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Harry Potter's Pen Pal by Sweet_Wing_King101
Harry Potter's Pen Palby CriesInSingle
What would have happened if Harry had gotten the diary Horcrux instead of Ginny? Harry is confused about many things. Why won't Dumbledore let him stay at Hogwarts for t...
Not So Golden (Remade) (Vikarry) by HRodriguez1285
Not So Golden (Remade) (Vikarry)by Polar_Solar
Harry Potter, forgotten twin of Radius Potter, aka Ray Potter. He is casted away when his brother comes out as the one to defeat Voldemort, who is actually an immortal 1...
Dark Horse - HP by Pcrw1233
Dark Horse - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry gets killed and came back as his ten and a half year old self now that he know about everything to do with the people he thought where his friends and a grandfathe...
Evil Within - HP by Pcrw1233
Evil Within - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has always never been normal but what happens when he finds about the people around him who he trust has betrayed then he is all alone then something crazy happine...
I'm not a hero by GAMERWHITEDEVIL
I'm not a heroby GAMER WHITE DEVIL
By JustBored21 James and Lily have been put into a coma, Adrian Potter is the boy-who-lived, Dumbledore raises him and drops his twin at his aunts. Harry the twin brothe...
Prince of Nature - HP by hellowolf2
Prince of Nature - HPby Pcrw1233
When Harry was murdered by his uncle, he didn't exactly fully die but came back to life but something unlocked within him making find out the truth about the people arou...
The Gift of Malfoys by SlytherinQueen721
The Gift of Malfoysby ????
What if Draco and Harry make amends in first year? What if Lucius learns Harry's been abused? What if they take him in? Dumbledore!Bashing. SomeWeasley!Bashing. Gra...
The Mistake by Pitifultree4002
The Mistakeby Pitifultree4002
Denver Charlus Potter Is the boy-who-lived or is he?. Dumbledore claimed he was the boy-who-lived but he made a mistake It was actually his brother Hadrian Fleamont Orio...
The Dark Princess | Fem.Harry X Draco by MultiFandomizedHuman
The Dark Princess | Fem.Harry X 𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕖
"You shouldn't hang out with them , we are your best friends and you should hang out with us !" Said Hermione in her Know-it - all superior voice . "Well...
PROPHECY CHILD by riddhi_06_
PROPHECY CHILDby starrynight
Lyra Dorea Potter was the golden girl, the girl-who-lived, the sole survivor of the Killing Curse. If one were to ask who is Lyra Potter, they would hear she is spoiled...
Cold Days by IShouldBeDed
Cold Daysby IShouldBeDed
Harry potter had the worst beating of his life when his godfather Sirius died he loved him and hated Bellatrix for taking him away from Harry, Voldemort's on a walk thro...
The Threads Of Fate by DepressedSoulPresent
The Threads Of Fateby Philophobic Nyctophile
(Book 1 of Fate trilogy) ************** "We won't leave you", they grinned wickedly. He smiled and said,"My time is up. Avada Kedavera". Everything w...
Where is the light..? by helloitspaghetti
Where is the light..?by helloitspaghetti
The story takes place as Harry's first year on the hogwarts express. Harry thinks he's going to finally have a normal life away from those bastard muggles, but you alre...
A Wizard's Conquest by MrigankSingh2000
A Wizard's Conquestby Mrigank Singh
In the story, Voldemort tried to possess Harry, but Harry fought back with "Power He Knows Not". This event caused a change that will impact both wizards and n...
Serial Killer - HP by Pcrw1233
Serial Killer - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry finally shows who and what he is within, he and his true friends turns to the darkside where Harry will find his future lover and surprises in life - C.W.
Life Is A Messed Up Game  ( SEQUEL ) ✔️ by NazAhmad8
Life Is A Messed Up Game ( TranSlytherin
Do we really know who the actual Harry Potter is. What if Dumbledore took him away from his parents? What if Dumbledore was the bad guy What if James Potter is alive? W...
Hissy Hissy Little Snakey by theFreakno4
Hissy Hissy Little Snakeyby ded bread
Harry Potter was not what the world expected him to be, he's cunning, manipulative and ambitious. He's cold, merciless and cruel. and will stop at nothing to destroy Alb...
Through Sickness and Health  by Pcrw1233
Through Sickness and Health by Hellowerewolf1
Harry gets ill and needs help through his appointments who better than the one and only who eventually finds out what wrong will they finally say how they feel about eac...
King of Hearts - HP by Pcrw1233
King of Hearts - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry finds a little friend when he is taking care of the garden the two become friends but what if the snake wasn't just any snake and helps harry on his wishes of what...
You could never know me by cescawriter
You could never know meby Frankie W
Translation in Spanish available with GioRiddle83 Trigger Warning: Illusions to abuse, mentions of abuse, mentions of torture, religious bodies,cannibalism, eating disor...