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Keep Running by _RINYAA
Keep Runningby _RINYAA
Keep Running • Track and Dresses #1 Tatyana Davis high school graduate with a scholarship for track and field. She came to college to focus on that and have fun wit...
Love Thy Neighbour | ongoing by Zoya30
Love Thy Neighbour | ongoingby Zoya30
All it took is one beaming smile to become the call of love. Like the renowned play of the young star crossed lovers, Harper Brooke often dreamed of someone climbing her...
Past Tense by adventurebears
Past Tenseby shae | 山下美姝
Kira Nguyen saw her childhood through watercolored eyes, her memories blending together to create fairytales and dress-up plays and songs dancing across the sky. Matty...
Dating Justin Bieber by BISHOPEZEOKEKE
Dating Justin Bieberby BISHOP EZEOKEKE
So i am a random set manager for one of the concerts Justin Bieber performs at and when we met something happened that would change our lives forever
Windfall: A Novella by Su_manni
Windfall: A Novellaby Sumin Hwang
*The prologue is very short, but the actual chapters are much longer! Updates every Tues, Thurs, and Saturday evening (GMT+9). Cover image created using free templates a...
It's Simply Blue by NathanielLeyva
It's Simply Blueby Nathaniel Leyva
David Sellars is an architect who created the beautiful centerpiece at Cher Maxwell Park in honor of his deceased wife. The piece itself immediately attracted a lot of a...
What do the stars feel when they look at Us? by troublewithbandaging
What do the stars feel when they l...by Leon
Ben starts to care. About you. About people. About his girlfriend. About feelings and being a person. Growing up. But it's difficult. Seemingly, especially, for him. And...
Sweetening the Tea by ksscribbles
Sweetening the Teaby ksscribbles
Life hasn't been great for Ayaan, but he is content with who he is. There is no reason for him to change, or to become friendly with a loud, excitable alien. Really.
HEJ, MY LOVE by AmariOkito
HEJ, MY LOVEby Amari Okito
PART II OF SIERRA'S LEONE What is love? If someone asked Sierra and Jonas, they would say: It's a bet. After making a multitude of bad choices, Sierra makes one more cr...
Neko Rebel (Neko Inventor, Book 3) by meroceank8921
Neko Rebel (Neko Inventor, Book 3)by J.L. Knoll
Autistic teenage inventor and rebel Kathie Holmes must stop an entire modified army of her precious invention and expose the rotten truth behind Marcus Smith's ill-gotte...
Like Real People Do by -hayle-
Like Real People Doby hayle
Kieran Ahmadi walks through the world unfazed. Being a part-time tattoo artist and a full-time (struggling) computer science student means that calmness is a necessity...
Paradox Chaos Drop 2 | Survivor's Special | Revamped From Chapter 9+ by sereniity-
Paradox Chaos Drop 2 | Survivor's...by 🦋𝑵𝒊𝒈𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒏🦋
Sequel to Paradox Chaos Drop. :) It's been one & a half years since Paradox Chaos Drop (the one in the first book) It's been 18 years in general since the start of the g...
BLOOD TIES by DelgCeleokpa
BLOOD TIESby Debbie love
Gavriel experience a change lifestyle as he learns his true identity of his parent, and his true nature and form been an hybrid, read and find out how he fight with des...
WHEN YOU LOVE by AmariOkito
WHEN YOU LOVEby Amari Okito
Who said finding love makes things simple? For Lee, it's probably the most challenging part. Bonus chapters of Lee X Sana's life. It might become a book; I said might!
Wrong Time To Be In Love by SinsParadise
Wrong Time To Be In Loveby A. Shinrey🍃Break
[Ongoing || Slow update] A wrongly timed kiss, some incoherent words and a big fat lie. A lie that turns to pretense and ends up being a mind blowing journey of explorin...
daraja [COMPLETED✅] by mjjj956
daraja [COMPLETED✅]by Adeto Kunbo
from the swahili word meaning "bridge." let this connect my queerness to my blackness. let this connect all those that are different. let this connect you to m...
The Hidden Shadowmaker by Unknowntitles_
The Hidden Shadowmakerby Fantasy World
The young soldier hesitated before raising the lens and looking directly in my direction. But he couldn't see me. Lowering the lens, the soldier took in my mother's appr...
Jonna's Fantastical Sexcapades by Red_Harvey
Jonna's Fantastical Sexcapadesby Red Harvey
Jonna's life as a teacher is all routine, until she receives an online invitation from a near-stranger, Zachary, and drops everything for a weekend of fun. As the weeke...
Ezra's Mansion by marlow-ryan-writings
Ezra's Mansionby M. Losey
[Current highest rank #36 in #ProjectSuper ] Rosemary never believed in superpowers, or any of the pretend rumors traveling around town about ghosts, cryptids, supervill...
TheWriterInMe by kingzeno
TheWriterInMeby Kingzenoo
TheWriterInMe TheWriterInMe is a series of random topics daily from 10min writing sessions The goal in each writing session is to develop clarity or just elaborate insig...