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Percy Jackson-Deathbringer by Defiance_Ence
Percy Jackson-Deathbringerby EnceoftheWind
The most powerful demigod to ever exist has been cast away. Ousted. The Olympians forsook him, misjudging his abilities and loyalty. He wants, and tries to die. However...
Eren... Potter? (AOT x HP) by SoggyCheez33
Eren... Potter? (AOT x HP)by SussyBaka
Dumbledore hadn't been sure what he was expecting of Harry Potter. He certainly hadn't been anticipating a brooding, quiet child with deadened eyes. I have seen a couple...
Cannibalistic by LoopHole150
Cannibalisticby Loop Hole
In this au Izuku becomes a cannibal...not by choice but cannibal. need I say more Gore warning lot of GORE ...maby. Credit to all art and sources images B N H...
Surprised Bride by _hidden_confessions
Surprised Brideby _hidden_confessions
It is all about Alexandra Mary Garcia who is still in love with her ex-girlfriend that died 3 years ago and Megan Rose Hilton who loves Alexandra. Alex is a 24 year old...
4NEMO x reader (My AU) by AkiroIchiro
4NEMO x reader (My AU)by ~ 𝔸𝕜𝕚𝕣𝕠𝕀𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕣𝕠 ~
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Warning: ~ Bad grammar ~ Kissing stuff and 13+ (if you can't handle it) ~ Swearing Desc: (What a normal day... ) (You were just doing...
A Slave in Disguise  by isha_ahman
A Slave in Disguise by isha_ahman
........... This story is about how Fatima suffered, crossed many difficult pathways, received punishment and humiliation at the house she works. As her life began movi...
The king and the blob{COMPLETED} (Including some oneshots). by Fufu_Ghost
The king and the blob{COMPLETED} ( Tubbgo
Lord save me I haven't slept for 3 days-
Collision by T_M_Stories
Collisionby 💧T.M.Stories💧
Amelia's life is a series of beatings and abuse from her older brother Connar. She's got her whole life in front of her.... That is, if she can survive her brother's bea...
That time I entered the MHA universe?! by Asami_here
That time I entered the MHA Asami
Homin Tadakura is your typical 15-year-old Japanese highschool boy! Not. He never comes to school and doesn't have any other hobby than smoking. His parents are dead. N...
𝐑evenge 𝐌arriage by AnnaEleanor_07
𝐑evenge 𝐌arriageby Hvey♡
(Hiatus)It was said that the Young Master were fierce, cruel and also killed lot of people. It was said to be that his every bride have died not long after the marriage...
•°Dangronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Chatfic°• by UrLocalSimp11037
•°Dangronpa Trigger Happy Havoc ♡ 𝙰𝚜𝚑 ♡
I haven't seen a lot of danganronpa 1 chatfic so I decided to make this. this will have my ships and head cannons so I'm sorry if there out of character. ships : naegami...
Expected  by illest_bih5
Expected by illest_bih5
This story is about 20 year old Layla Johnson and her abusive boyfriend Dave east. About 2 years ago they had a baby but before that Layla had a miscarriage due to Dave...
RECKLESS ; D.M  by AriMalfoyxo
RECKLESS ; D.M by Ariana
An enemies to lovers story. Draco and Eleanor have hated each other since first year but always new they were in love. They fall in love and go through battle together...
PaperJam X Fem! Reader (Completed) by Cyrissa_Nimbie
PaperJam X Fem! Reader (Completed)by Cyrissa_Nimbie
You are a 19 year old human girl looking for a job. One day you seen a notice on the door of a Day care reading "HELP WANTED" in big bold letters. You thought...
Depressing quotes by darkstrawbaby
Depressing quotesby ~soft goth baby~
Depression is the feeling of someone whispering in your ear and telling you that you are worthless. Every time you make a mistake, you keep getting reminded of it, it's...
Elephants // Jahseh Onfroy  by 000000Chal
Elephants // Jahseh Onfroy by 000000Chal
Dani Harris & Jahseh Onfory Are the dynamic duo, they have been first since birth. They have eachother back through everything and anything, they will never let a hoe t...
Sad Memory / JIKOOK by nathani_d
Sad Memory / JIKOOKby nathani_d
When you lose someone close to your heart you'll certainly feel empty and depressed but no mutter how close and loved the person was to you , time heals everything. But...
Psychotic Reaper (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic) by DarkOneTAS
Psychotic Reaper (Tokyo Ghoul Dixon_FanZ
"They call me the grim reaper, but I'm not that grim. I like parties, parties where everyone dies." The most fucked up ghoul worse than 13th ward jason lives...
Leah Grimes by ellasynal
Leah Grimesby ella
Leah was only two years younger than her big brother Carl. Her father got shot, and then the apocalypse began. Her world came to an end. She may have been small, but she...