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Who Could Love Us by sunset-avy
Who Could Love Usby Amary L. L.
A basket case is what they called her, at least when they could. Sofia Pender was abused as a child in every way she could imagine by her father. Running was her only ch...
Split Fanfiction by thatgirlwritingthere
Split Fanfictionby Dont worry
What if he didn't leave her there in that cell. What if he took the girl with him back to his home his real home not the place under the zoo. What if he's keeping her...
One, Two, Three, and Four by Avec_DS
One, Two, Three, and Fourby Avec_DS
Lucy Collins had one friend in the world. Then she had two. Then three. Then four. And they all lived in the same body.
I swear I'm normal (Split fanfiction) by mariaraynpando
I swear I'm normal (Split BATMAN
You were just a girl with a traumatizing past who got invited to a classmates birthday party when you and three other girls get kidnapped. You soon learn that this man h...
Duke Dennis Imagines  by jajasvault
Duke Dennis Imagines by Jajaland ✿
A book full of mini stories. <3 & ofc none of this is based on a true story... only in our dreams.
His Property (Hotel Transylvania): Dracula X Reader by Jeonnie_Winterz
His Property (Hotel Transylvania) honeypie
Being on vacation was her only plan till she messed it all up and ended up in the Hotel for monsters known as Hotel Transylvania. Meeting different monsters there, she a...
"You And I" (Dracula x Female Reader)[COMPLETED] by sychedracula
"You And I" (Dracula x Female Countess Syche Dracula
(Editing process) Dracula x Reader Hotel Transylvania Fanfiction. I do not own the characters. Hope you like my story. Warning: Grammatical and Typo Error Ahead ‼️
Impulse~Split Fanfiction by vevvol
Impulse~Split Fanfictionby vevoll
You didn't know that playing around with other people's feelings could result in you messing with your own. What started out as a way to gain trust to escape ended up no...
Hotel Transylvania: 🦇Prince of the Night x Y/n Longhran🦇  by AshleyGryffindor
Hotel Transylvania: 🦇Prince of AshleyGryffindor
The only son of Count Dracula dreams of leaving the only home that he has ever known: Hotel Transylvania. Dracula is extremely overprotective of his son since his wife M...
Hotel Transylvania: Johnny is THE BATMAN (Part 2) by comicfan1939
Hotel Transylvania: Johnny is Comicfan1939
This story takes place after the events of the second movie of Hotel Transylvania. Johnny/Batman was now facing more villains than ever and the hunter from Dracula's pas...
You And I - You're Still The One I Love by sychedracula
You And I - You're Still The One Countess Syche Dracula
Drac and Y/n's first born Son died (Darell) he was killed by an unknown person covered with black clothes in the forest, Y/n was there the Man with black clothes killed...
What if Johnny was SPIDER-MAN? by comicfan1939
What if Johnny was SPIDER-MAN?by Comicfan1939
Dracula, Mavis, and the rest of the monsters are safely back at the hotel after that disastrous cruise. Dracula and Ericka are now a couple getting ready for their weddi...
PROBLEMS by lulbaby-
PROBLEMSby niquetingz😁
make sure y'all comment and vote pls🙃 Brianna with white heart would like to facetime...." Siri said. her: "heyyyy bestie what you doing" I said, "n...
Agony || Split by officialfruiser
Agony || Splitby .k a i t l y n.
Traumatized by her own past, Serra Valentine was never the life of the party. Excelled on every classes and tests, led her to study at Acosta's Academy. Being so quiet h...
Another kind of joke (Jokers daughter story) by MacySvendsen
Another kind of joke (Jokers Just Macy
Lucy Quinzel, her parents are the well known clown-couple wreaking havoc on Gotham & elsewhere. Then again, lets say her father doesn't know she exists, and she hasn't...
Eyes Deceived (The Kid x Reader) - Castle Rock by Renji-Anbu
Eyes Deceived (The Kid x Reader) Renji 🌺
A story of a girl named Y/N Zalewski, younger sister of Dennis Zalewski living in Castle Rock, Maine. She has a hard time fitting in, meaning she has a really hard time...
The bracelet that leads to the future by Fanfan12324
The bracelet that leads to the Fanfan118
The future is always shifting. Serena always had her suspicions that her troubles wouldn't end with Zarc's defeat. Her life with Yuri is wandering on a dark and unknown...
Prețioasă și Frumosă   Male Oc x reader by Calm_Star13
Prețioasă și Frumosă Male Oc x Sky_ Star
You're an angel. Literally, you've got the wings and everything. To keep you safe, you were told to hide your wings until it was totally safe. Growing up, you met Johnny...
Dennis X Winnie | Dark✅ by TorantoKamala
Dennis X Winnie | Dark✅by Jacary
This is the sequel to Dennis X Winnie | The zing that changed their lives! I know, I'm finally making a sequel. This one will be a few years after the events of the firs...