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Spider-Man : BloodWrath by BloodRave9
Spider-Man : BloodWrathby BloodRave9
Superior Spiderman has ruined the life of Peter Parker both as a hero and a normal human. He is accused of crimes he never committed and convicted to jail time in the m...
The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (Bloom's Twin Sister) by _JungKookie87_2
The Secret of the Lost Kingdom ( _JungKookie_ 2
After the defeat of Valtor and the Trix, our seven Winx girls are on a new mission specifically Winter and Bloom. Winter and Bloom are on a long hard search for their pa...
Scarlett  And The Dragon Flame by McKennaViolet
Scarlett And The Dragon Flameby McKenna Violet
Scarlett is Bloom's younger twin sister, she also possesses the Power Of The Dragon Flame. Phoenix is the son of Ella and Ryder, Marion and Oritel's best friends who wer...
Saviour Of Magix  (Winx Club) by Maddilynx
Saviour Of Magix (Winx Club)by OMG Ariella
Crystal was taken in by Mrs Faragonda who is the headmistress of Alfea, a college for fairies. Mrs Faragonda found Crystal when she was only two on the school's doorstep...
blooms back by gabenath4eves
blooms backby Nathalie sancoeur
bloom returns after leaving magix 2 years ago
Winx Club: Hidden Princess by wonderwomen09
Winx Club: Hidden Princessby wonderwomen09
What if Daphne never sent Bloom to Earth, but instead she sent Bloom to their neighbor planet... Eraklyon? The royal families of Eraklyon and Domino were close friends a...
WINX~ by Tixia631
WINX~by someone unknown
Ivy,fairy of nightmare and guardian of the dragon flame of darkness,got enrolled in Alfea.She's not the type to make friends and likes to be left alone but will that con...
the future of the spider by MarcRios6
the future of the spiderby primelll
after superior spider man peter expelled and rejected from everyone of his friends. but finds hope knowing he has a daughter P.s any work i use is not mine please give...
Frostbite by writer168
Frostbiteby a ninja
Peter wasn't going to let May pay the rent all on her own. Not when there was the two of them, not when being Spider-Man made everything that much harder. And if that me...
Winx Club: Mission Impossible ✔ by WinxClubBloom93
Winx Club: Mission Impossible ✔by Bloom M.
The Specialists have a mission. A mission to protect the Winx and to make them believe that they are the fairies of the Magix Dimension. But will it be possible or impo...
Delicate (WinX Club) REWRITING IN PROCESS by katycazadora
Delicate (WinX Club) REWRITING Kattherine Vera
"Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head? Cause I know it's delicate." Follow Krystal's adventure on learning to be a fairy, being...
"No! Not again!" || Animated Inanimate Battle x Reader by FennecFics
"No! Not again!" || Animated FennecFics
You quickly groaned, turning your head towards the sky in annoyance. "NOT AGAIN!" You shouted, knowing why there are small objects huddling around you. The ob...
See the Magic by Akumalol
See the Magicby Selsey
(Editing all chapters at the moment, so most chapters might be different than they are now. Also, I might remove Ethan and add him in during season two. I also might cha...
Hot DILFs and Their Daughters by decomiwavesradiating
Hot DILFs and Their Daughtersby Decomiwavesradiating
A TGGBB Fanfic Bennett, Jordan and Declan's daughters got thrown into a time hole and miraculously ended up back in 2018, where their dads are still in their senior year...
The Underlying - A His and Her Story [BWWM] Editing by Stars-vs-Chocolates
The Underlying - A His and Her Angel
Avianne Lamont is a quirky girl and isn't afraid to be who she truly is. Weird and unorthodox. Different doesn't begin to cover it. She could care less about what others...
The Blind Jedi by Rimor_
The Blind Jediby Rimor
"Domino No!" "Domino YES!" Before the Clone Wars begin the Jedi Temple was a place not where Generals were, but Peacekeepers. Domino Dair is the pada...
Bad Jedi by LilacOnion
Bad Jediby Six Squid Under
Echo x jedi OC She'd been owned at the time of her birth and then practically owned by the jedi. So had the man she loved. After the war and order 66, they finally get t...
The Dragon's Flame by JessykaHart
The Dragon's Flameby NovaRayne Duskstone
This is about a girl name Brie who lives in Boston. She is 16 years old living a normal life. Until one fateful day something happens to her that changes her life for ev...
The Lost Domino Princess by DominoRuler
The Lost Domino Princessby DominoRuler
This is an add on to Winx Club. This is after Daphne gets her powers and confidence back, but before They go to Alfea. Ever since Daphne got back she has been looking fo...
Levelling the Playing Field (HD&D Sequel) by decomiwavesradiating
Levelling the Playing Field (HD& Decomiwavesradiating
Sequel to Hot DILF's and Their Daughters! They were a complete mystery in the first book but I think it's time for us to even out the playing field and have the mothers...