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Unconditionally by DeepVeerMusings
Unconditionallyby G.
*COMPLETED* What happened when broken-hearted and resilient Deepika met awestruck and passionate Ranveer? How did life events bring them together and strengthen their bo...
Made for you by darknightsensations
Made for youby 💥💫🔥✔
An MMA fighter, a normal girl. A marriage of convenience. What happens then
Abhishree ~ The Queen of Mahabaleshgarh by magicallovely
Abhishree ~ The Queen of L A V L E E N
Losing this war means captured by the enemy empire and considered as their prostitutes and servants. Dreaming that situation made my heart race even more. I settled myse...
The Mafia's Love by Hamama502
The Mafia's Loveby Hamama502
He's a young mafia - Son of the greatest Mafia Don Malik. She's houseman - He's Mafia. She's innocent - He's arrogant She's humble - He's ruthless She save lives - He...
His, Forever by supergirlfan124
His, Foreverby aspen(on hiatus)
Mastani. Vivaan. Both are complete and total opposites from head to toe. She's the daughter of a nobleman. He's the prince of small kingdom. A slightly sexy and dark...
InstaWood by singdanaa
InstaWoodby shifana ♡
|| Fan Fiction - Drama || | Book #3 in the Social media series | Dramatic journey of Bollywood biggies through Instagram. Cover credits: @Psycho_Simmy Started on: 5th S...
Virushka One Shots by crictress
Virushka One Shotsby Writer + reader
My imagination of the power couple of India. It s a fan fiction and my fantasy !! Compilation of various stories sub plots genres and thoughts penning them down and yes...
Best Bollywood Movie Dialogues  #MissionDesi   by Soumyaa16
Best Bollywood Movie Dialogues SAM ✨
Kuch Kuch hota hai Anjali ,Tum Nahi Samjhogi ~ KKTT Babu Mushaye Zindagi Badi honi chahiye ,lambi nahi ~ Aanand Mai Hoon Naa :) ~ MHN Dosti Ka Vasool Hai No sorry & no...
Deepveer love story  by darknightsensations
Deepveer love story by 💥💫🔥✔
Deepika and Ranveer have and arranged marriage. Soon, they will start to fall in love. They will have ups and downs but will always stay together.
The Photoshoot by writingdreams0190
The Photoshootby Writing dreams
This is a purely imaginary fanfic. I mean no disrespect to the real individuals upon whom this short story is based. All actions and thoughts ascribed to the characters...
Married by law by darknightsensations
Married by lawby 💥💫🔥✔
Naina and Kabir want to get a citizenship in London. So the only choice they have is to marry. Then, hearing wedding news, Kabirs parents will live with them for a month...
Not Another King  by darknightsensations
Not Another King by 💥💫🔥✔
Sometimes lies can make a bond closer, that was the same for Elijah and Althea...
Our secret love story away from the world😍 by hermoine_granger_
Our secret love story away from Chinnu
This the story of a couple who are madly and incoherently in love with each other since ages but the irony is that the world thinks them to be all time enemies. How coul...
After Befikre (Complete) by ShilanLaz
After Befikre (Complete)by Shilan 💫
I wonder what happened after Befikre screening, read to find... I hope you enjoyed this 'very short ' novel of mine. Ranked no. #3 at Deepveer#
The Mornings of Love  by spri_writes
The Mornings of Love by Spriha
Vikram Malhotra is one of the richest businessman in the world. The young man kills hundred men in every morning for a curse that was placed on him. Aaradhya Bose, a sw...
Out of Character by DeepVeerMusings
Out of Characterby G.
A glimpse at jealous Deepika Disclaimer: this story is work of fiction. It uses real people as characters but it has nothing to do with the real Ranveer or Deepika or a...
She Never Knew  by darknightsensations
She Never Knew by 💥💫🔥✔
He cheated on her. She caught him. She got help from someone else. She fell in love with him...
Phantoms from the Past by rajeshkant
Phantoms from the Pastby rajeshkant
She is too damaged but demands respect, he is too fun but still vulnerable. Deepika Padukone, the leading Bollywood actress and Ranveer Singh, the newest star on the ris...
No Ordinary Love | Alia x Ranveer by shad0whunt001
No Ordinary Love | Alia x Ranveerby shad0whunt001
Alia Bhatt x Ranveer Singh (fic) Alia always talked about how it's the emotional infidelity that is a deal breaker, not a physical one. But does this mean it hurts less...
Os book  by Sushantlove
Os book by Ananta Dixit
This is a book of os on various couples. There will be os on kaira , behir , Ronakshi , Varia , Deepveer and Virushka. If I feel like writing on some other couple I'll...