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Happily Ever After (Johnny Depp x Reader) by enchanted_siren
Happily Ever After (Johnny Depp Alexis
Y/N met Johnny Depp at a gala. They immediately click. Johnny wants to do a movie with her to get to know her better. Y/N is thrilled. After being friends for a while, d...
The Sister of Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean x Reader) by silivretowlen
The Sister of Jack Sparrow ( Sil
Jack's younger sister (Y/N) goes on the adventure of a lifetime sailing the high seas with her best friend Will on a mission to find her long lost brother. On her jour...
Imagine mornings with Johnny by webbed_dreams
Imagine mornings with Johnnyby <3
Leave a comment if ya want more idk how I feel about these
Johnny Depp Imagines {COMPLETED} by BayBay08
Johnny Depp Imagines {COMPLETED}by BayBay08
Here are some Johnny Depp character (including Johnny Depp himself) imagines. **Requests are CLOSED** *No Smut/Lemon* Published: July 1st, 2019 Completed: July 20th, 202...
The Painter Of Port Royal by FloralPassengers
The Painter Of Port Royalby Robin
°•°COMPLETE°•° Lydia Mahogany was your resident artist of Port Royal, with a hidden past that always brought her back to the sea. When she meets a strange man she begins...
Johnny Depp Imagines BOOK TWO by BayBay08
Johnny Depp Imagines BOOK TWOby BayBay08
Here are some MORE Johnny Depp character (including Johnny Depp himself) imagines. **Requests are CLOSED** *No Smut/Lemon* Published: September 28th, 2022 Completed: TBA...
Love Upon A Lie(Johnny Depp Fanfict) ✔ by geanatyas
Love Upon A Lie(Johnny Depp Hello!
Just try not to fall in love. [completed] ©geanatyas2013
Play wisely by emaan-mikalson
Play wiselyby leclercgfofc
''I don't trust her Brando. She seems....fishy.'' Nico said. "Oh come on man, you think everyone's fishy. She's hot and she's new dude." Brando exclaimed. &quo...
All The Stars (Jack Sparrow) by bella_parrilla
All The Stars (Jack Sparrow)by Bella
SEQUEL TO THE SUN AND THE MOON!!! After Catherine left Port Royal with Jack, the adventurous life she now lives is full romance and excitement. Sailing the different oce...
Kidnapped By Johnny Depp by sadnoodlegurl
Kidnapped By Johnny Deppby sadnoodlegurl
In 2007, a popular girl named Lola is living the dream life in LA with her dad, who is a well known director in Hollywood. But her perfect life comes crashing down when...
|The Flames of Our Love| [Gellert Grindelwald] ✔ by ladydepp_
|The Flames of Our Love| [ 𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐲𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐩♡
Something unexpected happens at Grindelwald's speech in Paris. A young witch also decides to join him and stands by his side. The only problem is that both the wizard an...
When two souls are meant to connect, they will find a way, even if their worlds are different, and even if one of them is a Lady and the other is, well, a pirate... •cov...
Dark Temptation Gellert Grindelwald x female reader by GrindelwaldSparrow
Dark Temptation Gellert Miss Mischief
My first story.BOOK 1 IN DARK TRILOGY You are Gellert Grindelwald's right hand woman,he trusts you and you trust him.the only problem is you have a crush on your boss. W...
Johnny Depp  x reader-one shot by AnnieTheAlpha
Johnny Depp x reader-one shotby AnnieTheAlpha
Reguests are open! Just some one shots and preferences for Johnny Depp and his characters. Also slow updates 😅 * = smut/lemon
my cocoa bean 🍫|| Willy Wonka x reader by cocoabeangirl
my cocoa bean 🍫|| Willy Wonka x ragingmoonwalker
I made this as a joke but apparently people are enjoying it 💀 Willy Wonka x Y/N short story (complete) When Willy went to oompa-land, he found a girl who seemed to to b...
Sweeney's Willow (Sweeney Todd) by hannahxx98
Sweeney's Willow (Sweeney Todd)by Hannahmariexx
"I cannot love anyone else the way I love you... it's simply just impossible." 🖤
Johnny Depp Imagines by Marilynn_Annabelle
Johnny Depp Imaginesby Marilynn
Just as the title states. I've written images of Johnny. Some may be long though. I may do some characters and some not.
The Devil's Temptress: At World's End || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: At World' houseofflies
Nicolette is Captain, Barbossa has returned and Jack is gone. Trust must be repaired and must now work together to get Jack back, retrieve the Pearl and defeat all thos...
Second Chance (Edward Scissorhands x Reader) by ASnakesBentley
Second Chance (Edward Can'tStress
After moving into a new town, you hear about a monster that lived in the nearby castle. You are immediately interested, and decide to see the monster yourself.
The Devil's Temptress: Dead Man's Chest || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: Dead Man' houseofflies
Nicolette has escaped the noose and escaped the curse but now finds herself in Tortuga, mortal and alone and wanted. What happens when a familiarly wet face tracks her d...