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Mohabbat ✔ by iamthenoor
Mohabbat ✔by Noor
Mohabbat cheez hi aisi hai, Kabhi hoti hai apno se, Kabhi hoti hai sapnon se, Kabhi anjaan raahon se, Kabhi gumnaam naamon se... Why does destiny always let two hearts m...
Hurting Because of YOU  by dbkidhoomie
Hurting Because of YOU by dbkidhoomie
"One day, I hope you look back at what we had, and regret every single thing that you did to let it end."
Dragonball Atarashi eiyu: arrival of cooler saga by zaikozenkai
Dragonball Atarashi eiyu: arrival...by zaikozenkai
it has been 4 years since the 28th tenkaichi budokai and Goku is currently training Uub and Broly on lord Beerus's planet. Vegeta is training the new generation on earth...
Pretending It Doesn't Hurt by Shurti95
Pretending It Doesn't Hurtby Shurti95
"What's wrong?" He asked. "My heart hurts,"I said. "Everything's going to be okay." "If only."
Dragon Ball Z: If Goku got Lucky by DuraPCell92
Dragon Ball Z: If Goku got Luckyby Perfect Cell
This is a story where Goku manages to defeat the one known as Cell, using his brain instead of his fists. Specifically, a ring-out. Like the other story, I'm moving this...
Dragon Ball Infinity Vol. 1 (A DB FanFic) by ThePokeTrainerLevi
Dragon Ball Infinity Vol. 1 (A DB...by inactive
My fanfic for Dragon Ball! It takes place three years after the events of Dragon Ball GT. Please Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to DB, DBZ, DBGT, or anything...
Shades of Love! by AdamAhsan
Shades of Love!by Adam Ahsan
"What if I've not missed you?", Hussain said while leaning towards her " What if I've forgotten you?" He kissed on her cheek and said, "What...
Picture Perfect by rusher_jcat_3eek
Picture Perfectby rusher_jcat_3eek
"The first time I saw you my heart whispered that's the one."
Playing For Keeps by rusher_jcat_3eek
Playing For Keepsby rusher_jcat_3eek
What happens when you constantly have the same dream with the same person and then you finally see them in real life? That's Hussain's story. He has a dream with the sa...
Mareez E Ishq #MissionDesi by kimtaemybae22
Mareez E Ishq #MissionDesiby malfoyshoe
"Saalon saal beet gaye... par ab bhi uski yaad aati hai...uski baatein tadpaati hai... uske saath guzaare lamhe aankhon ke saamne ab bhi zinda hain... Saalon saal b...
Addicted (Dhoombros Fanfiction) by iioyemehwish
Addicted (Dhoombros Fanfiction)by iioyemehwish
Maliha khan- a 18 year old pakistani girl living in Frankfurt (Germany). Family isn't worth anything for her but her friends and her dreams are.She wants to see every co...
Best Mistake  by rusher_jcat_3eek
Best Mistake by rusher_jcat_3eek
"He held my face, kissed me hard and then whispered, baby girl, you don't mean a thing.'"
Reel Romance by BTRsWantedrusher
Reel Romanceby BTRsWantedrusher
"He meant a lot to me. Every smile, every glance from across the room. Every time he made me laugh so hard, I couldn't breathe,"she said trying to fight back t...
Only Way Is Up by Shurti95
Only Way Is Upby Shurti95
Even though life can hurt, there is still a chance to have something beautiful.
Love Alone, is worth the Fight  by rusher_jcat_3eek
Love Alone, is worth the Fight by rusher_jcat_3eek
"Of course, she's going to say she's fine and fake a smile. But look into her eyes, you broke her."
The Girl He Left Behind  by rusher_jcat_3eek
The Girl He Left Behind by rusher_jcat_3eek
This is the story about a girl who gets an arranged marriage but she still in love with her ex. She tries to move on but life is one hell of a roller coaster ride. After...
SUN SAATHIYA   #MissionDesi by _justabeing_
SUN SAATHIYA #MissionDesiby ...
From sharing food to sharing dreams,sharing lies and secrets to tears and smiles,silly fights to tight hugs,showing fake hatred to real and pure love,that is how there f...
Perfect Mismatch by rusher_jcat_3eek
Perfect Mismatchby rusher_jcat_3eek
Be careful who you make memories with, because memories last a lifetime.