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| Seven's a Crowd, Eight's a Party | BNHA OC Story by ShadesOfAzalea
| Seven's a Crowd, Eight's a Party...by shade
(new cover w/ my own art :D) Due to tensions and doubts after USJ, UA decides to hold a second, much harder, entrance exam for the Hero Course. They were almost certain...
love us.//l.s by KTJ_123
love us.//l.sby ✨Katy J✨
Harry Styles has Dissociative Identity Disorder. (D.I.D) This means he has five personalities with distinct memories and behaviour patterns existing in him. Harry Jake ...
A New Hope by Itsjust_Emma
A New Hopeby Itsjust_Emma
Kai has been in and out of foster homes for a while now, and has completely lost hope. Until they meet Katie. She helps them and gives him, and his alters, a new home. K...
Destiny by OriJay
Destinyby j.
Forced to go to a private school, years after she hit the biggest bump in her life, Destiny has to set her priorities straight. And first on that list is keeping her con...
All Four Of Me by Stuckystuck
All Four Of Meby Stuckystuck
Kenzie Price has spent the majority of her life being bounced between foster homes, forgotten by the world and fed up with life. Unaware that she is living with Dissocia...
USEFUL | BNHA X TG by WickedIsNeverGood
"Sometimes surviving is the worst kind of pain." Living was something she despised. What was the point in it if everything you had worked so hard to accomplis...
Delirium | Titans by PersephoneIsLaughing
Delirium | Titansby PersephoneIsLaughing
Katarina Vlahos. A girl on the run. Until a group of misfit superhero's pick her up. The Titans. She's swept into their story, which quickly blends with her own. ...
Me, Myself, and Us [MHA x Female OC] by PaperPushingPauper
Me, Myself, and Us [MHA x Female O...by Paper Pushing Pauper
June had a difficult start on life, with her mother and twin brother dying when she was born, she was left alone with her abusive and neglectful pro-hero father. By the...
(Not) Broken ~ Syndisparklez by chaoticsparklez
(Not) Broken ~ Syndisparklezby chaos and trash
"But I'm completely fine." "Well it's obvious you're not, I mean, who am I talking to anyway?" "Jordan, of course, since that's who I am." ...
adore || spencer reid by wynne_xoxo
adore || spencer reidby wynne
"be honest, do you like me?" "i adore you." UNDER EDITING |spencer reid x oc| |started 1/26/20| |finished ?/?/?|
The gods chosen one  by _Simp_3
The gods chosen one by _simp_
Cale Henituse turn back in time after 20 years of war. Thanks to an unknown someone he would find out some family secret and more. He will sacrifice everything to see th...
Baby (Jin Centric) | By Dew by dark_eyed_warlock
Baby (Jin Centric) | By Dewby Dew
STORY DISCONTINUED (ksj+bts) They all understood his "Little space", they all accepted him too, at various levels. But now knowing that the Little is not a spa...
Onward ; Harry Potter [ Voldemort ] by lways394
Onward ; Harry Potter [ Voldemort ]by Hogwarts Is Home7-
A mysterious women with a mysterious past; A past unlike anyone's wildest dreams, full of darkness, despair and depression. But, she continues to fight for what is right...
More Than One? [Muke] by _multi_fandomss
More Than One? [Muke]by 🌟Lærke🌟
"Michael... There you are." "I'm not Michael." Where Michael (or.. whatever his name is) has some problems he can't cope with on his own. Luke hopes...
System (Jacksepticeye!DID x Reader) by Mikey1lovesall
System (Jacksepticeye!DID x Reader)by Mikey
How can one person decide your life? Well one person can't. That's why there's seven. After quitting a crappy job there weren't many places to look for work. With some...
All 4 Elizabeth by Kemcko
All 4 Elizabethby Kemcko
Galen is a wistful musician who works at a local music store when he meets Elizabeth, an attractive pianist who is studying to become a composer. After a few strange enc...
The Deku System by transkingarthur
The Deku Systemby transkingarthur
TRIGGER WARNINGS: REFERENCE TO ABUSE, s€XUAL, PHYSICAL, AND MENTAL, ATTEMPTED SU;C;DE, MENTAL HEALTH, ETC. Its one thing to deal with a world of quirks when your mentall...
AMNESIA | HOO by GryffindorGodric
AMNESIA | HOOby ❦ Daphne ❦
am•ne•sia (noun) partial or total loss of memory Wednesday didn't know why she was on a school trip with a school she doesn't go to, or even heard of before-or why thes...
Six Minds, One Body. by Sally733
Six Minds, One Body.by CupofTaewithsuga
Clara Never trusted a single soul in her life, reason was her long-lost childhood where she suffered a lot which made her develop Dissociative identity disorder, But one...
The 13 of Us || A Harry Potter OC Story [DISCONTINUED/READ LAST ANNOUNCEMENT] by leafy_mint1
The 13 of Us || A Harry Potter OC...by leafy_mint1
** Cover made by @coolwhenurbatman ** !!! READ THE LAST ANNOUNCEMENT FOR DETAILS ON THE DISCONTINUATION !! *.• *.• *.• *.• *.• *.• *.• *.• *.• *.• *...