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Utopia (A Hilson Fanfiction) by queen_mycroft
Utopia (A Hilson Fanfiction)by ana banana
Disclaimer: massive spoilers for the series finale. Triggers for pretty brief suicidal thoughts. They both know it. They say it to each other in looks and tentative tou...
Lone Performer by laevandar
Lone Performerby Laevan
SEVENTEEN was going to film a new episode of Going Seventeen. However, the Performance Unit gets in a fatal car accident. (This is my first fanfic. Hope you like it.)
A Brave Flight by foraywoods
A Brave Flightby foray
It was supposed to be an easy mission. But Nightwing ends up with two bullet holes and leaves a grieving family behind. *WARNING* Swearing, angst, depression
Once upon a time : a short story by MayaLiver
Once upon a time : a short storyby MayaLiver
Ceci est un recueil d'os ou melting pot où je tente des expressions de situations ou de sentiments via des modes d'écritures allant du simple au complexe voir à l'abstra...
Hogwarts Mascot by AprilsLoreenXanadu
Hogwarts Mascotby AprilsLoreen Xanadu
Disclaimer: I do not own "Harry Potter", or any of the related characters. The " Harry Potter" series is created by JK Rowling and owned by "War...
MEMORY • newtmas au by newtoffs
MEMORY • newtmas auby reece
❝ What did they find? ❞ Thomas looks back at him, and there is anguish clearly written on his face. ❝ You have Alzheimer's, Newt. ❞ His breath catches in his throat. Al...
Fugitive [Shigeo Kageyama x Reader] by dr3am_caf3
Fugitive [Shigeo Kageyama x Reader]by ☆Starlee☆
Mob is a recent escapee from a torturous research facility somewhere along the outskirts of Seasoning City. After meeting a young girl by the name of Y/n L/n, he realize...
METAL MAN,         attack on titan. by viirosario
METAL MAN, attack on viirosario
where persistence is the root of all evil. LEVI ACKERMAN / oc
Another Way by foraywoods
Another Wayby foray
It was down to the wire, almost too late. Nightwing was watching Flash, Impulse and Wally circle the chrysalis, praying to whoever would listen that this would work. To...
Time is Slipping Away by MD5991
Time is Slipping Awayby Marina
In his time left, he wanted them to feel what he felt. He wanted them to feel the pain. That is why he insulted them, that is why he threw the slushie; it was simple, he...
Red on Green by WildRhov
Red on Greenby Rhov
Laxus shook his head, refusing to believe it. He had sworn he would get strong enough to protect them all. He failed.
The other half of her soul by WilliciaMcHart2015
The other half of her soulby WilliciaMcHart
Sneak peek: "Te amo Emily Rhodes." Aaron says as he wraps an arm around her naked shoulder. She looks up at him, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "What...
Fragmentos by ThammiRB
Fragmentosby ThammiRB
"Ah, Itachi... Eu gostaria de ter a capacidade de unir os estilhaços do seu coração. Daria meus olhos, meu coração, minha vida, minha alma para vê-lo feliz de novo...
I Knew Him (Star Wars AU Shortstory) by Elvenjediofnarnia17
I Knew Him (Star Wars AU Elvenjediofnarnia17
"I knew him, I knew Luke." Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. All material belongs to their respective owners.
Heads Will Roll [OOC Dark!Leonardo] by oneshot_wonder
Heads Will Roll [OOC Dark!Leonardo]by Hamato Mackenna
When a training session goes terribly wrong, all the power goes rushing to Leo's head...
One Life to Give- a Sherlock Fan Fic by deklava
One Life to Give- a Sherlock Fan deklava
Sherlock is dying of heart disease. Mycroft saves him- with John's help.
BotW fin alternative -Deathfic by idkbutimwriting
BotW fin alternative -Deathficby idkbutimwriting
Dans leur clairvoyance les Déesses peuvent être cruelles... Les deux cœurs les plus purs d'Hyrule, pour honorer leur devoir, tracent leur voie dans la souffrance et achè...
There's only one way to end this by LadyTano92
There's only one way to end thisby LadyTano92
Got asked if I could write an Otis death fic. Set in season 6, after returning back on Truck Otis feels like he's been replaced. DO NOT read if you're triggered by self...
Je dors sur des roses by IthinkImBlue
Je dors sur des rosesby IthinkImBlue
Alors qu'il s'apprête à se faire exécuter, Albafica des Poissons, chevalier d'Athéna de son état, voit sa vie passer devant ses yeux. Sa vie courte mais bien rempli saur...
As pétalas do amor by Nullark
As pétalas do amorby Daroon
Assim como o vermelho, o lírio representava o amor. Rengoku amava-os intensamente, mas tudo tende a ser tão trágico quando é belo demais, e as pétalas do lírio vermelho...