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"What if...."Frigga Stayed by Hufflepuff1209
"What if...."Frigga Stayedby Lokitty1209
What if when Odin ordered Frigga out of the room when her son was at his trial after the events of "The Avengers", Frigga refused to leave. She demanded to be...
A Rainy Day in Asgard  by misunderstood_mayhem
A Rainy Day in Asgard by Loverboy
Following the defeat of the dark elves, there is peace in the nine realms. After twenty years, Thor is king, and he seeks companionship from the stable boy.
ON HOLD UNTIL THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER (THOR ODINSON) * (MARVEL UNIVERSE) |IRONMAN TO ?| |Slow Burn| *I do not own anything from Marvel or Disney, only my OCs and plot*
DESTINED FOR A DEVIL by quirkynoha
-UNEDITED BOOK 1 : | KING SERIES | MAFIA LOVE STORY... "P-plss leave me! " she begged him, while stuttering but he only smirked at her direction caging her i...
Daughter of Thor by MinervaXCIX
Daughter of Thorby blue
"What did you say about her being mortal?" "I didn't say anything." * Meet Frigga Foster. The wide-eyed, abnormal, young, teenage girl. Up until now...
~Mafia's obsession ~ by PriyankaBagh2
~Mafia's obsession ~by Priyanka .B
~love and obsession~ Are exactly like two parts of coin There is no love without obsession. When there is no madness in love Its not called love...
Love and War by katiesimaginelife
Love and Warby katiesimaginelife
Watch Freyja, the Goddess of Love and Thor, The God of Thunder and their amazing adventures together. They go through ups and down but will their relationship survive wi...
Ask Ralsei! (+Extras!) by Peachsei
Ask Ralsei! (+Extras!)by ℜ𝔞𝔩𝔰𝔢𝔦
( Keep in mind some of the content here isn't canon! ) [[Cover art belongs to me! Check out the full picture on my deviantart! Link in my profile :) ]] Hello, I am Ralse...
Azaadiyan by AishaN122
Azaadiyanby AishaN122
She knew this bus wasn't going to bring her to school today. She was afraid and scared that she would have to face this day. But it all happened and no matter how hard s...
SERENE | Loki Laufeyson  by simranwillnotpalat
SERENE | Loki Laufeyson by .
❝How can I even love you?❞ just where the god of mischief finds serenity is a human girl. __________________ SERENE - Loki Laufeyson | Copyright © 2020 by Simran
Destiny - Thor Odinson by azzie89
Destiny - Thor Odinsonby azzie89
In which Sleeping Beauty meets the God of Thunder. [thor - endgame] [THE MOTHER OF THE MULTIVERSE SERIES BOOK ONE] THIS IS A CROSSOVER BETWEEN MY STORY, "SLEEPING...
Heimdall x reader  by DiamondFeathers
Heimdall x reader by (Screaming Begins)
Since there are literally no Heimdall x reader stories I thought I might make one. It's kind of random and the writing might not be that great but who cares. I don't. I...
Strawberries and Cigarettes |vsoo| by Nityachowdary
Strawberries and Cigarettes |vsoo|by Autumn leaf
Kim Taehyung is most scariest and dangerous mafia leader. No one can trap or bring him down. Not even government authorities. Kim Jisoo, a junior intelligence of...
The Avengers: Rayne by Midnight9396
The Avengers: Rayneby Midnight
After being off the grid for years, Rayne Black is forced to come out of hiding to help S.H.I.E.L.D. recover the Tesseract. Her abilities make her the perfect candidate...
Zillah Lokisdottir by d_2aechwita
Zillah Lokisdottirby era
"You will never ever not be the light to my darkness. No matter what you do, you will always be my dawn." The story of Loki's daughter.
Forever Together ||TaeGguk|| by k_V_Kook_28
Forever Together ||TaeGguk||by Taekook_Love
An unfinished love story, Where two lovers promised to stay together, but the world didn't let them, will reborn to finish the broken 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆... -Top Gguk -Bottom Tae...
Infinity by Cookie9687
Infinityby Ivanna of Asgard
Ivanna of Asgard. Daughter of Thor. Brave, fearless, incapable of failure- That is, until she has to prove her worth. While venturing another realm, ready to conquer...
Cursed - My Name Is Karma  by enhlesa101
Cursed - My Name Is Karma by Minenhle Nkosi
Your life suddenly changes and turns upside down due to one encounter with a stranger
Even In Dark There's Light (Deltarune Readerinsert) by Tracker-75
Even In Dark There's Light (Deltar...by Tracker-75
ARE YOU THERE? ARE WE CONNECTED? EXCELLENT. How interesting, he's trying to connect with THEM. Hmm, what if we...there, let's how this experiment within an experiment go...