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Ivypool's Confusion by Dolphinheart5555
Ivypool's Confusionby catlover202
What if Ivypool choose the Dark Forest over the clans? Read this book to find out.
Falling With the Rain by LittleOwl137
Falling With the Rainby LittleOwl
What would happen when a specially wise and gifted she-cat were alive and part of ThunderClan when the kittypet Rusty joins and eventually becomes Firestar? This Warrior...
Return- Hawkfrost x Ivypool by Ravenwhisper08
Return- Hawkfrost x Ivypoolby Ravenwhisper08
What if Hawkfrost thought of Ivypool as more than just an apprentice? What if he had a second chance? What if... StarClan forbid, what if she loved him too? Note that mo...
The Dark Monster  by Izzayy_k
The Dark Monster by Izzayy k
This is the story of a simple, kind and innocent girl, Flora Williams who lives with her father in a small village living a very peaceful life with no worries but then a...
Coalstrike's Sorrow by xxThistleThornxx
Coalstrike's Sorrowby xxThistleThornxx
Coalstrike's life was perfect, he had a beautiful mate and was expecting kits and he was quite popular with some cats until something tragic happened to his mate that to...
Percy Black by Shade324
Percy Blackby Shade324
Percy Black lost his mother, Sally Black, at a young age, and never knew his father, he is raised by his Aunt Narcissa and uncle Malfoy to be a proper pure-blood but hes...
||Make Your Own Destiny|| ~ A Warriors Cat Role Play ~ (OPEN) by Reckless__Lovers
||Make Your Own Destiny|| ~ A Warr...by Howdy there
A warriors role play, here you're able to make your own destiny. Currently a prophecy in the woodworks and a little too much action from the twolegs, plus a new group o...
Pawns | A Draco Malfoy Love Story by rammar1001
Pawns | A Draco Malfoy Love Storyby rammar1001
Scared of losing her awaited relationship with Harry Potter, Arabella Nickoletti struggles in creating a place for Draco Malfoy in her life. But little does she know of...
Love Under The Moon by Just_a_Fangirl03
Love Under The Moonby Just_a_Fangirl03
Elizabeth Laurence finds herself trapped up in the mess of Derek Hale and his cold charms. One bite leaves everything in shreds, making Derek the only person Elizabeth...
Angel of Darkness (DARKNESS #1) by Ariajadewrites
Angel of Darkness (DARKNESS #1)by Aria Jade
(Book One in the Darkness Series) Long ago, in a small town called Asteaia, a baby - very different from any other - was born. Discarded by his mother and shunned by th...
-Эрвээхэй гэрэл рүү тэмүүлж нисдэг шиг чи хувь тавилан руугаа явж байна. -Чи хүссэн ч зугтаж чадахгүй. -Бүх зүйл хувь тавилангаар тогтоогдсоны дагуу болох болно.
||No Way Out|| Warrior Cat Murder Mystery by StarStormThunder
||No Way Out|| Warrior Cat Murder...by Leafshade
Deep in the forests of BirchClan, a murderer stalks its prey: cats. As cats are killed or go missing one by one, the clan must find the inside murderer quick--before all...
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The Royal Hunter || PJM 🔛 by 88h_berry
The Royal Hunter || PJM 🔛by ✿ ᴀ ʟᴜɴᴀ ʏ sᴏʟ ✿
" تەنها فەرمانکرا گیاندارەکان ڕاوبکات، نەک دڵی کچێڪ" -مــێــتــانــۆیــا باڵادەستە- start < 27-12-22 > end <...> written by 88h_berry0 © هەموو ماف...
Shameful Secrets (warrior cats zombie fan fiction) by Pure_Awesomness83
Shameful Secrets (warrior cats zom...by Pure_Awesomness83
After a consequential prophecy was shared with the MapleClan, WillowClan, and AshClan medicine cats, they share their concerns with the leaders, but they are simply told...
A Royal Love Story(Prinxiety)[COMPLETE] by Alien-Slushie
A Royal Love Story(Prinxiety)[COMP...by Slushie and the Angst Machine
Prince Roman of the Ironfelt Kingdom is well known for being a heroic, flirtatious man. Everyone respects him, and sees him as a mighty hero, however as much of a hero h...
My Abusive husband...  by roisinff
My Abusive husband... by roisin
this is going to be my first ff, I hope you all will like it . This story line is related to me, please🙏 no hate towards any idol please... this story contains mature...
Khamoshiyan "Secrets Lie In Silence" by Queen_Of_Twists
Khamoshiyan "Secrets Lie In Silenc...by Queen_Of_Twists
"Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain... Tum sun'ne to aao kabhi..." A tale which is unspoken... A tale which happened in the silence of darkness... A tale which is unknown...
The Enchanted Queen by spilledfeelings
The Enchanted Queenby spilledfeelings
Veralyn is a presumably normal human girl with an infinite trail of dark secrets. When she stumbles upon a lost city filled with otherworldly beings, her world finally b...
Blind by DoumaAkazaDAMN
Blindby Akaza pookie
The year takes place in 1674 and You were like any ordinary girl, but prettier than most. Though, your life was way more different than others. Most girls your age paid...
Dark Forest by AesSedai13
Dark Forestby AesSedai13
This is a compilation of poems written during the dark hours of my life. Some of the poems were written based on life and experiences of the people closest to me. Someh...