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Harry Potter and The Girl Who Lived by livbrooke-
Harry Potter and The Girl Who Livedby livbrooke-
What if harry potter wasn't actually the boy who lived? What if he was friends with Sirius blacks daughter? What if she was the one who survived the killing curse? Cara...
Adele Black (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover) by DamHunterofArtemis
Adele Black (Percy Jackson/Harry Madison
Adele Black is the daughter of Athena and Sirius Black. A demiwitch, you got that right! Way happens when she goes on adventures with the golden trio, and fights the war...
Secrete Demigods by PJOTheDamSnackBar
Secrete Demigodsby T
What If Draco, Hermione Luna and Neville where not wizards and witches? What if they are demigods in disguise? What will happen when the 4 Demiwizard's are attacked and...
Wizards and Demigods by pjobookfangirl4295
Wizards and Demigodsby pjobookfangirl4295
Hecate is worried about the wizards after the war so she sends the 7 plus OC to the wizarding world to make sure the golden trio is safe, and to look for potential allie...
Watching the Quest of Iris Potter  by TayaBacha
Watching the Quest of Iris Potter by Aikobacha
The adventure of Harry and Iris Potter will finely be revealed to their family, staff, and students of Hogwarts. It will show their adventures and quest over the school...
The Witch of The Sea by sapphireblue12312
The Witch of The Seaby ₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥𝙎𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙮
Hermione leads a double life, half of it in a camp for demigods, and the other in a school for witchcraft and wizardry. When an old foe joins forces with a new foe, Herm...
Here Comes The Sun (a Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover) by LuvlyBean6316
Here Comes The Sun (a Percy LuvlyBean6316
Megara Juliet Ragelion is by all means ordinary. That is, if you define ordinary as a daughter of Apollo and a witch. Meg is entering her 4th year at Hogwarts, and with...
Voldemort has a grandson?! by TheDemigod123
Voldemort has a grandson?!by Daughter of Hermes
So as it turns out Percy has another evil grandpa. The seven and some of their friends go to Hogwarts. Harry is mad. He is also jealous of them, if only he knew.
The last days (hp+pjo) by chocolarefrogs
The last days (hp+pjo)by Sid the sloth
Percy Jackson had just finished his second war. He just wanted to relax a little and spend time with Annabeth. He got his wish.... for about a week. Then it was time to...
The Demiwitch -Percy Jackson  by Bekahs246677
The Demiwitch -Percy Jackson by Jessica alexis Payne
In the human world it's complete opposite for what others see. There are normal people going on their normal lives. But in the other world their Demigods children from...
Crossroads of Two Worlds by AstraJay19
Crossroads of Two Worldsby AstraJay19
Alana Faye considers herself a normal girl, or at least, as normal as you can be if you've caused trouble all your life. After moving to England, she becomes a victim of...
Falling in Between the Cracks by Silver_Fox14
Falling in Between the Cracksby Silver_Fox14
Paige Culpata is utterly in love with Jason Grace. When he finally returns to Camp Jupiter after several months, he has no memories of her and, even worse, he has a girl...
The Bridge Between WorldsA Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover by CassandraMcGonagall
The Bridge Between WorldsA Percy Cassandra McGonagall
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. Only the plot. There are two worlds, each with their own Hero. Their own savior. Everyone knows about Percy Jack...
Normal... NOT ( SUPER SLOW EDITS) by Lauren12345girl
Normal... NOT ( SUPER SLOW EDITS)by Lauren12345girl
Hello my name is Alex living a normal life is pretty hard around here, and I will tell you why. I am a Demi-God/witch. I have a blessing of all the gods powers because t...
Crown Lake  by _thedemiwitch_
Crown Lake by _thedemiwitch_
When River Mazira gets a letter that she has been accepted into Crown Lake, a school for witches and wizards in America, she decides to go. She doesn't realize how much...
The last thing you would expect by greek_magic
The last thing you would expectby The_Greek_Geek
This is a story about Lana going to Hogwarts. She is a demigod that finds out that she is a witch, with her half brother, Harry Potter. This book has slow editing. Pleas...