Demon-king Stories

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I'm a Side Boss (Put on Hold) by JaxWolf4
I'm a Side Boss (Put on Hold)by JaxWolf4
You know how games have those random side bosses that are much stronger than the main boss? Yeah, basically, that's me. This new world has some serious balance issues. _...
otaku Naru maou by storytellerdk
otaku Naru maouby Joro Killer X
a weeb becomes a demon king in the future a cruel and veil being the school learning this they protect the weeb until graduation what awaits this weebs fate well read ot...
Demon King by Assassin_water
Demon Kingby ThisLoserArtist
Hope you guys enjoy this story, it's about a demon king and two children seen in the picture, the one in the right is Noro and the one on the left is Milniz
Wish granting system by Ftqueen
Wish granting systemby Knight of the moon
In high society there are many frowned upon things, but one that everybody regardless of age or gender hates is illegitimate children. Dragon of business, leading hacke...
A Demonic Being Is Helping Me Throughout My Isekai Adventure by PartyNovels
A Demonic Being Is Helping Me Party Novels
Hitherto finding myself in this unaccustomed area, I think, at the least, that a cripplingly powerful presence had overwhelmed me... "Our cooperation will be a curi...
Daybreak by Martist99
Daybreakby R.M. Steele
Locked out of Hell with a Stolen Key The Demon King, Arathea's sworn enemy. Five centuries past, a child will rise With powers of the Sun and under Goddess' eyes Shall d...
LAND OF MONSTERS by Jessy_Dreadful
LAND OF MONSTERSby Джесс Екатерина
Lilith Mercer has lived outside of the walls all of her life in a land of exiled monsters. Inside of the walls, at the top of society are the Nephilim and then the human...
Supreme Demon Emperor Laz by xNOxGAMExNOxLIFE
Supreme Demon Emperor Lazby xNOxGAMExNOxLIFE
Laz is a male Demon Emperor born from a strange ritual by combining the blood of the the 7 Demon Queens. Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Sloth. All of them c...