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Love ne bana di Jodi (Love Made The Match) by SanamMeher
Love ne bana di Jodi (Love Made Th...by SanamMeher
Note- this story is in English and suitable for everyone. ''you are mine Aayat,you are only mine''he shouted.His grip was still tighten on my hands.I never saw him like...
Dil e naadan #MissionDesi by Shabistaah
Dil e naadan #MissionDesiby Mady;)
Marriage...a very beautiful word yet full of life surprises. If one gets married with the love of their life, then it's beautiful. But what about a forced marriage when...
SAJDAH- A Love Story... #missionDesi ✔️ by __snowflakes__
SAJDAH- A Love Story... #missionDe...by Sarca.Stee.Cally
**COMPLETED** Hussain misses his life before fame and is craving for a peaceful holiday away from his hectic schedule. His dream comes true when Waqas and Shehry plan a...
Monster by dhoomie_oye
Monsterby dhoomie_oye
He was practically a monster. A monster who made me cold hearted. A monster who cared for me, who loved me, but just in my dreams. He didn't changed, my love wasn't powe...
Georgenotfound x Reader by Luv4willbir
Georgenotfound x Readerby Arson
Coffee shops and crushes, video calls and an apparently famous stranger... A fluffy developing relationship between yourself and the youtuber GeorgeNotFound, which might...
AN ACT OF LOVE ✔ by Rahilak_rubab
AN ACT OF LOVE ✔by Rahila K. Rubab
Hussain Asif, a famous married actor using his acting skills perfectly in his Reel and Real life and fooling people around most her own wife Amaya. Amaya is punjabi musl...
Hurting Because of YOU  by dbkidhoomie
Hurting Because of YOU by dbkidhoomie
"One day, I hope you look back at what we had, and regret every single thing that you did to let it end."
Maryam and Shehryaar by erumkhan19
Maryam and Shehryaarby erum khan
This is a novella, it is mostly about a girl named Maryam Afzaal and the twists in her life, the biggest twist came when she met the Dhoombros and her life went upside d...
Mohabbat ✔ by iamthenoor
Mohabbat ✔by Noor
Mohabbat cheez hi aisi hai, Kabhi hoti hai apno se, Kabhi hoti hai sapnon se, Kabhi anjaan raahon se, Kabhi gumnaam naamon se... Why does destiny always let two hearts m...
The Billionaire And His Angel  ( Hussain Asif Fanfiction ) by alviadey
The Billionaire And His Angel ( H...by alviadey
(( VERY SLOW UPDATES! )) #200 in Romance - 31/5/2017 #388 in Romance - 30/4/2017 He was fire She was ice He was full of dark She was full of light Hussain Asif the w...
Beintehaa Mohabbat by sprinklesondesserts
Beintehaa Mohabbatby Sprinklesondesserts
Love is also like life Every corner is not easy Every corner doesn't bring happiness But if we can't leave life alone Then why should we leave love? He's a heart thro...
Best Mistake  by rusher_jcat_3eek
Best Mistake by rusher_jcat_3eek
"He held my face, kissed me hard and then whispered, baby girl, you don't mean a thing.'"
 ALPHA Male   by paromita123
ALPHA Male by Paromita Bhattacharjee
ALPHA Male He stood there crushing her with his broad chest pinning her arms above her head. " Say it. " He growled with his rough and husky voice .Authority...
Chance Of A Lifetime by Jalebi88
Chance Of A Lifetimeby Jalebi88
When Fida gets a job offer from New York, she gets excited. But this one decision can either change her life for the better or ruin it completely. What will she do?
Always For You by Jalebi88
Always For Youby Jalebi88
Fida has always dreamt of meeting her celebrity crush. But what happens when she actually does meet him? Is she disappointed by her expectations or will her love increas...
The Girl He Left Behind  by rusher_jcat_3eek
The Girl He Left Behind by rusher_jcat_3eek
This is the story about a girl who gets an arranged marriage but she still in love with her ex. She tries to move on but life is one hell of a roller coaster ride. After...
Never Wanted To Be A 2nd Option by as_afirah
Never Wanted To Be A 2nd Optionby Afirah Shaikh
This is the story of a girl named Neher Arif nd she has a huge crush on a famous Youtuber Shehryaar Asif. What happend when she met him for the first time?? Wanna know t...
One Heart. Two Souls by bejeweled_30
One Heart. Two Soulsby bejeweled_30
Maleeha Imran is a 17 year old Pakistani girl with big dreams of becoming a successful woman. She comes from a middle-class family consisted of her parents and her young...
Tears In My Heart by BTRsWantedrusher
Tears In My Heartby BTRsWantedrusher
You can be in a relationship for two years and feel nothing. You can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. Time is not a measure of quantity; or infatu...