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Fat Girl Problems by AspiringAlina
Fat Girl Problemsby Alina Rose
As a 'fat girl', Quinn Jones' life consists of problem after problem, leaving her quite insecure. Moving to a new school for senior year didn't help that either. With a...
On The Plus Side by blackcrayons
On The Plus Sideby violet
In which an overweight girl who loves chocolate a little to much resolves to lose weight with the help of a brooding and overly mysterious boy. Highest Rankings: [#1 bo...
Broken, plus-size and feisty by idecidedtolive
Broken, plus-size and feistyby decidedtolive
Suddenly, our eyes met. I felt shivers running down my spine as Sebastian took a sip of whiskey not moving his gaze from me. I almost drowned in his intense grey eyes. ...
PECULIAR (✓) by AlisaH888
PECULIAR (✓)by AlisaH888
Alettra Reddy, a girl who feels as if she is the embodiment of the colour grey, she's boring, awkward and unable to keep any type of relationship. She is riddled with pr...
From Fat to Phat by naryn1303
From Fat to Phatby Nessa & Nicole
"Watch your step Eli-phant might be to big to start an earthquake." "I heard she raids the vending machine during her free time." "She is so big...
The Good Enough Friend | ONGOING by InezSummerWrites
The Good Enough Friend | ONGOINGby inez 🧑🏾‍💻
Zaydence Denholm is in trouble. She and her best friend are crushing on the same guy. On her part, she views this as the ultimate betrayal. This crush alongside overbear...
Loving her by Mandalev19
Loving herby Amelia Levi
Olivia is an overly-heavy college freshman. With a dorm room and a new school awaiting, she's excited to press re-start on her life. But nothing seems to be going as pla...
Help Line by Glass_Sword
Help Lineby Kayla
In which a girl calls a help line and meets a boy on the other end who's willing to do anything to save her before she hits rock bottom. ༻❁༺ "Sorry. I shouldn't be...
"Open Eyes" (Merlin X Snow White )/Art Gallery by LEVegaFanfics
"Open Eyes" (Merlin X Snow White ) LEVegaFanfics
(ART GALLERY INSIDE) As Snow White holds Merlin in her arms all is well...except the existing love that has not been spoken. Merlin knows Snow White is in love with him...
Rants and Quotes- from Feminist to Ally, to Body Positive. by supersized_mcshizzle
Rants and Quotes- from Feminist Thorna
I'm going to add rants and quotes, basically a bunch of random stuff. Hope you enjoy, if you disagree with anything I say, please comment! I'm open to most new ideas! I...
Crazy Stalker by KateLorraine
Crazy Stalkerby Althea Liu
Do you have what it takes to be Internet famous? You've read the cruel werewolf stories, the juicy vampire stories, and the ruthless mafia stories. Now, it's time to re...
Perfect Curves [Completed]- SAMPLE by laneelane
Perfect Curves [Completed]- SAMPLEby Lanee Lane
Highest ranking: #4 in Chicklit Penelope has been overweight her whole life. She let her crazy friend talk her into joining a gym. What she didn't expect to find was R...
I'm Still Sadie by ritanitatita
I'm Still Sadieby ❤️
Sadie Arlo hasn't been herself for a while. Like most teens, she has a lot on her plate, but it's much more than just chemistry homework or basketball games; she keeps f...
Unapologetically Me  by DLittleWriter
Unapologetically Me by D.S. Little
Fatima Ward is a pre-med senior at Hampton University. Becoming a pediatric doctor is her parent's dream for her, but secretly Fatima wants to be a Fiction Writer. She f...
i can break my own heart by toweringaces
i can break my own heartby anon
if you want to read a literal (personal) book of poems that have no rhyme or reason or particular order, you've come to the right place. ATTENTION- this collection cont...
It's Just A Diet by Thekittenpopper
It's Just A Dietby Thekittenpopper
Dylan Alvarez has never had to worry about his weight. At least, until now. (Possible boyxboy later on, be warned.)
Perfect | lisoo by bluebusan
Perfect | lisooby 어두운
will i ever be perfect. . .?
My not so perfect body by teresa_daweirdo
My not so perfect bodyby teresa_daweirdo
Stevie Henry Smith never found herself attractive because of her weight. Her father left her when she was four, so now its just her mother and herself. She would get bul...
Reveal Babe | ♡ by -MissElle
Reveal Babe | ♡by ❦
Hey loves! This book is a reveal of me. If you're uncomfortable with any of that simply move along and have a wonderful rest of your time. Any disrespectful, rude, hatef...
Bulimia- my battle with bulimia nervosa by theeffectofremarks
Bulimia- my battle with bulimia bulimic patterns
TW- eating disorders, bulimia, body image issues ~Bulimia Nervosa- A serious eating disorder marked by bingeing, followed by methods to avoid weight gain This book is a...