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Percy Jackson The Invisible Assassin by Supergirl8666
Percy Jackson The Invisible Amber Caple
Percy is betrayed. Betrayed by those he cared most about. He goes off on his own. Later everyone realises their mistakes and tries to find him, but they can't. It's like...
Chaos's daughter (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Supergirl8666
Chaos's daughter (Percy Jackson Amber Caple
Alexandra (Alex) Skyward is a daughter of Chaos. She is a Demi-primordial. A Demi-primordial is a child that is half primordial and half mortal. Alex has been through a...
Emberly Knight: The special part of me  by halfhuman_halfdevil
Emberly Knight: The special part human...or am I?
Do you believe in magic? In supernatural? In myths? No? Well, neither did I. At least, not until I saw them. I ran. I ran until I couldn't run anymore. Then, I stopped. ...
 A New Threat Arrives by Flashwriter98
A New Threat Arrivesby chris egan
When demigods and demi-titans face a new threat
When Two Worlds Collide by kingofthedead98
When Two Worlds Collideby Chris Egan
when two powerful races meet its not a coincidence it was on purpose to save the world from a set of ancient curse gods.