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shakespeare . dallas winston by eightics
shakespeare . dallas winstonby ♡ ♡ ♡
❝ i'm not like them but i can pretend ❞ [dallas winston x oc] creds to @alicnstae for cover templates
All for Myself {dallyboy} by sst4rl0vrr
All for Myself {dallyboy}by Matty !! ★
When Ponyboy Curtis gets hurt, Dallas Winston is the first person he runs to. After one horrible night, the boy can only dream of being in Dallas's strong arms once agai...
Lonely Road→ Dallas Winston by brokenpausebutton
Lonely Road→ Dallas Winstonby brokenpausebutton
❝it's a lonely road where the forgotten go, where your misery finds its company.❞ copyright @ b r o k e n p a u s e b u t t o n
Survive: A Darrel Curtis Love Story by olympus-writes
Survive: A Darrel Curtis Love Storyby Olympus
Survive. That's all Blair Creed could do after her mother wrapped her car around a tree. Survive. That's all Johnny and Ponyboy could do after killing Bob Sheldon. S...
street fights by SodasVersace
street fightsby LAシ
Dallas and Tess. Two friends turn lovers after years of running around the streets of New York together. The two go around causing trouble here and there, eventually swi...
Oakley Curtis by CSZ2011
Oakley Curtisby CSZ2011
Oakley Curtis is the non-verbal, 11 year old sister, who had autism. Since my one autism book was a huge hit, I decided to write this book. I'm writing this in modern da...
Sunshine by dancing_darry
Sunshineby Jill
This story is a Darrel Curtis fan-fiction! This story is very sweet and loving! It's a cliché romance story with one of the most underrated characters!
Little Hood (Johnny Cade x reader) by SomthingSmart
Little Hood (Johnny Cade x reader)by Beta022
You are Y/n. This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it!!! Please comment and tell me what you think!
Johnny's Girl by chrischambersismine
Johnny's Girlby ilovealotoffakemen
This is a story about The Outsiders, but if you were in the gang!
Broken Ice by SodasVersace
Broken Iceby LAシ
The black sheep of the Curtis family, Sadie Curtis. Also recognized as the only daughter of the two lovers. Her brothers, Darrel, Sodapop and Ponyboy always admired her...
The Tulsa babe~ Darry Curtis by 80xhearthrobsx90
The Tulsa babe~ Darry Curtisby 80xhearthrobsx90
The babe of Tulsa. The Soc. The daddy's girl. The girl next door. The mayors daughter. All the titles Willow Letterman hears when she passes by every male under the age...
Cousin Curtis | The Outsiders Fanfiction by SimpForSodapopCurtis
Cousin Curtis | The Outsiders Fanf...by SimpForSoda
The cousin of the Curtis' comes to town when her mom dies and needs a place to stay. She is a Party Girl trying to change. Her cousins take her in and she meets the gang...
Here Comes The Sun by dancing_darry
Here Comes The Sunby Jill
This is Book Two to the You Are My Sunshine series! This is a Darrel Curtis fan fiction. Newly engaged couple, Mack and Darrel, run into some problems. Can they survive...
the outsiders group chat by slvtforswift
the outsiders group chatby lea <3
a group chat where the gang and some guests get a little rowdy and chaotic
Taking Over Me (An Outsiders Fanfiction) by Maddyboy_Curtis
Taking Over Me (An Outsiders Fanfi...by Maddyboy ♪♥︎
Diana Cade has lived a life of confusion and worry. Being away from Tulsa for a prolonged 9 years has changed her and all she will ever be. But what happens, when she ca...
Illusions- Dallas Winston by hearts4dallyluv
Illusions- Dallas Winstonby hearts4dallyluv ✨
When Christine Davis, a privileged Soc-like girl moves from sunny California to Tulsa [Oklahoma], she finds more than she bargains for when she meets Ponyboy Curtis and...
cut my lip ☽  ponyboy curtis by heavnheartd
cut my lip ☽ ponyboy curtisby alice ☻︎
he cut his lip. but he kept going. i know he will.
Silent by SodasVersace
Silentby LAシ
At a young age, Loren Areno lost her mom to cancer. Not long after, her dad was sent to jail. Mrs. Curtis let her stay with them since she was good friends with her mom...
☼euphoria || Ponyboy Curtis fanfiction by hufferpoof
☼euphoria || Ponyboy Curtis fanfic...by Sikki Nixx
❝I was in an utter state of euphoria. All because of one boy, Ponyboy Curtis.❞ In which a damaged boy falls for an even more damaged girl. im so bad at writing descripti...
Hair Grease || Stevepop ✔️  by CarmenKB
Hair Grease || Stevepop ✔️ by 🩶
As I walked into the kitchen of my house, everybody turned and stared as if I were a monster. (1/2) Published: August 2017 Ended: September 2018