...by hani
The Shamer's Signet - A Fanfiction by fornarnia_foraslan
The Shamer's Signet - A Fanfictionby Mare
The second book in The Shamer Chronicles. Dina and her family are forced to move to the High Lands after Lord Drakan, the new selfproclaimed ruler of Dunark, burned thei...
How I met Mads Mikkelsen by CurtneySickles
How I met Mads Mikkelsenby Cøurtney Sickles
It's not often that Ivy gets out of the house. She's your ordinary 17-year-old girl with a very unique imagination. This vacation will be one she will never forget.
The Shamer's Daughter - A Fanfiction by fornarnia_foraslan
The Shamer's Daughter - A Fanficti...by Mare
Dina has inherited her mother's gift and can make people feel shameful about their deepest secrets with just a single look. But with this gift also comes great responsib...
Midnight lovestory by tasja1993Dane
Midnight lovestoryby tasja1993Dane
This is a book of my different bxb/mxm/gay/yaoi one-shots. I'll post the stories along the road and write a short summary at the beginning of each story. I hope you'll e...
International Contests by WattpadContests
International Contestsby Wattpad Contests | Ambassadors
Where you can find information about contests running on many of our non-English ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
Execution [Book 2 of The English Lion] by DKnight1952
Execution [Book 2 of The English L...by Debbie T.
The horn of war is calling. The beat of war makes its vivace crescendo. War has arrived on Europe's door once more. The world watches as flames rises, as its smoke marc...
You're The Reason I Believe In Love ❤ [COMPLETED] by Mohammed_Danish
You're The Reason I Believe In Lov...by CurlyPoet
A Typical Indian Love Story With Romance Thriller and Action ❤ Give it a try and you'd surly love it!
Forever & Always Him {Benjamin Lasnier} by readingstars
Forever & Always Him {Benjamin Las...by readingstars
*sequel of Skinny Love {Benjamin Lasnier} After a year or two of being in the spotlights and Jasmine's change of everything, Jasmine Carter decides to sing the song she...
Polyglot by fandomstyle427
Polyglotby AC Lovgren
For as long as she can remember, Lyric has spoken many languages. Nobody can understand her most of the time, and she is frequently picked on at school because of her fl...
scandinavian face claims by scandisociety
scandinavian face claimsby ˗ˏˋ SCANDI ˊˎ-
not ALL scandinavians are blonde and blue-eyed, and not ALL scandinavian face claims are just those from skam!
Broken Hearts by jimmyjimchapman
Broken Heartsby Leah
When there's a new girl at St. Emily's Private School in Hollywood, will she fit in, get into the cheer leading squad, fall for the right guy, and become cool, or will s...
Omg, Harry Styles by silkemusen123
Omg, Harry Stylesby silkemusen123
*DANSK HISTORIE* Jeg vågnede op, som en helt normal pige, en pige der gik i skole og havde et normalt liv, indtil han trådte ind i mit liv. Det hele virker som en drøm...
s e v e n t e e n by sugarberrie11
s e v e n t e e nby ♡Ali♡
Join Texas-Rose Pheonix has she lives her 17th year on planet earth. It was about to be her most exciting year yet. New opportunities, drama, new friends and lots of tra...