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Soul's Shadow (Doctor Who - SI) by TardisGhost
Soul's Shadow (Doctor Who - SI)by TardisGhost
She learned it the hard way. Some people were never meant to exist. Not even the Doctor wants her as a companion. But then the Master saves her from certain death and di...
SPACEWALK | Doctor Who by bewitchedbeebo
SPACEWALK | Doctor Whoby bewitchedbeebo
One minute Logan Kelly had been living with his Doctor Who obsessed flatmate in Cork, the next he was in a London hospital in 2007, face to face with Martha Jones and a...
Among The Stars by kage408
Among The Starsby kage408
The TARDIS opens her doors to a little street girl looking for shelter. The Doctor can't help but want to take care or her. This fanfiction is purely for my entertainmen...
Phoenix Fire (Doctor who fic) by mastersofnothing
Phoenix Fire (Doctor who fic)by masters of nothing
On one night there was a girl, she had a crack in her wall. It terrified her. She prayed to Santa to send someone, and he did. A magic mad man, fell from the sky in a bl...
Bad Wolf From Space by EccentricKait
Bad Wolf From Spaceby Kait
A woman from year 6088 finds herself transcending dimensions and becoming someone she only thought was a character in a TV Show that she'd once loved. ~A Starling Chron...
Time Awakening - Y/N x 10th Doctor by FanWritingScape
Time Awakening - Y/N x 10th Doctorby TheFanWritingScape
Y/n is a astronomer at her university but, when she goes to London to build a state of the art telescope, something goes terribly wrong. The telescope somehow attracts...
My Immortal by Fanatic_Squared
My Immortalby Fanatic Squared
Erica is the first person to try out time travel when its capabilities became available to the human race. But something went wrong and she's stuck in the ever-moving ti...
The Historian by MonroeMoreau
The Historianby Ziggy
*SEQUEL NOW OUT* Thought to have perished in the Great Time War, The Historian now resides on Earth with her closest friend, Henry, whom she rescued from being hung for...
(1) I Was Feeling Epic (C.Forbes) by luceycharlotte99
(1) I Was Feeling Epic (C.Forbes)by MelodyStarSong
Having finally escaped her nightmare under the hands of Hydra and the Red Room Academy, Trixie has been trying to finish her mission after leaving her eldest daughter in...
Fixer Upper by All_Duh_Fandoms
Fixer Upperby Odd_Ball
The Mechanic, a Gallifreyan cyborg, struggles through memories with familiar faces. Everything seems fine and dandy, until it takes a turn for the worst.
The Skasis Paradigm by CWEEMSODA-chan
The Skasis Paradigmby Ambrosia Salad
What would happen if the Skasis Paradigm was solved? What if it was solved by none other then Rose tyler cousin? Meet Poppy! An unusual 26 year old genius from Exeter, O...
Bad Wolf's Return (Doctor who) by Angela_Amore
Bad Wolf's Return (Doctor who)by Angela
I am The Bad Wolf, and I will never forgive the Doctor for making me this way... I don't know how it happened, but I do know that the Doctor left me. Whether he...
Beyond The Void || doctor who by gigglybuff
Beyond The Void || doctor whoby ♛ riley ♛
WATTYS 2016 The Doctor is lonely, and after plummeting into another dimension, he meets Jessica Bennett, who could help him get back to his own world. But he's not the...
The Creator [1] SLOW UPDATES  by -dracarys--
The Creator [1] SLOW UPDATES by Kelly 💖
Doctor Who Series One The Doctor x OC
The Last Royal (editing) by psychobaby1199
The Last Royal (editing)by Miss-Scifi
Elizabeth Mae Tyler: Rose's adoptive sister... what happens when they meet a 900-year-old alien and he takes them into time and space? My amazing cover is by @-crazywebs...
The Last of Gallifrey- a Doctor Who fan fiction by star_boy11
The Last of Gallifrey- a Doctor zero
The Doctor thinks it's too good to be true when he stumbles across Zero, a Timelord who escaped Gallifrey during the War. But he soon realises there's more to the oddbal...
Words (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by CarolineHollywood
Words (Doctor Who Fanfiction)by c|b|h
"I'm The Reader, I'm the last Time Lady from the planet of Gallifrey, I have travelled for over 1000 years, And I'm the words on the page you're to scared to read...
The Hidden Time Lady [1] ✅️ by -dracarys--
The Hidden Time Lady [1] ✅️by Kelly 💖
EDITED COMPLETE Doctor Who Series One The Doctors Daughter
The Master's Game (Doctor Who) by TardisGhost
The Master's Game (Doctor Who)by TardisGhost
The Master finally captures his oldest enemy. But with him comes a peculiar young woman. A glitch in reality lets everyone forget Roka, making her a mere ghost in the TA...
The Doctor's Son by DisasterChild20
The Doctor's Sonby Nix
When Gallifrey fell the Doctor thought he lost everyone, til he found out that the Tardis saved his youngest son. Damon was saved by the Tardis, the ship knowing what th...