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BEST THING by teeetales
BEST THINGby miss author
The best things come unexpected and sweep you off your feet
The Billionaires Greatest Mistake  by slimedontlikeyou
The Billionaires Greatest Mistake by Bluewarm
Blake Turner is a 18 year old high school student, who lives with her parents and two older siblings . Since birth she has never been shown love by her family and often...
My Boss Likes Me by rich_and_not_talking
My Boss Likes Meby Nicky
Tia Johnson a 23 year old girl who never experienced love before. All through her life from high school to college until now, she wants to feel the need to be loved.But...
Will Always be Mine by tootsieroll971
Will Always be Mineby Toya B
Regardless of the shit they go through there love will always conquer all...And he being over possessive it doesnt help. King is a big time thug kingpin who is married t...
Badder than Bad (Plus size story) by Undiscoveredbeauty_
Badder than Bad (Plus size story)by Undiscoveredbeauty_
"One day l decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me fe...
She Knows by lxveforme
She Knowsby lxveforme
Elara Suave has been working at Moldovan Industries for years but, now it's time for Mr. Moldovan to step down and let his son take over. When Elara and Emilian meet, t...
Crushing On Mr. CEO| BWWM (Completed) by DemonChixk
Crushing On Mr. CEO| BWWM ( ‎‏‏‎
"We're not supposed to be doing this Sebastian..." Sebastian pulled me closer to him not looking away from my forest green eyes. "You and I both know you...
Disaster by PoehtiPhelan
Disasterby Tymoni
Disaster. "You cannot play mental gymnastics with me" - Kevin Gates
brailyn. by judybigsis_
#10 judybigsis_
Encounter  by illestkia
Encounter by kia ☕️
"Love is just a word until you find someone who gives it meaning." Mahalia Lawson is a twenty-two year old college sophomore with a big heart. She would give a...
The Jamaican Don And His Queen by she_love_bad_man
The Jamaican Don And His Queenby karma🤭💕
What happens when the jamaican mafia don cross paths with the shy girl Lilith is shy 99% of the times but who knows about that 1% what happens when she crosses path wit...
Bestfriend!  by LipglossandJordans_
Bestfriend! by Oh.So..Spoiled _
I'm not your FUCKING Bestfriend! Do not copy my work .. !!!!
Change of Plans by Urban_Elle
Change of Plansby Elle
Dave is breaking away the chains that have been holding him back and stealing his youth. He is on the path of redemption. He meets people along his journey who will eith...
Thick Girl Flow by Xcuses
Thick Girl Flowby Xcuses
17 year old Harmony Brianny White has always been the thick girl that got bullyed and pushed around by the kids at school and by the person who brought her into this wor...
Him by gigicow
Himby gigicow
Saniya is made aware of how fat she is everyday. She is constantly bullied and feels inferior compared to her beautiful best friend. One day, a boy named Aaron transfers...
Intimacy  by gigicow
Intimacy by gigicow
A short story of one of the most toxic relationships ever.
His Black Babysitter(On Hold) by justThathurtboy
His Black Babysitter(On Hold)by Jaheem Campbell
A black young lady find love through a babysitting job she found online , but her ex will always be in the way, how will she confess her true love to Zach
Man Of My Dreams by elisereeves
Man Of My Dreamsby elisereeves
~He was gorgeous, his voice was angelic, he was the man of my dreams. She was beautiful, my little nerd, the woman of my dreams.~...