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ɢᴏᴅʟʏ | kny x reader by flipptri
ɢᴏᴅʟʏ | kny x readerby Astaroth
"ᴡʜᴏ ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ?" "ᴏʜ ᴍᴇ? ɪ'ᴍ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ɢᴏᴅᴅᴇss, ᴡʜᴏ ɪs ʜᴇʀᴇ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜse ɪ ᴀᴍ ʙᴏʀᴇᴅ" ------------ In which a God decides to go to earth, because she is bored...
Error Sans as a parent of Harry Potter [Fgod AU] by SkeleSheena
Error Sans as a parent of Harry SkeleSheena
Error was tired being "villain" title as the forced god of destruction, he went to the edge of the cliff in outertale and he jumped on the endless abyss void...
INSPIRATIONAL STORIES (ON GOING)by Pielle Marie Henschke Birkenf...
LOVELY READERS, allow me to share with you a bunch of my greatest Inspirational Stories that once, really brought tears to my eyes... Some stories here happend in my re...
The All-Powerful Omni-Saiyan In RWBY by DavidBornAgain
The All-Powerful Omni-Saiyan In David Born Again
You were the previous Omni-King before Zeno, an unknown Saiyan God with unfathomable and unlimited power, however, you passed on the title because you sought to seek som...
Becoming A Dream by PastaGod_Italy
Becoming A Dreamby Pasta_Birb
Chance didn't like how the story of Dreamtale became. So in one of his famous break ins, he decides to do another flip you at Fate by giving the twins something they did...
Oh. My. Fate?! (BL, Volume #1) by Yansusustories
Oh. My. Fate?! (BL, Volume #1)by Yan Su Su
Jing He, crown prince of the nine heavens, has to descend into the mortal realm to weather a human life full of vicissitudes. Each event carefully crafted by fate's scri...
Kraant by CrevasseAbyss
Kraantby CrevasseAbyss
"Kill me, now!" "No!!" "That's the only way to save these people." "They don't mean anything to me dammit, you do." A young boy f...
the nava family by coldteaisamazing101
the nava familyby Bunga Aprilia
this is a story about veldenava son rimuru nava and his sister milim nava and they Will be fighting scene here like chapter 4 and 5
The Chronicles of War (Rewritten) by L0opyLily
The Chronicles of War (Rewritten)by KitKatKatrina
Imelda, once a goddess, now has fallen and stripped of her powers and immortality. Now she seeks a new purpose in life. Just as she almost gives up, an old friend comes...
Aláàfin: Irúnmölé by Atedangai
Aláàfin: Irúnmöléby Atedangai Maigarmar
Prelude to his ascent as the Aláàfin of the OYO Empire. Adedayo comes to confront a revelation of himself that withers his claim as king and makes him a possible threat...
Bai Ying is the Heaven Realm Crown Prince who also crowned with the title of 'balance' under his name. He is the only son of the family of Bai and the most pampered and...
Heart of the Sea by JDH_2011
Heart of the Seaby JDH 2011
SFW version (will write nsfw when comfortable) Will still have gore, angst, all the good stuff, just no smut, that will be in another version if its made. Who's Kaia? Ma...
There's a Deity Living in Me! Huh? by pluma1007
There's a Deity Living in Me! Huh?by silverlyne14
What if there is a deity trapped in the sword that Wei Wuxian found in the Cave? But, of course, our very own Wei Wuxian would not know about it! What if he completely d...
my first ever story I will be updating from tomorrow I hope you all would love it This story will be after the tenma war There will not be any, ships for rimuru yet but...
Forsaken Deity by saturn137
Forsaken Deityby Mel-Belle
[2013 Watty Finalist] Thea Gibson lives a normal life. She waitresses at her local bar, pays her bills on time, has a secret crush on Detective Josh Cooper and let's he...
Egyptian Deities Random Scenarios by TheDazedUmbra
Egyptian Deities Random Scenariosby Daze
Welp, I thought of this one summer day.
The Return Of The True Gods (FGOD) by CozyBrazenprawn
The Return Of The True Gods (FGOD)by The Cozy’s
Long ago, when the elder gods remained. There was constant battle, involving the God of Omnipotence, God of Destiny, God of Destruction, The King of Gods, and last but n...
Another World (R27) by kushu_kash
Another World (R27)by Lil Chicken Nugg✨
-I Don't Own Khr- - obv r27 - all27ish - rewriting Tsunayoshi Sinclair, the great Vongola Decimo has fallen. Passing away surrounded by the people he holds near and dea...
Back With A Vengeance  by Fire_And_Ice_1813
Back With A Vengeance by Winna Kinsa
"I hereby condemn you to suffer the rest of eternity in hell." /\•/\•/\•/\ Victoria had always dreamed about finding her mate, and she did find him, although...
The Tanuki Deity by simple_gemini9
The Tanuki Deityby x1ao.ussy_
Tanjiro was a deity who lives at the summits of the mountains of Mt. Tagarumo, Tanuki deity's were hunted by demon slayers for power, though there is always a price to p...