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Remnant's Strife by Magicmaniac200
Remnant's Strifeby Magicmaniac200
Within the Universe there are countless worlds. Each world is a masterpiece within the makings of the inhabitants of those worlds. Many exist to see the messages of time...
Sanders Sides Christmas by theantisocialghost
Sanders Sides Christmasby Danny Ghost
Patton has decided to invite the Dark Sides over for Christmas. Virgil's kind of hesitant, but he really misses his old family. Roman, however, is completely against the...
darksiders 3 x male reader by Icedemon34
darksiders 3 x male readerby Jordan White
you are the son of Dante you and your father were having a normal day hanging out along with Nero, your uncle Virgil, Trish and lady until the apocalypse happen your fam...
Seven Deadly Sins X Male Repenting reader by SonnyBoardman
Seven Deadly Sins X Male Repenting...by Killergoggles
(Y/N) is like every other man. He has his secrets. He has his regrets. But No One can match his sins.
Darksiders: Falling to Grace by windmotionless
Darksiders: Falling to Graceby kenzi
Ayil is an Angel who just so happens to fall upon Fury and Strife after investigating a disturbance. As the Horsemen prepare for combat, they notice something wrong. Ayi...
Mental Sides AU by Monsterlover1o1
Mental Sides AUby FuzzyPuppy
So this is my very first story ever so let me know what you guys think! The following pictures that you'll see in this story do NOT belong to me so if you are the origin...
You don't have to be alone by SimplyAThought
You don't have to be aloneby simply.a.thought
Virgil couldn't take it anymore. All his life he never wanted anything more than to become a light side, to be able to protect Thomas, his host. But he never thought it...
Dance With Deceit by Snek71167
Dance With Deceitby Snek
Logan isn't just Logic, he's also facts, knowledge, truth. Deceit is his exact opposite, lies, deception, falsehoods. Logan wants nothing to do with the Dark Side who...
Prinxiety Coffee & Cats by Weirdlyspecific
Prinxiety Coffee & Catsby Weirdly_Specific
Roman walks into Starbucks every day and orders the most complicated order that Virgil has to put up with. So Virgil tries to be the most difficult person possible. One...
Reality Is a Lie by oak_aquarium
Reality Is a Lieby oak_aquarium
Virgil isn't always the one in the wrong: He isn't always the "evil" one. But, in the eyes of the others, that's all he ever can be. An outcast. But what if he...
Together-A Prinxiety Angst {Completed} by OuranAndTStrash
Together-A Prinxiety Angst {Comple...by Lacking
{COMPLETED} None of these characters are mine! They belong to Thomas Sanders! Check him out on YouTube :) TW- Eating Disorders Suicidal thoughts Sad stuff Maybe Smut Dar...
The Rises of Jedi (Jedi Male Reader x Crossover and Animes) by Doctmar123
The Rises of Jedi (Jedi Male Reade...by Rider Anime Lover
(Y/N) (L/N) is the surviving Jedi Padawan from the after of Order 66. He has been living and hiding from the Sith and the Empires vow never to use his force and powers e...
Running by CaffineFander
Runningby CaffineFander
~sanders sides au~ Six teens are on the run from the government, who want them dead or in custody for possessing powers that made them 'dangerous to society.' Let's just...
Virgil Afton by Yamikingofgames
Virgil Aftonby Yami
Virgil has yet to tell the others who his family is, the others already told each other who their family is. Dr. Picani and Patton are brothers and Logan and Deceit are...
No Strings Attached - Sanders Sides by ElliottGreen333
No Strings Attached - Sanders Sidesby Elliott Green
The Light and Dark Mind Palaces don't talk with each other. They have no reason to. Until a message appears from The Dark Mind Palace. Patton sees it, his curiosity gett...
Demus by TheManBehindTheMan
Demusby will.i.am
The dark sides were always close, but Remus had never talked about how he really felt. Alone. Disturbing. And how he never was really happy with the way he was treated b...
I don't like your girlfriend by Jgirl_540
I don't like your girlfriendby Jgirl
Roman and Virgil have been getting along very well. Virgil had developed feelings for Roman. But then Roman came home, with the perfect princess. But she isn't as perfec...
Were Not Even Dating || TKO x Reader -currently on hold for a long time- by bellaiscookie1234
Were Not Even Dating || TKO x Read...by ~Weird Girl~
(Y/n) is the new employee at the plaza and is working for Gar's shop at the Bodega but, she is not like she seems. She is a bit out of the ordinary. She where's a purple...
No One Cares by Ash54thegravekeeper
No One Caresby WolfsBane54
Deceit is convinced that even though he's been "Accepted" He's not really. He can tell by how everyone is acting, even Remus. And he is proven right when Thoma...
Monster Sides Au by Monsterlover1o1
Monster Sides Auby FuzzyPuppy
In this universe you have humans, hunters, and rare bloods. Now what is a rare blood you may ask, well, a rare blood is when you are born with animal like traits but in...