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The Forgotten Child by Little1Writer
The Forgotten Childby Little Writer
"Actually I do. I'm working", I said with no emotion at all. They didn't deserve it. They don't get to know how I have felt through the years without them, I'm...
The Abandoned Baby by Laniahf9
The Abandoned Babyby Killer_Bunny21
They were a happy couple always doing things everyday of every minute they didn't think anything else could make them happy. Little did they know a surprise was waiting...
Long Lost Lovers ( dekubaku) by Kaik41031lovesanime
Long Lost Lovers ( dekubaku)by ✨kai✨
Izuku moved over seas with his father, sister, and step brother when be left he didn't tell katsuki that he was leaving and didn't even say bye katsuki was sad and mad b...
The beginning (Doctor Strange x daughter OC)  by Hunteress14
The beginning (Doctor Strange x Huntress14
-Cover made by me Yours truly. Image belongs to Marvel Studios- Stephen Strange world renowned neurosurgeon. Known for many extraordinary successful procedures and opera...
Where the Flowers Bloom - A YatoYota Fanfic by Black_Cat_Sama
Where the Flowers Bloom - A Inky
Hi!! Welcome to the story, I'm writing this because it's so underrated, and I just really like it. Yotasuke was never good with people, but he loved small animals, spec...
When my life changed forever..    {Adrien x Read}  -COMPLETED!- by Author_J_
When my life changed ..Clouded Author J..
-FINISHED- A girl leaving her dead mother behind for a better life. She goes threw a major challenge and a few smaller ones ahead. How will she deal with all of this? Wi...
My Sisters Boyfriend by theycallme_shii
My Sisters Boyfriendby MIANI✨
Londynn left the house leaving Seth and I alone. I sunk in the couch and picked up the remote, only for him to smack it out of my hand. "WHAT THE HELL MAN, " I...
✔The Silver Side | Ariana Dumbledore by Hunnybutterfly
✔The Silver Side | Ariana 𝔻𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕒
Summer 1899 Ariana Dumbledore struggles with the death of her mother and living with her brothers. Her health is getting worse and so is her brothers' relationship. She...
Deep Into Dreams by Abi_Matt0308
Deep Into Dreamsby Abigail Matthew
"How could he do this?", Abi asked her dear old brother. She was so emotionally drained yet 'he' wouldn't stop. He wanted more than her to suffer. He wants her...
Mel Florence by samanthazzzx
Mel Florenceby samanthazzzx
My name is Mel Florence. My mother is now dead.Im living with my now step father (he only married her so he could kill her and have custody of me)I lost my Virginity to...
Who.... Is she? '| How to get my husband on my side future gen au by ThisUserlsTaken
Who.... Is she? '| How to get my ThisUserlsTaken
A story inspired by the videos of this AU on YouTube, so the idea and AU as well as the story belongs to those people. This is just for fun and a one shot. And the novel...
The Boss' Daughter by LouBear1999
The Boss' Daughterby Alicia Vanover
Mr. Adams is any old boss-mean and demanding. Ms. Burke always keeps to herself, but when Mr. Adams tells her to watch his daughter for a week while the nanny is away...
Daddy Captain by Whynotemily
Daddy Captainby Whynotemily
Credit to my friend Chitti for finishing this wonderful story. Expect more adventures from this pirate universe
Blitz°TechnobladeXReader✅️ by D0_TH3_F4ND4NG0
Blitz°TechnobladeXReader✅️by SCARAMOUCHE!!
This is my first attempt at a Wattpad story so plz don't hate, that would be appreciated
I won't kill you ^Dream x Ender Dragon!Reader^ by D0_TH3_F4ND4NG0
I won't kill you ^Dream x Ender SCARAMOUCHE!!
Y/N's a queen. But not just a queen - she's an Ender Dragon. When Famous speedrunner Dream appears in her dimension during a manhunt, She must defend her egg, or protect...
Unknown To Me.       |...Spider-Man/Peter Parker x Reader...| by Author_J_
Unknown To Me. | ..Clouded Author J..
-still being edited- Hey, my name's Jasmine (or so I thought..) and here's my story as of.. well, right now actually- I live a normal life with my dad in a 2 bed apartme...
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X ABUSED! Reader) by Emmocupcakes
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X Emmocupcakes
Your mother died in a car accident and ever since then your father has been drinking and sometimes when he's drunk he will take it out on you. You didn't ever tell anyon...
"Mezu Menzoni", the mysterious 12-year-old girl, her notebook shows all her secretes and her past and childhood; How did she lose her mother? It's just been a...
The Dark Enchantress x Bucky Barnes by Buckysdoll1520
The Dark Enchantress x Bucky Barnesby Bucky’s best girl
Tony Stark has another daughter Y/N Stark her mother died during child birth, so therefore she was left in Tony's care. When Y/n was just barely 3 HYDRA stole her she...
Happy Days and Happy Friends (Welcome Home) by The_OWLERY_1230
Happy Days and Happy Friends ( Spare Rib
Angel Dorelaine is the only daughter of Donald Dorelaine. Angel has been sick her whole eight years of living, which is considered a miracle even though her health hasn'...