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Young  by justlia__
Young by justlia__
"Me a likkle girl" I state not looking at him afraid of how my body will react to his intense stare. "So?" Him serious? "Oh yah pervert?"...
Broken Souls by creative_moya02
Broken Soulsby Moya Thompson
I'm in love with a Jamaican Badman but I'm a boy and he's a boy I'm gay and he's "straight " AND A BADMAN This story is not real. It's made out of my imaginati...
Inner City Girl  by Tatyyyana101
Inner City Girl by BadTalibhan
This story is about a young girl living in the cold streets of Waterhouse and how life continues to send challenges her way with friends, family, relationship and the do...
Rude Bwoi's Darling by unseen_aya
Rude Bwoi's Darlingby Aya
She didnt believe he was the school and the communities don.
WHATS LOVE by theyallluvkeneka
Keneka came out of a three year relationship only for the don to fall for her What will happen next
SINNA LIFE 💕 . by stvstrs
SINNA LIFE 💕 .by stvstrs
"Girl mi woulda Neva deh wid him, memba seh him a artist" I said. " And plus man a dog and dog a man yuh figet that?" Or so I thought...
THE LOVE HE GIVES by rockingdolly
A Jamaican Love Story.
From Highschool by Brianna723465
From Highschoolby Brianna723465
The story of Brianna and Dantè
The Jamaican Don Prised Possession  by therealrere2
The Jamaican Don Prised Possession by therealrere2
" a wah " me say with attitude Him shake him head and smile " so me cah look pan yuh " " no " I said looking at him up and done and not I...
Claimed By Him by MonaLucianna
Claimed By Himby 𝑽𝒊𝒃𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒕_𝑪𝒊𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂v(...
LaNae Sinclair is an 18 year old who has many dreams and aspirations but has yet to decide what route she will go down as she steps into adulthood with no way of going b...
Bad Man She Love by _iiamcherry
Bad Man She Loveby
" Yuh feel yuh likkle lyrics can work pan mi?" " Think a song this mi aguh want yuh fi real"
OPEN FATE by slimazzz2009
OPEN FATEby slimazzz2009
April, a 21 years old finds love in an unexpected place....
From Badman To Lover Boy 🇯🇲Jamaican Story🇯🇲 by vernonzera
From Badman To Lover Boy 🇯🇲 Vernon
How did Dean's bestfriend Shinae turn him into a lover boy? Read to find out...
Inlove with my Neighbor by chynaawrld
Inlove with my Neighborby chynaawrld
Naomi's a newly divorced, single mother, who's dedicated to herself and, the wellbeing of her daughter. It took only one interaction to change her mind on pursuing anot...
Love Yuh Like Life by GyalThemPop
Love Yuh Like Lifeby Latoya Miller
Shaniqua was the typical good girl who was sheltered by her parents and brothers who are the breadwinners and takes pride into spoiling her. She was spoilt but not a foo...
Bad For You. by booksbylyaa
Bad For ʙᴏᴏᴋꜱ ʙʏ ʟʏᴀ★
" pretty likkle freak and she classy, deal wid eh cocky very nasty." - Armanii. a story of a young girl who was grown and raised being told to stay to herself...
GYAL Dem Drugs❤️‍🩹 by imnot_lizzi
GYAL Dem Drugs❤️‍🩹by lizzi
2 couples bayka and kami along with leo and muñera meet up and only to find out that kami and Leo hooked up behind their backs. what will happen now??
CRAWSIS -jamacian love story  by ccykyzm
CRAWSIS -jamacian love story by unknown writer
this story is about a Jamaican artist call 450 who's real name is tristen escoffery and a sweet shy girl called sky (Skya azara Hutchinson) they meet when sky brother...
Soul-tied by eskhaleni
Soul-tiedby eskhaleni
At Alcott Adams High School, Irie, a self-assured senior with unyielding dreams, crosses paths with Jayden, an intelligent but arrogant football star harboring hidden tr...