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King of Hearts - HP by Pcrw1233
King of Hearts - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry finds a little friend when he is taking care of the garden the two become friends but what if the snake wasn't just any snake and helps harry on his wishes of what...
Why am i Harry Potter's twin sister?!!  by amirah112705
Why am i Harry Potter's twin Amiy Nina
I never thought dying in my sleep and then waking up in a closet with THE HARRY POTTER is a thing but i guess I'll follow the flow But this time, I'll save everyone... L...
Killer Love - HP by Pcrw1233
Killer Love - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has had enough of everyone ruining his life, he could of had a family that looked after him but no there dead and the other he was put with because of Dumbledore h...
A Surprise Inheritance by Sciencemoon1
A Surprise Inheritanceby Sciencemoon1
Dumbledore, Trusted mentor. Wrong Dumbledore senile old man is more like it. After finding out that Dumbledore and his friends are keeping secrets from him he goes home...
The Snake In A Lion's Fur. by EvilBunBun20
The Snake In A Lion's Tiny Møøn🌙
Harrison James Potter was Dumbledore's tool for this war that HE made and Harrison has to be killed so he can take the fame and money in the boy's vaults, but Harry had...
Death's Deal by melrose_1010
Death's Dealby Melissa Rose
A Harry Potter Fanfiction After living for over 200 years, and seeing the muggles destroy everything and everyone, Harry James Potter finally gives in to the sweet relea...
The Gift of Malfoys by SlytherinQueen721
The Gift of Malfoysby ????
What if Draco and Harry make amends in first year? What if Lucius learns Harry's been abused? What if they take him in? Dumbledore!Bashing. SomeWeasley!Bashing. Gra...
Odd eyes (tomarry) by tomarry_132
Odd eyes (tomarry)by TomlovesPotter.
Hadrian sirus potter was neglected abused and starved by his parents but he overheard a conversation between Dumbledore and his parents that will change his life for the...
PROPHECY CHILD by anushree_06
PROPHECY CHILDby starrynight
Lyra Dorea Potter was the golden girl, the girl-who-lived, the sole survivor of the Killing Curse. If one were to ask who is Lyra Potter, they would hear she is spoiled...
Kuno Riddle[√] by KodaLokison
Kuno Riddle[√]by koda
Born with the blood of the devil (A Harry Potter fanfiction) by Animelover112523
Born with the blood of the devil ( Anime and KPOP lover
Harry had lived an awful life so far first his abusive relatives then this huge man comes in and tells him he is actually a wizard and he will be attending a school wher...
Serpent Princess COMING SOON  by -lovejoys-
Serpent Princess COMING SOON by ᏦᗴᏞᏞᎩ
"Everyone knows the story of the 'Boy Who Lived' but this book is throwing a twist to the story that everyone knows. This story follows Morgana Potter the supposed...
The abandoned daughter by carmiya1414
The abandoned daughterby Mia
Erin Black is a demigod, necromancer, witch and banshee who is descended from some of the most powerful people in the universe. Join her as she becomes one of the most...
Nothing Can Stop Me - HP by Pcrw1233
Nothing Can Stop Me - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry starts to read about dark magic at first it was just to get an understanding but now he uses it to get what he want what is it that he wants, will he join the dark...
A Dark Lord Dada by TomarrySquad
A Dark Lord Dadaby :)
Harry is a little, and he's known this for years. Only, he never told anyone, and no one suspected that the Boy-Who-Lived could ever be a little. When Harry finally tell...
The Boy Who Was Forgotten by Pretzle135
The Boy Who Was Forgottenby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚌 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Evangeline Evans Potter is wrongly declared the Girl-who-lived by none other than Albus Dumbledore, while her older twin Hadrian is neglected and thrown to the shadows...
Unicorn's Blood by Leoparddemon78
Unicorn's Bloodby Noctus
"The blood of a unicorn will keep you alive, even if you are an inch from death, but at a terrible price. You have slain something pure and defenceless to save your...
Brothers *ABANDONED By Author* by GottaGoPark
Brothers *ABANDONED By Author*by GottaGoPark
This story does not belong to me...It belongs to Preciousann...I am just uploading it to Wattpad for those who cant always be on😊 Harry was supposed to s...
The Muggle-born in Slytherin by wildpika-pika
The Muggle-born in Slytherinby DayDae
When a girl gets sorted in Slytherin was born as a muggle-born of a strange family who has strange abilities. Meet Danae Dionysia who was born in Greece but lives in Ame...
Evil Within - HP by Pcrw1233
Evil Within - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has always never been normal but what happens when he finds about the people around him who he trust has betrayed then he is all alone then something crazy happine...