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The Forgotten Child by Little1Writer
The Forgotten Childby Little Writer
"Actually I do. I'm working", I said with no emotion at all. They didn't deserve it. They don't get to know how I have felt through the years without them, I'm...
Mel Florence by samanthazzzx
Mel Florenceby samanthazzzx
My name is Mel Florence. My mother is now dead.Im living with my now step father (he only married her so he could kill her and have custody of me)I lost my Virginity to...
who made me a prince by Lucifer3930
who made me a princeby Lucifer
what would happen if Claude had a son? Athanasia has a brother an older brother what happens when she finds out that she is beloved by Claude while her brother is not w...
Our Adventure by SNCobsessed
Our Adventureby Sam and Colby
Maria Bagans is a medium whose mother died when she was born. She and her best friend Alannis Goodwell have quit anything related to ghosts. Well until they met Sam Golb...
The unknowing Language of flowers by irrelevancey
The unknowing Language of flowersby @Its_Mars 🪐
The cute new relationships and the drama as they tangle within themselves. I wonder how they will deal with it?
Long Lost Lovers ( dekubaku) by Kaik41031lovesanime
Long Lost Lovers ( dekubaku)by ✨kai✨
Izuku moved over seas with his father, sister, and step brother when be left he didn't tell katsuki that he was leaving and didn't even say bye katsuki was sad and mad b...
son of red|| ben beast x male oc by Lucifer3930
son of red|| ben beast x male ocby Lucifer
the queen of hearts had a son he was named Rei but she died when he was 7 and mother Gothel took care of him not well so he returned to his land because the curse in the...
•Ⓐ Ⓜⓘⓢⓣⓐⓚⓔ• by The-one-and-lonely
•Ⓐ Ⓜⓘⓢⓣⓐⓚⓔ•by °Les°
I ran away from home the night of the accident. I was so scared and didn't know what to do. All I could think of was to run. So I did. I ran until my legs gave out and I...
Wild Heart Chronicles: A New Dawn by RoboRaptorwolf
Wild Heart Chronicles: A New Dawnby RoboRaptorwolf
Jørgen is a wolf who seems to be the one life loves to hate. His mother died when he was young, every canine around him calls him insane for believing mythical creatures...
Do You Trust Me? •~|~•Nightwing Fanfict•~|~• (Read Desc) by itsplanet_marz
Do You Trust Me? •~|~•Nightwing Mari/Mars
This is going to be slow going as I've recently acquired a job and classes aren't helping. I will come up with a solid description eventually. However, as a basis, this...
The beginning (Doctor Strange x daughter OC)  by Hunteress14
The beginning (Doctor Strange x Hunteress14
-Cover made by me Yours truly. Image belongs to Marvel Studios- Stephen Strange world renowned neurosurgeon. Known for many extraordinary successful procedures and opera...
✔The Silver Side | Ariana Dumbledore by Hunnybutterfly
✔The Silver Side | Ariana 𝔻𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕒
Summer 1899 Ariana Dumbledore struggles with the death of her mother and living with her brothers. Her health is getting worse and so is her brothers' relationship. She...
DAMAGED by chels_mvuleni
DAMAGEDby Chelsea
9 years after the death of her mother; Isabelle Johnson has finally convinced herself and everyone around her that she is okay. But is she? When she almost dies at the h...
Father's Love by NatashaWilkinson0
Father's Loveby Natasha Wilkinson
Natasha Wilda Wilkinson. Abused as a child. Tormented as a teenager. She didn't have a life and her anxiety and incontinence wasn't helping. Will she escape the terrors...
your not alone nimona, not either way by nojudgesdude99
your not alone nimona, not nojudgesdude99
Nimona's family, Nimona's Friends,Nimona's birth. we're did she come from? If somebody really loves you, they won't stop until they make sure your safe. (Cover is mine)
'Gone.' || ShinKami || abused Kaminari ||  by ariaaaaaaaaaaaaaa00
'Gone.' || ShinKami || abused Aria
Principal Nezu decides to make a chat for the UA staff and the pros so they can discuss plans and stuff about students. One day Aizawa notices something off about his st...
FOREVER AND Aaliah Hassan
17 Year old Julia Robert has a private life of utter bliss, but faced with challenges of moving from her home UK to DC she knows her life is going to be everything but s...
Unknown To Me.       |...Spider-Man/Peter Parker x Reader...| by Author_J_
Unknown To Me. | ..Clouded Author J..
-still being edited- Hey, my name's Jasmine (or so I thought..) and here's my story as of.. well, right now actually- I live a normal life with my dad in a 2 bed apartme...
Who.... Is she? '| How to get my husband on my side future gen au by ThisUserlsTaken
Who.... Is she? '| How to get my ThisUserlsTaken
A story inspired by the videos of this AU on YouTube, so the idea and AU as well as the story belongs to those people. This is just for fun and a one shot. And the novel...