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The Mafia's Pure Desire by _authormanpreet
The Mafia's Pure Desireby Manpreet Kaur
"You all must have heard that a ray of light is definitely visible in the darkness which takes us towards light. But what if instead of light the devil is seen in t...
Undeniable Chemistry by Thingimajiga
Undeniable Chemistryby Thingimajiga
I suddenly crashed to the floor, my papers flying everywhere "Watch where you're going, Jesus!" The middle one said and kept walking. "Hey, asshole! Didn'...
Too Many Secrets by Lexsohnen
Too Many Secretsby Alexis
After the tragic death of her mother, Skylar is forced to move in with her 5 older brother, who she has never met before. With the new wealth, loss of her mother, and se...
HIS DEMAND by shawsoni
HIS DEMANDby shawsoni
She is unaware of his heart which beats only for her. She is aware of his ignorance which is at all not correct. The question is will she able to unfold the real him...
The Silent One ✔ by RoseCarter501
The Silent One ✔by Rose Carter
They say that the silent ones have the loudest minds. After pleading guilty to assault and grand theft auto chargers, Evangeline Sanders is sentenced to two and a half...
The Fighter and His Tiger (Unexpected Love #1) by a_rmyreads
The Fighter and His Tiger (Unexpec...by nai 🐅
Reillyn Cole had experienced it all. Grief. Pain. Heartbreak. And yet, still, the cruel world continued to throw hurdles in her unendingly winding path. Elias Ryker h...
Lucas by BlueeCrescentt
Lucasby B l u e e
-"you did the right thing, she never deserved you." she murmured caressing my cheek. - "you deserve me better than anyone else." . . . . Lucas Kings...
Saving Celestine by opal_danra
Saving Celestineby Opal Danra
Celestine was worried that after 10 years of living in misery in the end there really was no one to save her . At age 15 she was starting to give up . After being kidna...
Steal The Male Lead by Shellyrill
Steal The Male Leadby Shellyrill
The main character always ends up with the male lead? Even if they're backstabbing, evil, and cruel, they will live happily ever after just because they are the main cha...
Dating Mr. CEO by Emelradine
Dating Mr. CEOby MOMMY R.
THE CHESTERFIELD SERIES #1 (THE MODEL & THE CEO) Pretending to the whole world that she is in the happiest relationship with the CEO of a very popular clothing brand in...
Ravel By Requital by Risewithssage
Ravel By Requitalby S S A G E
She was peacefully having her dinner until a guard brought her a letter which he found in the garden. She took the letter and began to read. "We are getting marrie...
"  The Whispered Celestials " by arshsaga
" The Whispered Celestials "by arshsaga
If u have been looking for a bit of desi tadka and devine one to read So I think u came to a good place ....(^-^) In the sun-scorched lands of Rajasthan, a dual persona...
Male lead Mafia Friends to lovers grumpy x sunshine family friends. Cold for the world soft for her a story of a girl who doesn't believe that she can be loved and a boy...
Tu Sukoon Hai Mera  by deadlypoision
Tu Sukoon Hai Mera by deadlypoision
A great bussiness men rude arrogant broken child wants real love. A simple girl smilely kind loveful happy to go lucky girl Kya yeh dono ek dusre ko Sukoon de p...
Only Human by meeblings24
Only Humanby JCM
"Do I make you nervous, Sweetheart?" He spoke lowly. "Psh, no! I just-" I gasped when his tongue flicked out and touched my neck. My hands flew up t...
Found You , Mi Amour by RomanceReader616
Found You , Mi Amourby Keerthana PL
Ruhi Jain :- An introverted girl who had always been hurt by her parents , if not physically then mentally. She finally had enough and decided to apply for NYU , where s...
The Billionaire's Escape  by MaimunaSabit
The Billionaire's Escape by Maimuna Sabit
Unedited!! Ariana Hernandez sets out for a new life away from all the drama and horrible memories. She is constantly being haunted by her father's memory. So she decides...
Alpha's Pet (21+) by kiwicranberry
Alpha's Pet (21+)by evil kiwi
Victoria Clark. Better known as Victor Clark - badass blunt blue-eyed female Alpha of the Lightning Pack. The 21 year old, who's recently gone missing after killing the...
Shred Of Hearts [COMPLETED] by darkest112
Shred Of Hearts [COMPLETED]by FSDay
"Bold of you to assume you're worthy enough to occupy my thoughts." _______ Ciane has always been an outcast in her pack. With both her parents dead, she's an...
Twisted Desires Amidst Of Fire  by _arieswrts_
Twisted Desires Amidst Of Fire by _arieswrts_
"I do believe in love and for me love is my passion and my reputation" - Soumya Rajput ---------------------------- I don't know about love, but If you decided...