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You May Know My Name But You Don't Know My Story (%) by legit-conner-va
You May Know My Name But You Don' N7x Voss
Cover by @ElleBrown28 This is a collection of stories by many people with all with a ton of different backgrounds. Christians, Muslims, atheists, and many more. This wor...
Heartpen: Poems of a Cardiac Quill [IN EDITING] by gideoneaston
Heartpen: Poems of a Cardiac Gideon Easton
This poetry collection seeks to make sense of mysteries of love and faith. It explores the depths of loss, depression, and the struggle to find God. Featuring gripping f...
Mentally sick by itsmeledia23
Mentally sickby yourgayfriend
Something about: -Eating disorder -Self harm -Trust issues -Sleeping problems,etc. (I'll post more soon) Thank you❤
Daughter of Mina & Delia - (Sarah Paulson fanfic) by gabbyshott
Daughter of Mina & Delia - ( gabrielle paulson
Trigger Warnings : Abuse, Self-Harm, PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety... Wilhemina Venable and Cordelia Goode adopted Hazel when she was a toddler. Ever since they have been her moms...
Carta à Alguém - conto n°4 by MarieLovesJikook
Carta à Alguém - conto n°4by Marie being Marie
Decidi ser Lara Jean por uma noite e escrever uma carta. - Isso não é uma fanfic, é uma história! - Fique à vontade para imaginar os personagens como quiser :)
The Port in her Storm by siindos
The Port in her Stormby siindos
In the summer of 2014, a bubbly eighteen year old- soon to be college freshman, with a love for all things sweet, named Clara Clark, fell in love with business man, Adam...
Fix You by MK_NyLeila
Fix Youby MK_NyLeila
"Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones I will try to fix you..."
DEPRIVED by gh0stre4der_101
DEPRIVEDby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
𓂀 currently work under progress. :')
Low on Serotonin by progenyofplath
Low on Serotoninby Vaishnavi Shekhawat
[Highest ranking- #31 in poetry out of 308K stories] Jenna, a 25 year old multiracial girl living in Pennsdale, New York, is about to do something she never thought she...
thousands of miles apart  by StyxandI
thousands of miles apart by StyxandI
Ren often finds herself lost in between good and bad, lost in between life and death. Ren Kijo is always stuck and it always comes with a price. Ren and her idiots for f...
Quotes 2 by s_benferx
Quotes 2by littleD3vil
2nd part TW: mental illness, depression, eating disorder, etc.
Shadows by vishnoi77
Seventeen-year-old spy agent, Gabriella, needs to find out a criminal who had taken lots of money. So, she enrolls in school and finds a cocky and arrogant guy, Henry, a...
What is life by Ambikakumari8
What is lifeby Ambika kumari
I just want to share my thoughts about differe nt phase of life. Everyone expect different things from life but do we get what we want. evryone's life is a mess one or...
EVERTON CREEK - H.S  by mfasristheloml
Mellow Carmichael has found herself in a deep inescapable spiral of depression and loneliness. After lots of hesitation, she begins to attend regular therapy sessions. F...
Silence. by LiveLife_TheBest .
Stephanie Waters constantly fighting against her past hoping that one that she'll forget it. Losing her voice at the age of five as well as her parents broke her making...
Vanity  by extremedoodle
Vanity by ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔞
What do we know What don't we know Can we see others pain? Can we see others sadness? What are we? Who are we? It is all vanity upon vanity <3
Always Here For You - An SBI Adoption AU by TH3G0DC0MPL3X
Always Here For You - An SBI Allum🪐
Tommy is a 12 year old boy in an orphanage after his mother died. One day, a family of 3 foster him. Needless to say, that day it became a family of 4.
Darkness from Within #8: Shattered Hopes (A Ninjago Fanfiction) by Cookieglitz
Darkness from Within #8: Cookie
"There is a resistance. A resistance willing to do what it takes to put an end to the Overlord's tyranny. And believe me, that resistance grows bigger by the day.&q...
Making it Count by LexieElise
Making it Countby lexie 🍄
Logan and Will Logan Taylor, a girl who kicked cancers ass. A girl who would do anything for her family and has an inseparable relationship with them. Struggling with he...