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Harry Potter [Truth or Dare] by Errorincreation
Harry Potter [Truth or Dare]by 🦋
Started: 3/19/22 Finished: 3/23/22 Harry and friends try and trap the Inner Circle but all of them get trapped in the process. Secrets being spilled, Order of Fried Chi...
Marauders read a crossover (Percy Jackson\Harry Potter) by ZoeFloydd
Marauders read a crossover (Percy...by ZoeFloydd
Lily Evans was having an awful day. FIRST - she and the only other Demiwitch in the school-Narcissa Black- were called to investigate a bunch of monsters in the forbid...
Just Kill Me Already [Adopted] *BEING REWRITTEN* by Pidge_Gunderson135
Just Kill Me Already [Adopted] *BE...by Pidge_Gunderson135
This is a continuation of the story Just Kill Me Already by SeemlyKittenLover THIS IS GETTING MARKED AS COMPLETE, THERE WILL BE NO NEW UPDATES, PLEASE SEE THE REWRITTEN...
THE LIFE OF HARRY POTTER by weird_little_bug
(This takes place during the summer after Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts) What happens when a bored author decides to trap a group of gods with a group of wixen to react t...
Harry Thomas Riddle-Snape by hellohibyebai
Harry Thomas Riddle-Snapeby Newt Scamander
What if after Harry finished his first year at Hogwarts he was called to gringotts and found out that he was never a potter.
He Is Mine (adopted) by brokenspirt
He Is Mine (adopted)by The Fucked Up Team
I'm not gonna put down chapters 1-5 (the only ones) but the creator is AnimeFreakIsThere so go to their acc and give some love
The Dark Side Rises (Old Version) by SheWrites1808
The Dark Side Rises (Old Version)by Jess
AU Hogwarts. Voldemort and his wife have triplets, plus an older child, and the Malfoy's have twins. What will happen when the five dark children arrive at Hogwarts? The...
I Solemnly Swear I Will Always Love You by Envy_lol
I Solemnly Swear I Will Always Lov...by Vincent
Harry is back for yet another year of Hogwarts. But what will happen when a new DADA teacher comes around? A resorting?! An unexpected love blooms between Harry and is s...
Just Kill Me Already by Pidge_Gunderson135
Just Kill Me Alreadyby Pidge_Gunderson135
Harry Potter is done being manipulated, he's done being a pawn, no more is he the Gryffindor golden boy. He surrenders.......... And finds himself better off for it. Dra...