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Centipede(Deadman Wonderland X OC) by tapir07
Centipede(Deadman Wonderland X OC)by Tapir07
Centipede, a name feared throughout Corpse Carnival. Unlike others, he willingly joined. When he did, he slaughtered deadman after deadman. He became the champ until he...
All The Poems I Wrote  by dwlasfr
All The Poems I Wrote by krisha
If grief were a poem, your heart would be the lover.
Anime x Reader Lemons {requests open!} by softflowergirl
Anime x Reader Lemons {requests Chloe
just a compilation of some reader x anime characters smut
My Hero Academia and Deadman Wonderland x Male Reader by RWBYCheesecoffee
My Hero Academia and Deadman RWBYCheesecoffee
The son of a beloved heroine is forced into a new life when catastrophe strikes.
Bloody Nirvana (Azuma Genkaku x Reader) by Katjaface
Bloody Nirvana (Azuma Genkaku x Katjaface
Azuma Genkaku, the über monk, is a cold-blooded killer. And a family man. And a kidnapper. And jealous of a guy called Owl. And worried about you.
All things infinite 🌀 by Africanjojo364
All things infinite 🌀by Joyce kinyanjui
I haven't written in a while and I'm not a good writer really, these stories are who I am though. Feel free to comment.
Deadmen Tell No Tales by Diamondragon23
Deadmen Tell No Talesby Diamondragon23
Izuku didn't do it. Of course, nobody believed him. He was the sole survivor of a brutal massacre, a classroom of children annihilated. He knew who the real culprit was...
My Favourite Anime Characters by Hilla899
My Favourite Anime Charactersby Hilla899
Basically as the title says. These are my favourite characters from anime that I have watched/am watching.
What if the people I simp for meet?!? (CROSSOVER) by awewolfgirl79
What if the people I simp for Just another fanfic person
So I was dreaming about this one day, so yea here we are! I'll do my best to keep yall updated! ((Probs once a week and a half since I got another story to keep up with...
Anime x Reader Oneshots~ by miranda_cade
Anime x Reader Oneshots~by Miranda Rileigh Cade
So this is a big book of xreader oneshots! I put a list below of all the shows that I know really well (that's not all of them so feel free to request something not on t...
One Reason (Deadman wonderland harem x male reader) by Dmcsage
One Reason (Deadman wonderland Sage Sama Robo pussy enjoyer
Y/n Igarashi was the brother of the 14 year old Ganta Igarashi. Having been cheated on by his girlfriend Y/n assaulted staff and student alike in a burst of anger. up...
One-shots(Drabbles)[[REQUESTS OPEN]] by PlutiaWrites
One-shots(Drabbles)[[REQUESTS Bunny
I will do only fluff or angst. Every now and then I might do something different but other than that, enjoy! AoT Ouran High School Host Club Deadman Wonderland Black Bu...
Yandere X Reader Oneshots (Taking Requests) by XMadnessXLoverX
Yandere X Reader Oneshots ( ᴍᴀᴅɴᴇss
This is a yandere canon character X Reader one shot fanfiction where I will be taking requests. I will do LGBTQ ones as well. I'm also open to lemons as long as you're a...
Anime Reviews by bmoore07
Anime Reviewsby bmoore07
This is where I write short but detailed reviews of various anime with a ton of passion. I hope you at least find these interesting.
Innocent Nightmare by Apocalyptic-Raven
Innocent Nightmareby what u want
Scarlet Raven is a cold girl, yet so innocent, when her family is murdered, she's blamed and thrown into Japans first and only privet prison, Deadman Wonderland. What ha...
.:Various x Reader-One Shots:. by nightmareAngel13943
.:Various x Reader-One nightmareAngel13943
Heyyyyy this is just kind of a venting area for my fan girling sooooo if I'm any good, im open to requests ! Hope ya like it!! Let me know what you think cuz I strive to...
Crow X reader by puregreeentea
Crow X readerby Nikaido
What happens when you are charmed by another deadman and come to the realization it is not all that easy.
Manga I enjoy by sweetgaming_fox
Manga I enjoyby sweetgaming_fox
Hello, no need to read this unless you're looking for recommendations. I just wanted to rant about some manga/anime I enjoy so that's the only reason why this book exist...
Shiro's L. (a Deathnote And Deadman Wonderland Fanfiction.) by AmuPshyeahVanity
Shiro's L. (a Deathnote And Paul Rudd Obsessed
I dont own death note or deadman wonderland. Its been a few years since the prision was closed. And after alot of therapy they finally think Shiro is ready for the real...